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Deena Gurbani

29 November 2018

Great variety of workouts and fun classes! High energy instructors that are helpful and supportive Definitely recommend to try it out


Jennifer Zaluski

29 November 2018

This is a great class! Combines cardio and strength training for a full body work out and everyone’s having fun at the same time. The workouts are creative and different each time to keep you from getting bored. I highly recommend! More...


Kelly Lawrence

30 October 2018

So, I found PUSH Fitness on Groupon. I’m getting married & also trying to drop baby weight. I get bored with the same gym routine so I was looking for something different & challenging. PUSH has given me ALL that I’m looking for! I’ve been to 5 classes & each one has been different & has worked every muscle in my body. All the instructors are fantastic! If you’re not afraid to sweat & work this is the place for you! More...


patricia flynn-mcniff

30 September 2018

Push Fitness rocks!! The instructors are motivating, fun, and experienced. Get ready for an incredible workout.


Alicia Blittner

2 July 2018

Push is a great gym to get yourself back into shape! I started going here pretty out of shape and in a few months feel a lot stronger/faster. Catherine is great at pushing you and making classes challenging and fun. The 45 minutes goes by so fast! More...


Meghan Keane

2 July 2018

Love Push Fitness! Super challenging workouts, but totally manageable if you’re just getting back into a regular workout routine, like I am.


Amanda Silano

28 May 2018

Great circuits, classes and trainers are awesome! Very welcoming and motivating environment.


Michele Avon

28 May 2018

Push Fitness is a great gym with a "just right" fit whether you're looking for a cardio class, personal training, or obstacle course training (Spartan, anyone?). Justin is a knowledgeable trainer whose dynamic approach has been challenging but appreciated. He'll push you to go further and be your cheerleader especially when you're on the dreaded bike. The group classes offer you the opportunity to get in more workouts throughout the week, and the different trainers will adjust the exercise to your needs as necessary. I'm very happy I found Push Fitness. Can't wait for the outdoor boot camp classes to start next month! More...


Carmela Ortiz

28 May 2018

The fulfillment you will find at Push Fitness is much more empowering than any relationship you will have in a corporate gym setting. With most of their classes spanning 45 minutes several times a week, it’s easy to find the time to hop into a class at Push! The trainers will PUSH you passed your limits toward goals you never would have imagined achieving before joining, all while taking your abilities and injuries into consideration. Yes, the classes are hard, but with the encouragement and support of every single Push trainer, you will never face an insurmountable task. The staff are all approachable and interesting individuals with diverse passions of their own. The small, boutique gym space is clean, organized, and inviting. You will always leave Push Fitness feeling accomplished and strong! More...


Carolina Teuscher

28 May 2018

I joined Push Fitness this past year and have really enjoyed taking the different classes with all the trainers! The trainers are very supportive and encouraging, yet respectful of each person's capabilities and needs. Exercises can always be adapted to increase/decrease intensity for each individual. In addition, we always manage to laugh during class and that's important! More...


Heidi Kolta

30 March 2018

Great classes, good energy, and friendly people.

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