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Protective Services is a Wellington based security company with a team of highly-trained Security Guards, Crowd Controllers, Personal Protection Officers (Bodyguards), Event Security Personnel and Security Risk Management Consultants. Protective Services is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business founded on the pinnacles of quality, professionalism and service excellence.



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Events & Functions Security Protective Services has provided security at an eclectic range of public events and private functions. We can assist with access control, traffic management, asset protection, and if alcohol is available, responsibility for alcohol monitoring and compliance. We provide crowd controllers and event security teams to provide: Crowd Control Asset Protection Barrier Protection Corporate Security VIP Personal Protection Incident Response Teams Liquor Licence Enforcement Officers

Protective Services is a Wellington based licensed security provider with decades of experience. Our skilled and trained security professionals are sourced from the military, security and law enforcement sectors. Protective Services is a reliable source for trained security guards, crowd controllers, protection officers, event security personnel and hospitality security teams. Our recruitment process ensures that only the best are engaged with our organisation and deployed to yours. Protective Services provides clients with a range of security, personal protection and risk management solutions, including: Door Staff Event Security Static Security Mobile Patrols Venue Security Loss Prevention Alarm Response Asset Prevention Crowd Controlling Close Personal Protection Security Risk Management We can do everything from managing access, patrolling, surveillance and bedding down. We can also act as a concierge service and custodian of your assets and infrastructure. Protective Services offers professional security guards who are trained in service delivery. We strive to provide our clients with full confidence in the men and women charged with protecting their staff and their assets. Protective Services takes pride in the quality of the security professionals that constitute our guarding service. From corporate offices and industrial sites to embassies and car dealerships, we provide seamless security across every private, commercial and governmental sector. Our guard and security services across the Wellington region, include, but are not limited to: Static Guards Mobile Guards Security Escorts Asset Protection Custodial Services Concierge Services Retail & Commercial Security Business & Commercial Security Grasping the unique security requirements of business and commercial security gives Protective Services a distinct edge over our competition. From concierge to the control room, we know the importance of having a totally integrated security team to protect your assets, people and infrastructure. Guardhouse Security Be it visitors, contractors or employees, Protective Services understands the importance of effective gatehouse security. Our gatehouse security team adapts efficiently to any site operating procedures, ensuring the flow of access on to your site is controlled, and entry-exit procedures are enforced. Venue & Hospitality Security Protective Services is at the forefront of delivering new and improved services within the area of bar, venue and security to the hospitality industry. With a greater emphasis on vigilance and communication, our licensed crowd controllers have the ability to negotiate with members of the public across a wide variety of situations. Retail Security We understand the importance of the retail sector and the role that security plays in ensuring the safety of the millions who visit them each year. With the growing population and expanding retail environment, it’s more vital than ever that establishments provide a safe shopping experience. Our security professionals are not only trained in risk management and first aid procedures, but can also fill customer service roles to enhance shopper satisfaction whilst visiting the your store. Home - Allied Security Events & Functions Security Protective Services has provided security at an eclectic range of public events and private functions. We can assist with access control, traffic management, asset protection, and if alcohol is available, responsibility for alcohol monitoring and compliance. We provide crowd controllers and event security teams to provide: Crowd Control Asset Protection Barrier Protection Corporate Security VIP Personal Protection Incident Response Teams Liquor Licence Enforcement Officers Security Escorts We escort private, corporate and government clients whilst travelling to any destination within New Zealand or internationally. On arrival, we will liaise with local authorities and law enforcement agencies to assist in providing safety and protection for our clients. ROYAL GRAND CONCIERGE - Security Services Concierge – Corporate Security Concierge, or front of house services, require exceptional, carefully vetted and trained licensed security officers who demonstrate outstanding communication skills, immaculate presentation, attention to detail, impeccable service skills, and professionalism. With the security concierge being the first point of reference for your clients and staff, Protective Services engages only the best security trained customer service specialists for this important front line role. Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response To meet demands from the business and commercial sector a professional security mobile patrol and alarm response service, we now have an additional guard service to add to our arsenal. When you have a situation, you need an increased visible presence at your property to deter criminal activity or potential anti-social problems. In addition to an alarm response service, we can provide temporary or permanent security patrols to provide a additional layer of protection to your home or business premises, our patrol service can be utilised for the following: 24/7 private or commercial property checks Mail collection when you are away from home Escorting your staff or contractors to their vehicles after hours External property checks for potential trespassers or safety issues First response to personal medical alarms, home panic or intruder alarms Property lock-up and unlock for your staff or contractors working after hours Welfare checks on staff or contractors working alone at your business or organisation Patrols of your car parking areas or any possible areas that could be assessed by the public and become a magnet for security issues Secure Transportation We have unlimited access to luxury motor vehicles for the transportation of clients on request. Our security trained drivers have proven advanced driving skills and are certified as executive drivers following completion of specialised driving courses facilitated by former members of the New Zealand Police Diplomatic Protection Service (DPS). VIP Transport - Security Trained Drivers - Protective Services - New Zealand Role of a Security Guard A security guard (also commonly known as a security officer, protection officer or mobile patrol officer) is a security professional employed by the private, commercial or government sectors to guard and protect assets, people, equipment, information and infrastructure from fire, theft, hazards, unsafe staff practices or criminal type activity. In New Zealand, security guards are required to hold a certificate of approval or licence issued by the Ministry of Justice in New Zealand (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority) as a crowd controller, personal security guard, property security guard or any other category of security depending on the activities carried out by the security guard. Security Guards can either be overt or covert. Generally static guards or mobile security officers maintain a high-visible presence to deter trespassing, criminal offending and inappropriate behaviour by patrolling on foot, mobile in a security vehicle or by using electronic monitoring systems for signs of fire, theft or intentional damage. A Security Guard in any capacity will take appropriate action to minimise and manage any risk to their client or clients business premises, including: surveillance (static or mobile), escorting trespassers, apprehending offenders and reporting any incidents of hazards or criminal activity to the police, emergency services or appropriate authorities.

