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Ari Ross

18 May 2019

I recomed that Natasha Miller is the best psychic reader .


Pjay S.

1 October 2017

Natasha is excellent she hit everything on the nail she is knows he stuff she has a gift both psychic and medium she has helped me you will no be disappointed


Billy Sarno

23 July 2017

i highly recomend natasha she is amazing she is very accurate such a very nice women on top of it if anybody can solve your problems its natasha


Carlos Cianflone

10 July 2017

Her reading is the best! It is always very accurate!


Love Reema

9 July 2017

One of the best readings I had � highly recommend this place


Andrea Perez

9 July 2017

Natasha has a truly amazing ability! She is honest, upfront and does not lead you in any way. Any questions on ANY aspect of your life, she can help!!


sunni g.

23 August 2016

Would someone respond to me please,  I've been calling for a reading and have left 3 messages with no response.  Does it take a long time to get appointment for a reading? Thank you, Girl in need.


Caitlin C.

12 December 2015

I don't understand all the good reviews on here.  My boyfriend and I made an appointment for a Thursday night.  As we were heading out we got a call saying she had to reschedule.  We made it for the next night and got there right on time and she wasn't even there yet.  She showed up late with what I'm guessing was two of her daughters.  My boyfriend went into the room with Natasha and I stayed in the waiting room with the two other girls.  The teenage girl started doing my tarot card reading.  I honestly thought it was just something to pass the time while I was waiting for the real reading.  It was so bad.  Everything was so vague; things like "you'll have some negative experiences in the next year, but also some positive ones."  Even when she went out on a slight limb and said something a little more personal it was completely wrong.  I would correct her and she'd just play along and work it into what I had just told her.  While she was doing my reading the other girl who was about four or five years old was watching a movie on her iPad with no headphones.  She frequently interrupted the reading.  The girl doing my reading also checked her phone throughout it.  I just wanted it to be over.  When Natasha came out I thought she was going to say it was my turn but she just asked for the money and we left.  My boyfriend said he would give his reading 3 out of 5 stars.  He said she gave him some good advice and some things were correct but a majority of it was pretty open ended or wrong.  I think an open mind is needed when going to these types of things anyways but if you do make an appointment make sure its actually with Natasha and not some girl she asked to grab some cards and make shit up More...