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Our founder is an internationally known DJ, music producer, and record label executive with over 30 years in the music business.

The DJs on our roster range in age and musical styles so we can be certain to know and understand your guests.



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Connecting with the crowd. A DJ must be in tune with the audience to give them what they want. Less talking and more playing good music is what we strive for!

Our style is simple - we give the customer what they want. For example, we don’t send a radio personality DJ to a party where they just want to dance. And we wouldn’t send a more quiet DJ to an event where you need an MC to motivate and interact the crowd.

We love seeing people dance and have a good time. A good party comes down to 2 things...your food and your music.

While we can’t help you with the food, we guarantee your music will be excellent.

Our founder has been in the music business for over 30 years. He remains one of the most sought after DJs on the international music scene. He simply loves music.

Despite his travels, he feels there’s no better place like home to spread love through the sound of good music.

We are professional, timely, talented, and fun!

But let’s face it, DJs are creative people - not always business people.

Our office is run by a no-nonsense manager and 2 assistants who track inquiries, respond to calls and ensure that every client receives the timely attention they deserve.

What more could you want in a DJ service?