Dion Neill commenced his personal protection services by providing security in South Africa for a touring New Zealand sports team. Dion also managed the security for international celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver and Bardot from the Australian television series, Pop Stars. Dion provided security services to film director, Sir Peter Jackson at the Olympic Torch Relay in Wellington and international champion skateboarder, Tony Hawk. Dion has also been the security driver for Sir Elton John and the New Zealand tour of Eminem. Dion was a senior member of the security team for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy world premiere, he also managed a high-profile corporate event at the Hobbit movie premiere in Wellington. Dion contracted to Red Badge as a security manager for a number of years, he personally managed the venue security for Sting (The Police) and a number of other well known bands and music artists. Protective Services has been delivering security solutions and security guard services in New Zealand for over three decades. The difference between a standard industry security guard company and Protective Services is the skill set, operational experience and high-caliber of the security professionals that we recruit. Whether your security requirement are within New Zealand or internationally, Protective Services can provide you with a level of security and protection delivered by former members of the New Zealand Police Diplomatic Protection Squad (DPS) and specialist members of the Armed Forces, including the Special Air Services (SAS). There are numerous incidents where celebrity fans have caused injury or embarrassment whilst attempting to gain their attention. Our trained and highly skilled security professionals and protection officers specialise in the close personal protection of VIPs, diplomats, entertainers, corporate executives, film talent, music artists and visiting international celebrities. The dynamic nature of the threat environment or risk to security demands an intelligent and professional approach before developing and implementing a bespoke security solution. Protective Services are experts at providing both reactive and proactive security and risk management services that are fit for purpose anywhere in New Zealand. Our team of security professionals, personal protection officers and risk management specialists are skilled and highly-trained to manage any risk associated with the threat of abduction, kidnapping, physical assault or predatory type behaviour by an individual, group or organisation. Personal Protection Corporate executives and high profile public figures are increasingly at risk from individuals and groups seeking to harass, injure or extort money for some perceived injustice or to promote their cause. Our security professionals provide a level of protection beyond the capability of a security guard. ROYAL GRAND CONCIERGE - Security Services Executive Protection In today’s society, corporate executives and high profile individuals face mounting threats of extortion, retaliation, public embarrassment and kidnapping. Executive protection is a specialised field of security commonly referred to as executive care. This addresses the management of risks those individuals and their family’s face. Our executive protection services are structured to mitigate the ever-changing personal risks facing our clients due to their wealth, occupation, status, travel destinations, and other contributing factors. Our comprehensive executive protection services are designed to provide our clients privacy and peace of mind so they can focus on what’s most important. Providing Executive Protection – The Professional Approach Safety & Productivity We keep our clients safe so they can be productive, providing Return on Investment. Scalability We provide customised security solutions that can be scaled quickly as your situations evolve. Whether you need a single trained security guard or a fully embedded team of protection officers, we provide only the best. We provide comprehensive flexible security solutions and guarding services to meet your needs. World-Wide Coverage With our strategic network of nationwide and international security providers, we are able to provide coverage where ever your business takes you. Intelligence Driven We use intelligence to identify and mitigate business and personal risk more efficiently. Efficient security is more cost effective and provides greater return on investment. Security Escorts We escort private, corporate and international business clients whilst travelling to any destination in New Zealand or abroad. On arrival, we will liaise with local authorities and law enforcement agencies to assist in providing maximum support for the client’s safety and protection. If you require a trained and specialised personal guard, we can help. Secure Transportation We have unlimited access to luxury motor vehicles for the transportation of clients on request. Our security drivers have proven emergency driving skills and have completed specialist driving courses to ensure a client’s safety at all times. Guardian Protection Programme Protective Services provides a rapid response to manage any risk associated with the threat of abduction, kidnapping, physical assault or predatory type behaviour. The Guardian Protection Programme has proven to be increasingly popular to overseas delegations, international students and international visitors from all over the world.

