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Families, Children, Fashion and More. Don't trust your photography needs to just anyone with a camera. We offer a relaxed, fun photo session without a lot of stress. It, sometimes, takes a lot of patience to get that shot and we always figure out a way to do that.


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Amy Saumur

5 June 2019

Very accommodating and patient ! Thank you :)


Nikki Pearce

12 October 2018

He is always willing to take pictures wherever you have in mind. He researches picture ideas before the appointment and also utilizes your ideas for pictures as well. He makes sure he gets the most pictures to give you more to choose from. The only bad thing I can say is he makes it hard to choose which pictures to get! More...


Will Clark

25 July 2017

Paul does amazing work! He's got a great eye, capturing incredible images! Everything from nature to individual and group shots, I'd recommend him without hesitation.


Patience. Sometimes the parents are freaking out because they want everything to be just perfect. I don't mind, though, because it's part of the territory when shooting photos. Sometimes the parents think that we aren't getting any good photos but when they see them they are thankful for a photographer that takes their time to capture those special moments.

What kind of photos are you wanting?
Is there a theme?
What are these photos for? ie; family portraits, senior photos, school photos, fashion etc.
Do you have locations in mind or do you need me to find some areas.

Creating art. It isn't about just snapping a photo, it's about capturing a moment in time and making something that the client will be able to keep and enjoy forever.

It sure wasn't to get rich haha. Really just do this part time but I did it because it is an outlet for me. It helps me show my creativity and it's a passion.

There are a lot of people out there, today, who go out and purchase a camera and a lens and they think they are photographers. I have spent countless hours learning my cameras, my lenses and how to properly expose a photo. I have learned to use my lights and light sources to properly shoot their photos.
If they want to go full blown crazy with their session, I'm the guy that can do that too! As long as they keep their clothes on we can do just about anything!