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Hannah McBride

12 June 2019

Every single time that I have worked with the Quantum Arc team, they've been very professional, incredibly knowledgeable on the industry and their work has been top notch. I'm looking forward to the next time we work together. More...


Kelsey Kinney

11 April 2019

I had never worked with QAM before (I'm not local) but took a chance and hired them for an airport shoot. Two hours before the shoot I learned airspace was closed and we were maybe going to have to change airports. We didn't get a final answer on the landing until about 20 minutes before they were scheduled to land. Devin was extremely flexible with the circumstances and handled it like an absolute pro. He ended up getting there before I did, and rushed to the tarmac to get the landing shot just in time. I would absolutely recommend this team! More...


Susie Felber

23 January 2019

I hired Quantum Arc to capture what Withings did at CES 2019. We had never worked together before, and we were so impressed by how professional they were from pre-production to the shoot to the edit that was delivered less than 24-hours later. Highly recommend and thanks for working on our company's project! More...


Dee Cutrone

13 December 2018

Love this studio. It was a joy to work with them.


Kerry Fezza

27 October 2018

So excited for this place!!


Roger Cole

27 October 2018

Great set up for your next production from start to finish. Very professional and personable people. They make you feel right at home, just like part of the family.


Adam Berardi

23 October 2018

A really amazing facility! The crew is so nice and professional. I had a wonderful experience with Quantum Arc Media and would recommend them to anyone.


JakeFrom StateFarm

24 March 2017

Love the scenery and the atmosphere positive vibes and professional set up

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