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Feminist and anticapitalist web design by and for queers (and those who love us).

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Ali Kian Yazdanfar

4 April 2019

Creating a website with Rebecca has been an all-around great experience - between creating the concept, explaining the possibilities, and instructing me how to maintain and update the site, the process has been clear and the result amazing!


Rikke Elisabeth Hennum

4 April 2019

We're so grateful to Rebecca for helping us make sure that the new UN Free & Equal campaigns website is accessible to as many people as possible. She is professional, friendly and attentive - an overall joy to work with. More...


Jo Casey

4 April 2019

Rebecca is kind, creative and very very good at what she does. She's been a website rescuer for me on more than one occasion now and I can't fault her customer service. I highly recommend her.


Christine Guenette

4 April 2019

I see Rebecca at Quill Creative as my first team member in my business! She not only made my website beautiful, she comes back in regularly to help me evolve my site as my business evolves, and she babysits it keeping it updated and running smoothly. Her ability to see my vision even more clearly than I do sometimes makes her an indispensable part of my team! More...