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Rain looks for companies who are disruptors in their industries. We love challenging the tried and tired methods with new creative solutions. Our 30+ years of experience enable us to see challenge as opportunity.

We are comprised of a responsive and inventive team of design, programming and marketing communication professionals.


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15 November 2018

We’re still figuring out the details


I love helping a company grow. As we help them with their communication tools and assets, we love seeing the connections that are made with their customers, both existing and new ones.

I loved making things simpler, and easy to understand. I learned early on that something that is perfectly designed causes better understanding. I decided I wanted to do my part and make the world a more visually beautiful place.

We love what we do, we have a great deal of experience and can assist them in navigating the visual strategies for business growth. In addition we are easy to work with, not the most expensive, but also not the cheapest.


We oversee the development of a company's brand strategy and position in the marketplace and we help identify what makes this company's product or service valuable, unique and worthwhile. We then design and produce the visual brand assets, such as: logos, tagline, websites, videos, etc, to help them grow.

We help to design a web experience that communicates your product or service in the most beautiful and functional way possible. We care about how it looks, but we also care about what it says. We follow the best practices such as: SEO, Mobile responsiveness, security and upload speeds optimized, customer CRM and re-marketing efforts.

A big part of any marketing effort requires the proper strategic creation of relevant content as well as the proper delivery. Our Integrated Campaign Engineering (ICE) allows us to oversee the creation & a consistent brand delivery across multiple channels and efforts. Allowing us to target select potential customers and generating better leads/customers. Great content, presented in a sophisticated and beautiful manner, really does make a difference.

Whether you have a brand new product or one that needs an update. We can help identify the key brand elements that set you apart and help to better connect your product with customers. We carefully design the packaging based on customer need parameters as well as shipping and other aspects required for a successful business model. We combine our experience with corporate branding and printing to design engaging packaging that is compelling and memorable.