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Adam Huston

9 May 2019

Absolutely wonderful. She is kind and patient and works so well with you, your dog and your schedule. The improvements my little guy has made are amazing and I swear he's getting better every single day.


Jami Chiangi Allyn

25 April 2019

The absolute best! Brought my puppy to Quality Dog Training, Pam Larkin and in just short 5 weeks he is trained! Pam has a gift with dogs. It was amazing to watch my crazy puppy learn and follow commands so quickly! Life is so much easier now that my puppy is trained, not only in my home, but in public too... just amazing! I can't say enough good things... Highly recommend. More...


Mandy Maheu

9 April 2019

Pam came highly recommended from my mother, and we could not have been happier with her! We have a stubborn (but adorable) rottweiler puppy and Pam knew exactly how to deal with him. She is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. We learned so much. We are looking forward to continuing training with her in the future! 5 stars for sure! More...


Kerry Bannon Garofano

22 February 2019

Pam was just what we needed at exactly the right time. We tried a group class with our newest pup, but it wasn’t realistic enough of an environment and the trainer was reluctant to work individually with our dog even in a group setting because she was, frankly, a handful. Quite the jumper! Pam is creative, flexible and effective. We drilled down on our goals and worked on achieving them through actionable steps each week. An amazing value... we cannot thank her enough! More...


Shannon Kelly

6 January 2019

Pam is definitely a master of her trade and quickly established herself as an expert trainer. She is knowledgeable of multiple breeds of dog and understands their temperament which is essential to successful training as different breeds can respond differently to training. Pam is encouraging to the dogs and the owners and provides each all of the necessary means to be successful but it is the responsibility of the owners to be consistent and not get discouraged and give up. Today DAK, our 1 year old sable German Shepherd, earned his Canine Good Citizen! Training is an investment that will pay off and Pam is the expert that will provide you the tools and knowledge to succeed. More...


Ken Metzger

5 December 2018

Had an amazing experience with Pam and Quality Dog Training. She helped us make the quality of life between my puppy and our family so much better with just the basic training. My pup now listens and responds like I never believed she would. Pam is an amazing trainer who is very well priced and easily flexible with a schedule. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 5 stars for sure. More...


Mary Griffin Bylone

30 November 2018

Pam understands dogs and she understands people. And that's where success starts. Pam can assess the situation in a heartbeat and get things going in the right direction almost immediately. It is a gift and she has it!


Kimberly Thompson Benjamin

28 November 2018

Thanks to Pam we are finally able to enjoy our yellow lab pup Grace! She was very patient and thorough. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with their dog:-)


Joan Sienkiewicz

27 November 2018

my 7 year old mini poodle rescue is a much better citizen now thanks to Pam. She is a dog whisperer, but not only good with dogs but also their owners. Training is both. I can't recommend her highly enough. Private focused training - very reasonable. Saint is now a canine good citizen! More...


Anita Heyden Waung

11 November 2018

If you are tired of group classes that often train puppies (dogs) that aren’t on the same learning scale - you will be THRILLED working with Pam at Quality Dog Training. The one-on-one work she does is exceptional. She is diligent with you and your dog and teaches you to become a team. Your dogs success is based on YOUR commitment along with the knowledge and guidance of a great trainer. Pam was our perfect fit - so much so that I was willing to drive an hour and half (one way) to work with her each week. It was worth it as Wynston just passed his CGC testing. Thanks from Wynston and I. More...


Kimberly Chapman

10 November 2018

I Cannot say enough great things about Pam!! She always goes above and beyond and has a heart of gold for her clients and their furbabies. Being in Rescue I see a lot of different trainers and she has by far exceeded my expectations and has made a huge difference in my own foster pups! More...


Heather Richter

12 September 2018

Pam has helped my little Manfred (a 9 year old rescue) be a better dog citizen and myself a better dog owner. We are still in the training process, but she has been knowledgeable, helpful and patient!


