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Radical Sasquatch Dumpling Company

Meadow Hills, Colorado


Radical Sasquatch Dumpling Company

Meadow Hills, Colorado


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Melissa H.

8 November 2019

Wow! After seeing the menu, we had to check them out. And we were not disappointed! I had a full order of the jerk chicken dumplings based on their recommendation. They were tasty and had a bit of a kick - spicy but not unbearable. My husband had a small order of the cheddar and potato pierogies. We also shared the Parmesan garlic sage fries. The fries were excellent - crispy to hold up to the garlic sauce it was covered in. Everything was delicious. Next time I would only order a small order ... it was more than enough. Though the leftovers made for an excellent lunch the next day. My only minor complaint was the silverware. They weren't sturdy enough to cut the dumpling edges. More...


Yuki G.

28 August 2019

I have been wanting to try their dumplings for a long time after I saw that they were voted Best Food Truck and I was blown away!! The gyoza was so incredibly flavorful and the cheesesteak buns were insanely delicious! I loved the friendly staff and the dumplings were to die for!! I highly recommend them and I will definitely keep coming back for more! :) More...


Phil Matsuhashi

28 July 2019

Their food is delicious. Got the cheddar and potato pierogis. Crispy outside, soft and thoroughly cooked inside. Went with some sour cream and spicy sauce on the side. Track this truck down. Will repeat. More...


Cristina Nieves

13 July 2019

YUM! Super tasty and quick service. I want to live inside the Philly Mac Bun.


Mark Stackrow

3 June 2019

Great food and even better employees!


Katherine A.

18 May 2019

Had the potato and cheese pierogies at the Truck Stop event. They were so good! Highly recommend


Laura Najim Barber

4 May 2019

The food is amazing!!!! The dumplings are cooked to perfection and filled with pure deliciousness. The parmesan garlic fries are addictive. I’ll be looking for places you are going to, can’t wait to try more from your menu! More...


Evangelia S.

6 April 2019

Had food from this food truck at the Santa Fe Art walk. I love pierogies and their cheddar/potatoes pierogies definitely met my expectations! I also ordered garlic fries on the side and the portion was huge. So, be aware and ready to throw some fries away or happy to share with at least 2 friends as I did :-) More...


Geffrey Quintana

28 March 2019

Had the jerk chicken and the beast fries. Oh my goodness - the beast fries were bomb.com. Good food overall.


Ben Mariner

2 March 2019

I have not had a single bad thing here and I've tried almost everything on the menu. Philly mac buns are the best with the pork gyoza in a close second. The cheesecake bun for dessert is wonderful. Can't say enough good things about this truck. More...


Megan Flynn

21 October 2018

Seriously the best dumplings I’ve ever had! They are amazing guys who really know how to make some delicious food! I highly recommend!!!!!!


Kimberly Marie

26 September 2018

Excellent dumplings! Go get some!


Stephanie V.

3 September 2018

I had the pleasure of checking out the Radical Sasquatch at the Truck Stop for truck rally on Labor Day weekend. This is downright comfort food. I had the fried ravioli and it was delicious. A small order was plenty for me! Pro-Tip: They have small orders that are still quite filling and fun to share! More...


Louis Grilo

20 June 2018

if they offered a smoked buffalo dumpling that would be 5 �


Blaine Baggao

20 June 2018

This is an awesome concept and crew!! I had the potato cheddar pirogi, gyoza, and philly mac blew my mind!! The potato cheddar guy was my favorite. Super flaky on outside and creaaamy goodness on the inside. The fries were on point. Best part was how fast these guys knocked out my order along with the rest of the brewery. Check them out! More...


Selah D.

14 June 2018

It's no secret that the Denver area is home to some great food trucks. Everything from authentic tacos and gourmet sandwiches to succulent hot dogs and finger-licking-good BBQ - but if theres a better peirogi in town, I dont know of it!!If you've never had a pierogi, allow me to describe it to you: it's like a cheesy, potato-y, onion-y ravioli that is seared in butter. These things are, in a word: heaven. Authentic polish heaven.You gotta check this place out. More...


Willie M.

25 May 2018

This is for sure the best food truck I've tried in Denver. It's pretty obvious that a lot of time and effort goes into the food prep and it is DELICIOUS!! These guys frequent some great brewery's and events too. Dumplings and beer... giving pizza and beer a real run for its money! More...


Kevin P.

6 April 2018

I love this food truck. The whole menu is delicious. Try the Gyoza, the Pierogies, the Beast Fries, or the Ravioli. They are always at good breweries, and the tapas style of food pairs perfectly. Can't go wrong with anything you choose. More...