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We are a Spa & Sports therapy company that focuses on the healing aspects of Massage therapy.
Purple Lime Spa and Sports Therapy is your place for healing your aches and pains from physical exercise , muscle exhaustion and everyday life.



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I love being a conduit for healing touch. Getting rid of headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis and more. Being able to heal These things is why I love holistic healing.

I worked as a therapist for a Massage Chain and I was limited as to what I could do to ensure each client walked in healing. I was inspired to become a business owner and heal.

Clients have been looking for healing and once they found me. They sent others. Fluff and buff is not what I give. I implement healing. Each client is cared for , listened to and healing is provided.


Deep tissue is listed on our website as Traditional Massage.

Rockblading is similar to fascia Blasting but, better. It does not leave the bruises that fascia Blasting does but, lifts the fascia from the muscle tissue and allows the muscle to become more flexible