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The healing arts of energy is moving into the holistic/alternative health care options quickly, powerfully and none to soon. We as a society, have come to the end of our journey in medicine totally relying on western medicine alone that focuses on illness.


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Sho Sosa

26 May 2019

Loved everything about it


Crystal Augustono

28 April 2019

Pure really is an excellent name for this place, because our family's experiences have been nothing but pure love and light. Terry has the most wonderful energy and is truly gifted in healing. She has been a blessing! Dwight also has given me an amazing massage that helped relax muscles that were more tense than I imagined. I look forward to continuing my visits. More...


Marcia Horn Kayhanfar

25 April 2019

I absolutely recommend PURE. I was treated there, and Teri has such a natural ability to feel and treat the problem, she is highly skilled and really helped me. I’ve never felt such a strong connection with a natural healer- it was like she knew me. Really great experience and I’d go back to her any day if I didn’t move away from Baltimore! More...


Cathy Ely

26 March 2019

Hi my name is CathyEly I want to thank Terry for being so busy today and still fitting me in /Or healing session so appreciated terry is amazing credible Baltimore best reiki Healer thanks again ‍♂️


Naijha Wright

27 February 2019

This place is awesome. If you want an holistic detox and improve your overall health and well being, go see them! I highly recommend the infrared sauna, detox footbath and reflexology. Throw some reiki in there too. You'll leave there like you've been in a cosmic planet. More...


Laura Christin Gaworecki

12 February 2019

Amazing energy and healing vibes ALL the time in here! Literally ALL the time!


Emily Adolph

30 October 2018

I have enjoyed working with Terry and highly recommend visiting the center! I have struggled with anxiety and depression my entire life, and after just a few short months of working with Terry, I don’t feel anxious and battle depression like I used to. I feel more balanced, centered and connected within myself. I am blessed to know Terry and am looking forward to continuing to work with her! More...


Bernadette Carolina

30 September 2018

Always peaceful and great experience I love the reflexology and healing. Great Holistic treatment.


Candace Parrishdze8

31 August 2018

Terry and Danielle are amazing! And i had a massage with Eric yesterday and it was one of the best massages I've ever had in my life. I love Pure and will always go here for my reflexology and massages. The best! More...


Blu Rose

1 August 2018

WOW!! Awesome place! you will not want to leave. The sevice was hands down the best I ever imagined. The energy here is was so enlightened, I wish you visited sooner. I came in feeling unbalanced and I left feeling allined, anew, enlighten and awakened. I found this beautiful place by surfing the web for holistic healing in Baltimore... Thank you so much . This will be my second Home. More...


Donté Ramón

23 July 2018

In this season of continuous community trauma and violence, back to back reflexology and reiki was just what I needed to reset my energy.


Shynia Baldwin

23 July 2018

PURE, is my home away from home. My Sanctuary, my Safe Haven, the place I go when I need to reset and start all over again.


Ruben Ortiz

23 July 2018

As one of the massage/bodywork therapist we are bringing light, love and healing to the community in much need of it.
From a point of seeing ourselves as spiritual beings. We work from a holistic point of view. We look at our clients from a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual scope. A bigger lens for creating a space where you find healing, well-being and peace. More...


Kay Marie

23 July 2018

Such a relaxing environment. Terry is amazing. I will definitely be going back!


Jocelyn Reader

23 July 2018

Wonderful environment, caring people that want the best for you and aren't out take your money. I have been going for a month and have really felt a difference in my health. I recommend keeping an open mind and checking it out! More...


Danielle Walker

23 July 2018

Such a beautiful and relaxing place to work...to be apart of. To get to know the amazing clients that come through our doors. I feel truly blessed every day I walk through the doors at PURE...I could never imagine working any where else. Truly blessed and proud!��� More...


Erricka Bridgeford

2 July 2018

I got a chakra cleansing. She healed my whole life! My appointment was a week ago and I am still full of joy because of how she helped me.


Brianne Atkins

28 May 2018

Such a beautiful experience with Danielle to help me heal through some very personal traumas. I will be a regular there, and will send everyone I can to experience the wholistic approach they take to help you heal and become healthy in your mind, body, and soul!


Ruben O Ortiz

12 November 2017

A place of healing!!


Carolyn Howell

17 August 2017

The chakra balancing was amazing!


Justin barletta-rothfeld

18 September 2016

If it wasn't for the astro-massage with Anthony I would not be where I am at now and the path is wide open for me.


sarah strahorn

5 April 2016

Wonderfully skilled massage! Beautiful facilities, offer so many cool new age services!


Gina D.

26 December 2014

I came here for the restorative package and it was worth every penny. Ever since my visit, I've been feeling like a happy, healthy, new woman! It was such a relaxing experience and I love how professional everyone here was. I plan on going back at least once a week as soon as I get back from vacation. I made the leap to achieving wellness and you can too! I also am super excited for the group meditation they offer and talking to their on-site pharmacist about medication management. More...


Nancy A.

11 June 2014

The city needs more of PURE! I've visited and sampled services many times and had nothing but the best experiences of relaxation and stress relief. Try a reflexology appt, you will not regret it! Many times, you can just stop in to chat with the staff and they will take you as an appt right away. Wonderful place and great addition to Fells Point! More...


Katie L.

17 April 2014

I met Terri, the owner, at Latte da this morning and was compelled for more time with her. I went with a friend for a "walk-ins welcomed" and was so pleased that I did! Teri is a gifted, compassionate healer and in just 20 minutes I left rejuvenated and feeling so much better than when I entered! Without telling her anything, Terri found and released my pain through reflexology and reiki. The spa is welcoming and comfortable and will make this a part of our wellness routine! Her giving back gift discount for police, fire, and teachers made this teacher cry a little bit when I got the incredibly discounted price. Thank you More...

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We believe that the well-being of each of us is deeply energetically connected to all living things. We honor our inherent diversity, belonging, and contribution to the greater whole and value the fullness of every human being—mind, body, and spirit. We love most -- humanity.

My love for humanity and wanted to share with others the art of self healing as I did for myself.

We clearly understand everyone is unique. At its heart, our goal is in you achieving your full potential and being the best person you can be. One of the keys to harnessing your full potential is helping you to connect the mind/body unlimited power to expand your level of self-awareness. Since everyone is different, you will define what your willing to do in the terms of success in developing your awareness. Awareness isn’t passive. It directly leads to action (or inaction). As you take steps to expand your awareness, you will naturally find yourself harnessing your mind’s power to create greater health, happiness, and love in your life.