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Architectural, real estate and commercial photographer with years of industry knowledge from concept design to final presentation. With a focus on combining technical knowledge and creative virtuosity to produce visually stunning results, I am able to consistently exceed client expectations.


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Derek Pino

21 August 2017

We've had a number of photographers for our job sites, and just recently did we start working with Ray. Of any photographer, Ray was the most seasoned-- beyond quality photos and effects, Ray was excellent in the home. Ray was very professional, conversing with the homeowner, educating the homeowner, and asking me any and all views I would like to capture and architectural details to be highlighted. Typically, I would have to situate every frame I desired, and checked to make sure if things were straight and cleaned and flush, and no reflections, etc. Ray beat me to the punch, and was very cognizant of unclean surfaces or blemishes or poor reflections. He took control of the environment and his role, and made sure things were ready to be a centerfold shot...each time. He was fantastic. We have already referred him, and look forward to scheduling more projects. More...

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Working with people, both new and past customers. I love meeting with clients and learning about the projects they are involved in. There is an excitement and pride inherent in every project meet and shoot.

A true love of photography from a young age. Capturing the beauty that I see every single day, both in nature and industry. As a kid, I drew with pencil and paper as my passion. I drew everything I saw around me. As I got older and got my first point-and-shoot camera, I took pictures of all I saw.

In my teen years I travelled with my camera all the time and really started getting into nature photography. Eventually, as I got older and more experienced behind the camera, I was encouraged to do a few professional shoots for some business associates of mine, and with continued support from my wife and friends, that sparked my professional career and I haven't looked back.

I have a unique eye for capturing the heart and soul of a project for the client. I have an Engineering background, so the intricacies of how thing are made fascinates me. Whether it's a building or a product, I love capturing the beauty of what someone built.

Prior to getting into professional photography, I worked in a corporate capacity as a consultant, helping with people from all markets and professional levels. I love people and am used to working with people from the assembly line to the CEO and making them happy.



High definition interior and exterior photography services.

High definition interior and exterior real estate photography services for residential or commercial properties.

High definition aerial drone photography and video services for residential and commercial properties, construction progress, and more.

High definition video walk throughs for residential and commercial properties.

High definition commercial photography for food, product and corporate head shot needs.