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'Even though my elite running days are over, I am still a passionate runner. Unfortunately, I do still suffer injuries from time to time, and when I do, I always trust Pure Sports Medicine to take care of me.' Lord Sebastian Coe, Double Olympic Gold Medalist


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Mandy Dohren

I saw James Noake after an injury forced me to pull out of the London marathon. Within a few days, I’d had a consultation, an MRI and got my results and his support over the last few months has been fantastic. I cant thank him enough.

The reception staff are also great. Always friendly and quick to respond. Would highly recommend Pure Sports.


Alexander Kaminski

Very good physiotherapy, especially liked the customer service behind reception


Charles Stewart

What a place.
Learnt things about my frozen shoulder I never knew.
Top marks to Leo.


Peter Dickson

Leo Chiu's support after a full hip replacement was great. I'm back walking and climbing after 8 months. Thanks for everything.


Rowena Evans

I saw both Martina and Shane at the Canary Wharf practice and they both were fantastic. The receptionists were always really helpful when it came to booking appointments.


Charlie Steel

Exceptional. Tailored to my sporting needs. Made a recovery well beyond anyone's expectations. The Threadneedle staff and the facilities are top notch.


Sharon Andrew

Supremely professional in every respect - exceptional therapists in a brilliantly organised practice. I have received fantastic treatment from both physiotherapists and soft tissue therapists - I would wholeheartedly recommend Pure to anyone.


Ian Dwyer

Booked an appointment on Wed. Changed all plans for weekend to come from Woking Surrey to Kensington clinic only to find it wasn't in computer.... was suggested to come back in 2.5 hrs More...


Graham Douglass

This is such a professionally run and staffed organisation. Can't recommend Martina Kehoe and Brad Neal enough they are fantastic! From Reception team, to the way you are emailed clips of your exercises and a plan, to the use of their gym during recovery, absolutely awesome! More...


Ruth Walker

Threadneedle clinic is brilliant, staff on reception are very responsive and friendly. Physiotherapists Jay and Tom have been fantastic for post ACL surgery rehab. Would highly recommend! Thank you pure sports for making rehab actually enjoyable!!! More...


Jacqueline Ferreira Aguiar Thery

I was treated there by high qualified doctors.


Anish Bhagat

Injury - Recovering from ACL surgery, pure sports medicine were fantastic. I owe all my recovery to Leo Chiu, gave me a proper structure to follow and a variety of exercises as well as sound advice which aided my recovery. I would recommend him and pure sports as a must see for anyone recovering from a serious injury. More...


Liam Redmond

Neil Smith’s physio was a great help for my marathon preparation.

However I attended a ‘marathon workshop’ last night which was fairly disappointing (apart from the Dietician’s advice) - more like a sales pitch for the different professionals and services they offer. I expected a bit more given that this was an event you had to pay for (£20 per person).

I image this may actually put some people off using Pure Sports which is a shame from a reputable company.


Katie Peel

I owe most of my recovery to pure sports medicine, mainly my physio, Leo Chiu. I had a serious accident where I broke my left humerus, dislocated my elbow and shattered my wrist. He was the only one throughout my recovery who convinced me that I was going to be ok, that I was going to get my functionality back. That mental uplift made all the difference to me and made me feel like I could do it. We had a lot of tears, and as much as I dreaded the pain each time I came in, he always made me laugh as well. He kept my spirits up over the entire six months of intense physio. I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me, how he believed in me, and what a rock he was during a very difficult and dark time in my life. He is a gift to pure sports and I couldn't recommend him or the company enough. More...


Claire Rosser

Cannot recommend Pure Sports Medicine highly enough! I had a major injury earlier this year and they have worked incredibly hard to get me not only back to strength but actually stronger than I have ever been!

The onsite sessions are well structured with a good mixture of discussion and practical work and you are sent away with comprehensive training / physio plans.

It's a true one stop shop for physio, podiatry, medical consultants and S&C.


Luke Stevenson

I’ve been working with Graham, Strength and Conditioning Coach, for a year now. He is always very professional, approachable and is always willing to help with my training. Graham gives me a new programme every 4 weeks which incorporates the areas that I need to work on while I train for International tennis tournaments. I always finish the programmes feeling fitter and stronger. Would highly recommend having sessions with Graham. More...

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