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Adam Cwik

18 July 2019

Thank you so much Rachel for such an amazing experience! You are kind, compassionate and fully professional! I’m glad I’ve taken the appointment with you as the session has helped me uncover and lift up so many issues that were impacting my life. Few days after the appointment, my mind is crystal clear, the mood and outlook on many aspects of my life begin to change. The feeling is tangible yet difficult to put into words as it’s completely new to my whole self. Once again thank you! More...


Hayat John

2 July 2019

Thank you so much Rachel for such a great and wonderful experience. You have truly worked wonders in creating positive mental programs and helping me deal with some old negative issues. I’m already seeing results in lest then a week of our appointment! I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done! More...


Jas Lo

30 June 2019

working with Rachel gave me a greater outlook on life and helped me reach higher capacities that I had never thought possible. i am eternally grateful and with this bring high recommendations. More...


Sue Landsberg

11 June 2019

I experienced a deeply transformative session with Rachel today. I was amazed at the process of getting to the root of issues and healing them. I now feel amazing. I feel empowered and liberated. I have a personalised audio to listen to twice a day for 21 days approx. I will give more feedback after that. The setting of Rachel's work is so private and tranquil. It is healing in itself. Rachel is professional, calm and evidently highly experienced in what she does. She was highly intuitive and made me feel very calm and secure. I highly recommend a session as an investment in your happiness and healing. You are so worth it. Thank you Rachel.x More...


Kawthar Al-najadah

13 March 2019

Working with Rachel was extremely wonderful. She is a very loving being and very knowledgable, honest and professional in her practice. Time was valued in the session and was used so very precisely and with care yet still managed to make me feel at ease to express myself. She was very welcoming and made me feel very safe and excited to open up and speak my truths as she helped me tap into them. I had worries about working virtually with her from Kuwait; however, I was very responsive to her instructions and again safe to receive the help she is very much capable of giving. The session gave me clarity and relief in knowing the true cause about the problem of my concern and working about the causes during the sessions put a brave END to all the confusion. I would highly recommend every person who is seeking true freedom in their lives to work with her and not hesitate to communicate with Rachel and reach out. All my love and gratitude to Rachel and everyone reading. :) More...


Aishling Kenny

27 February 2019

My appointment with Rachel was amazing. She is very empathic and incredibly skilled at finding out the root cause of your issue. She works so hard to get you the results that you seek and she is super professional. I am just at the beginning of my journey and already can feel the change in me. I am already making positive life changing decisions. I'm looking forward to more changes and can't recommend Rachel enough. More...


Tracy Esosa Uwadiae

27 February 2019

I have done a couple of meditations, and sessions here and there with different people before, I always know what to expect and I always get the same result after. However, the RTT session I had with Rachel this morning was absolutely phenomenal. She was very inviting, easy to talk to, friendly, and knew exactly what she was doing. She was warm, and humorous (which you never really get with hypnotherapist) she made me feel extremely confortable, and overall has such an amazing presence (even though we had the session through camera). Honestly , I don’t have the words to express how she made me feel, and it was evident that she is so passionate about her clients and her profession, I didn’t feel like I was just another client she was trying to get out of the way, I really felt like she devoted all she had to me and me only, I felt like I was her only client! Which made me feel amazing. I’m really excited to see where these next couple of weeks take me. I love the fact that she devotes her time on making individual recordings tailored to each client, and continues to follow through for the first couple of weeks after the session, just to see how you are doing. I could say so much more but I would urge you to see for yourself. I never actually leave reviews, but Rachel is really worth my review, and I cant wait until I can be part of her motivation talks and seminars one day because she’s amazing, honestly. THANK YOU AGAIN RACHEL!!! More...


Valentina Casalegno

23 February 2019

I highly recommend the RTT, Rachel is a great therapist and for me was very helpful!!!!


Marina Wild

28 November 2018

I went to see Rachel following a cancer diagnosis at the age of 34 earlier this year. After the initial shock, I started incorporating complementary therapies into my treatment and came across Rachel’s work as an RTT therapist. Rachel guided me towards a deeper understanding of the fight-and-flight response that had been my default state for most of my life. After the session I felt lighter, and weeks later I feel better than ever. The audio recordings seamlessly became part of my daily routine and are incredibly valuable and soothing. The support via check-ins with Rachel was amazing, reinforcing my belief and dissipating any resistance, over-thinking and doubts. RTT with Rachel has helped me cope with the fear of a recurrence and strengthened my faith in our own power when it comes to healing. It has alleviated my general anxiety and made me more confident. Moreover, I am able to enjoy each day and forget about the diagnosis. There have been some pleasant shifts in various other, unexpected areas as well. Rachel is deeply compassionate and wise and provides a safe environment in a beautiful setting. She is able to connect with people, and her kindness and understanding make her a wonderful therapist. She is also extremely generous, going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much Rachel! More...


Ciara Del Cchullatain

2 October 2018

After visiting Rachel for the first time today I knew I had made the right decision, I immediately felt that she genuinely cared about me and my issue and wanted to help.Before the session I was made feel very comfortable with everything explained clearly and after the session I felt an immediate difference which made me excited for the future! Rachel’s work is amazing and I would highly recommend her as a therapist to anyone who is thinking about hypnotherapy ! More...


Lauraine Brittle Farley

10 April 2018

Having realised that for many years now, I have struggled with my own personal challenge when it comes to valuing myself and my worth as a self employed person and what I have been charging for my service, I am told that I undersell myself, friends, family and other people in business have been saying it to me for years, so WHY is this? I finally wanted to tackle this issue and get to the route cause of it and I did so with an RTT Hypnotherapy treatment with Rachel, it was like a "Light Bulb" moment after the session, as it had become very clear to me where the 'Block' had come from and why I was under valuing myself, a liberating feeling knowing and understanding that finally I was FREE of that belief/pattern and I am now able to move forward knowing and embracing that change within me. THANK YOU Rachel. Lauraine Co Cork More...


Lorraine Daly

7 April 2018

Thank you so much rachel for my rtt session,from the moment i rang rachel to book my first appointment i instantly felt comfortable. I had never heard of rtt before and came across Rachel's page by chance on instagram...it was the best thing i have ever came across on instagram...the work rachel does is extraordinary, i couldn't believe the immediate changes that followed after just one session! I had tried many therapists before but rtt cut right to the source of my anxiety...if there is anything you need help and guidance through. Rachel was so understanding,kind,patient and professional. Thanks rachel for your amazing therapy and for been an amazing empowering therapist� More...


Fiorella Martin

13 March 2018

Thank you Rachel for an amazing and transformational RTT session, your style of caring, depth and commitment through the session helped me have phenomenal breakthroughs. I felt so much more energy the next day that I was able to walk for 5 kms, for the first time in ages. I loved some of your techniques, and feel you helped me unblock some very deep pervasive issues. I love your recording and feel some much more confidence in my abilities and skills. I highly, recommend you to anyone who would like to work with you as an absolutely sure results investments. Thank you. More...

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