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Portadown, Armagh District, Armagh

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Portadown, Armagh District, Armagh


We are an Award Winning Marketing and Website company, with over 25 years experience in the Marketing & Branding sector. Our team of specialists have worked on content marketing campaigns, custom content, buyer persona research, brand naming projects, rebranding, logo development and brand identity standards.



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Listening to the client - researching the needs of the target market - adapting to all new online technologies and devices so that the website works smooth.

So much more but we can chat about all this if we selected.

what is the goal? - what the target market is? - what is it you want the website to achieve? - what is the budget?

the rest leave to us as we will make it stand out and be creative.

It as simple as below:
- Research
- Test
- Design and be creative
- Test again
- more research
- adjust and develope our work to best bring profit to our clients

depends on what is needed but we will have a full research report on the project that our clients will complete before project commences.

Being creative in all the different markets we supply to. Watching as with our help how companies can grow both in awareness and in profit.

The challenge - the money - the day to day trading - the hussle - the creative - the new people we meet - the businesses we develop - the technology we work with.

There is so much more but it for the Love of our industry from Marketing to Web design - as our passion overflows into our work for our clients.

Simply put we are PurpleSheep and you can either join our creative revolution or you can be left behind as designs and marketing expertise is winning awards and driving businesses we work with to a new level.



We are Magento & Wordpress creative experts and our designs showcase our ability.

We are an award winning marketing and branding company supplying soltutions to SME and Large Corporate businesses.