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Welcome to Quantum Light - your gateway to personal transformation through world's top therapy techniques with Monika Sleszynska.
Monika is an intuitive and highly skilled Advanced Hypnotherapist who has capacity to make fast and positive shifts.



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Why I love what I do
Thank you to the beautiful minds I had pleasure and honor to work with for it is thanks to them that the perception of possibilities and abilities about where one’s mind can reach has expanded beyond any of my expectations.
The beauty of what I do and the love of doing it was born from the blaze of joy when I discovered my abilities and what I can do with them and ever since helping others to reach into that space.
I work for the most precious commodity – Human Mind. You all have it. I am here to help you discover more of its beauty and what you can do with it. You can fitness, spa and expand. As you change perceptions of yourself from within, you will notice how the word around responds. I am passionate about human potential and assisting individuals to live lives of their highest Vision and full expectations.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” Buddha

The joy of discovery started with a feeble spark, then a mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power.
To witness where the vehicle of hypnosis can take one’s Awareness, Imagination and Expression has been an honour and privilege. It has been the direct experience, realizations, knowing and wisdom of the vast richness of consciousness, which can be attained and tapped into and which Ancient Yogi Teachings treat about. It was there I have found the closets words to reflect its depth. To feel where one’s awareness can reach, to see what imagination can see and guide others to create, hear their joy of change and to sense the magnificence of positive influence… Bringing one’s who seeks so into that space is what nourishes my soul’s Purpose.

Monika is a talented, intuitive and inspiring therapist who has the capacity to make fast and powerful positive shifts. Her style of work is unique and the results are brilliant. Applying the dynamics of being versatile, accurate, sensitive, directive, tactile and confidential provides fluent and professional service. amongst her clients are individuals seeking individuals, artists, holistic practitioners, transformational facilitators, world visionaries and diplomats.

Monika has a wealth of experience in transforming human limitations. Having overcome challenges to achieve her own personal goal she has a solid understanding of the path to aligning with the true self. The tools she utilises with her clients work to empower them and achieve high success rate.