Kate Raymond

22 August 2018

We were referred to Quality Dog Training when we picked up our little Golden Doodle puppy from a local breeder. We knew we wanted to get on top of training but were hesitant to do them through a pet store as we wanted something a little more personal. We contacted Pam at Quality Dog Training and she was able to start with our puppy right away. She offers group classes or private training and we ended up doing the private. She trained our pup while keeping our lifestyle in mind and gave us valuable feedback on any questions we had. We all built a great rapport with Pam and decided to continue our pup's training by participating in another class as well. Extremely knowledgeable, professional and an all-around fantastic person, I would recommend Quality Dog Training to anyone with a new dog and/or one who might benefit from some great training. At almost 5 months, our pup is doing amazing!!! Thank you so very much, Pam! More...


Penelope Fox

19 August 2018

Great experience with Pamela and our Dood with a “tude”. In 6 weeks Piper has come a long way with consistent recall and not jumping on visitors. We will continue reinforcing the behaviors in as many new environments as we can. She thanks you Pamela for your help in making her a “good dog citizen”. More...


Frankie Novajovsky

15 August 2018

professional and quality service!


Linda Hatch

13 August 2018

Pam is very knowledgeable, great with Tucker and very clean facility. Tucker is a loveable English Springer Spaniel, my problem with him is he had food aggression. After working with Pam, I am happy to say he can now be fed without the growling and attacks. She is excellent and so knowledgeable about dogs. if you have a problem or an unacceptable behavior with your dog, I highly recommend Pam More...


Sandy Hagar

7 August 2018

Pam was wonderful during our lessons. She addressed my individual concerns while providing obedience training. Pam was very knowledgeable about dog behaviors and made you feel at ease during the lesson. She uses positive reinforcement and truly cares about your dog. Pam provided you with detailed instructions on the commands and skills you worked on, so that when you were at home practicing you had a reference sheet. More...


Tia D'Alessandro

26 July 2018

When our family was looking to have our newest fur member, a rambunctious Lab puppy, trained we researched all options. Group classes were the most readily advertised but the idea of trying to successfully train with 3-4 other dogs didn’t feel productive. In steps Quality Dog Training and Pam. After our first class, and conversations regarding what we wanted to work on and see in our lovely pup- I knew we came to the right place. Pam has a flexible schedule and incredible patience with both the dog and their human- helping to develop observational skills and the right tactics to be successful during sessions and in everyday life. Our Maggie has finished obedience training and we are looking toward CGC with an ultimate goal of becoming a therapy dog team. I know Pam will teach us the tools to get there and continue setting us down the path to success. Can’t recommend her highly enough. More...


Kate Jorgensen

29 June 2018

Pam did an amazing job with our dog! We have a 1.5 year old, high energy, rescue dog that was out of control! Since going to Quality Dog Training, he has leaned to sit, stay, come, and much more. We're now able to take him out for trips in public and know that he will behave himself. We have already recommended Pam to our friends and will continue to do so! More...


Shannon Kelly

21 June 2018

When we first took our German Shepherd for training the only thing we had taught him was to sit & relax (go to crate). After only four lessons he has learned stay, come, down, look, speak, wait (while we get his food), eat (permitted to eat) & he doesn’t pull while on leash. Pam is very knowledgeable & familiar with different breeds. She is very friendly & patient while training not only the dog but the rest of the family. She treats him as if he were her pet. This being my first German Shepherd, she offers great advice in caring for our dog as well as tips, tricks & things to look out for with this breed. We could not be more pleased with the results of training with her & can not wait for our dog to earn his Canine Good Citizen! More...


Jamie Payumo

2 May 2018

Pam is amazing!! Our Bailey just finished puppy training and has learned so much in her one on one training! Not only did she teach our dog but our whole family as well. She was flexible with our schedule, patient, and her location is very convenient for us. I’m so glad we went to her, and we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for our dog. Thank you Pam! More...


Lori Urello Morrissette

19 March 2018

I highly recommend Pam, she is dedicated, professional and a very knowledgeable trainer! Our dog was such a stubborn dog when we adopted him I would have never imagined he would have turned out to be such a well behaved dog. She is the only one we trust leaving our dog with and he loves her! Wonderful person! More...


Ed Whinnery

18 March 2018

Pam is a great trainer. She is knowledgeable and dedicated, she clearly loves what she does. My pup and I are much better off for having gotten to work with her.


Barbara Lewis

8 March 2018

If your looking to train your dog your in great hands.