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Jerri von den Bosch

12 April 2019

I love this group. They are so kind and empathetic. I’ve really made strides in my mental well-being with their help. I love my seeing my therapist. I really value this entire team.


Kyla Peck

12 November 2018

Therapist Jessica definitely knows how to redirect your energy and make you feel comfortable.


Christine F.

22 February 2017

We have been bringing my younger daughter here for a about a year for therapy. I had called around many places and not any around our area accept children. I was very thankful this facility takes children and the family is included in on the therapy. It is a quick hop on 794 and we are there within 10 minutes. Parking is available with validation at the clinic. The staff is very professional and helpful. We mainly use the 6th floor reception area.  You see one counselor for your therapy and another for the medicine. Dr. Bloom whom handles the medication has a very pleasant demeanor and I wish she did therapy sessions. She and my daughter became fast friends. My only problem is with the billing department.  I had a big problem using my FSA card here and had to come in and get invoiced printed out to figure what dates the payments went to. It was very frustrating. More...


Sheila A.

23 March 2016

Mary Jo and the staff are awesome. Helped me through a difficult move and transition from California to Milwaukee. I'm shocked there are any negative reviews here - must be a buncha crazy people ;)  I literally have nothing but positive things to say about this place and I highly recommend. More...


Jon S.

22 March 2014

I have been seeing a psychiatric nurse practitioner for several years at PC&T; I initially called to schedule an appointment at a time when I was going through a crisis.  As someone with experience in behavioral health, I felt the staff was professional, very matter of fact and trained to get me through the initial "new patient" telephone intake process.  Unfortunately, and this is not unique to PC&T, appointments can be hard to come by and scheduling your follow up appointment at the end of each visit is highly advised, especially if you are limited in the day and/or time of day that you can come in for an appointment.  Everyone has their own experiences and working with a mental health professional is a very personal experience; like all relationships, it can work initially or it may take some time to find the right person for you.  It is important that you find the right person and don't settle for seeing someone, just because it seems easy.  Peaceful wishes! More...



28 April 2013

Shobba Gagrat is the best psychiatrist I've ever been a client of. I've been seeing her nearly ten years. Her command of pharmacology is superb and she is a caring individual who knows how to help a bipolar out. Janet Revolinski



26 January 2010

I have been seeing a doctor at this practice since before the move to the new building. I have had more problems with hospital staff than with PCT since then. I have always received outstanding service from my doctor, and have never been billed for the wrong type of visit, much less put into collections wrongly OR accosted by the office staff. You must remember that they are just that - office staff - and not necessarily trained in the psychiatric field. While their reported insensitivity is disappointing, I have never had problems with them. And I will admit I've been in their collections department before, for actual overdue bills, and the woman I worked with was more helpful than I expected from a collections or billing employee (based on my own past experiences elsewhere). In my mind, the only con is that I only get 15 minutes with my doctor when I could talk to him all day! More...