Our licensed security consultants and private investigators deliver a range of private investigation and security risk management solutions. Protective Services are Wellington and nationwide risk management specialists to the private, corporate and governmental sectors. Protective Services will review your current business or organisations security arrangements. We provide independent security consulting and risk management services in Wellington and throughout New Zealand. Your business or organisation is vulnerable to a variety of risk, including, but not limited to theft, fraud, threats of violence or suspected corruption, our security consultants will conduct risk assessments of your brand, assets, people and infrastructure. Our security consultants refer to the Australia New Zealand Risk Management Standard (AS/NZ ISO 31000:2009) and ensure that suggested solutions are inline with this rating. We have the tools to create a bespoke solution to mitigate and manage risk to you and your business. Our established network with security providers ensures we provide the correct products or services that are fit for purpose. We can also assist you with the New Zealand Protective Security Requirements, a framework for protecting assets, people and infrastructure. Threat & Vulnerability Assessments Active threats, workplace stability, hazardous material spills, and even severe weather events are just some of the issues crowding today’s headlines. While some are preventable, some are not. However, identifying the vulnerabilities that may affect a facility, then taking necessary steps to mitigate them, can provide your employees or contractors with a safe, secure, and productive environment. We provide security and vulnerability assessments to help organizations evaluate preventive measures already in place and provide recommendations for enhancing them with improvements at both the facility and organisational levels. Our assessments are personally developed to address your unique concerns and needs. They are designed to help your organisation be proactive, not reactive, in improving the overall safety and security of your facilities and employees, all while maintaining regard to your organisation’s specific sensitivities. Our assessment findings are designed to be used as risk-management and strategic planning tools to help you determine the most appropriate actions and resources needed. They are never a criticism of an organisation’s competency or credibility and reflect not only areas for continued planning and improvement, but positive safety and security measures already in place. Emergency Response Planning -Are you Ready? Emergency Planning Emergency plans provide your staff with the information needed to effectively respond when. not if, an incident occurs. The ability to assess a situation, and make immediate decisions, is crucial to quickly mitigate any emergency. Understanding the concepts behind the response can alleviate the stress that clouds judgment and causes the inability to respond. Organisation-wide operations plans establish a consistent approach, throughout your company, to ensure all your employees and locations follow consistent guidelines and policies that meet your overall intent. They are then supplemented by facility-specific response plans, customised by location, that provides staff with key emergency information, such as procedures and protocols, contact information, maps and floor plans, when they need it most. Developing emergency plans not only creates the opportunity to provide guidance and direction to your staff, but it can also reveal potential deficiencies in resources and training that can be remedied before an emergency occurs. Overall, emergency planning promotes a confident, proactive stance to preparedness that will positively affect your organisation’s overall environment. Not having emergency plans in place can not only lead to an ineffective, chaotic response that results in unnecessary injuries, loss of resources, or worse, it can lead to legal issues for not preparing your organisation. Either of which can severely impact your organisation. The Neill Group (TNG) is a Wellington based agency providing legal document serving (process serving), private investigations and professional field services in the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand. Private Investigations Internal investigations must be handled confidentially and objectively as the accused employee’s future is at stake. A large number of our licensed private investigators are former police detectives with extensive experience in both civil and criminal investigations. TNG’s internal investigation service effectively provides the information necessary to move forward either to handle the situation internally or to refer to the police. Our experts help expose integrity concerns at any level, enabling you to take decisive action as soon as possible. The Neill Group Private investigation services are carried out by The Neill Group (TNG). When you are searching for evidence or intelligence, there’s no substitute for experienced Private Investigators. Employing a Private Investigator (PI) can save you countless hours and significant cost. It is vital that an investigation is tailored to suit your particular circumstances. Ensure you choose a Private Investigator who communicates with you effectively and understands your goals clearly. Through communication and planning, you can be guaranteed absolute discretion and the best possible result. Intelligence Gathering Intelligence informs all the work we do at The Neill Group, but when intelligence is the job, trust our mission-tailored team to get it done. Our highly-trained and tested intelligence analysts have real world experience, both military and civilian. Counter-Surveillance Protective Services works with The Neill Group (TNG) to provide a seamless investigation and counter-surveillance service to the private, commercial and governmental sectors. Our specialist is highly trained in counter-surveillance with many years of experience working within the law enforcement and intelligence community. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Our TSCM specialist operates the most technological advanced equipment to detect electronic listening devices, known as ‘bugs’. We have a track record of detecting various remote transmitting covert listening devices in hotel rooms, board rooms and corporate offices. Computer Forensics Concerned about an unexplained loss of information and sensitive data? Current and former employees can copy, sell or transfer important commercially valuable information to competitors. Computer forensics can discover web pages visited, deleted files and images. Cyber Security Solutions With decades of experience in education and training at all levels, we can design an appropriate program for your employees that is both engaging and informative. It is important to note security has two sides, physical and cyber. Some of the basic concepts apply to both, but they become very different quickly. The most requested training programmes involve email based threats, phishing, spear phishing, ransomware and social engineering. Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Data loss happens all too frequently and with culprits ranging from ransomware attacks to power surges, it has the potential to have a major impact on your business and your reputation. We offer solutions to quickly recover: Data from a damaged or corrupted hard drive Deleted files and emails Recovery keys for cryptocurrency wallets Skilled in monitoring, analysing and reporting on local and international data sets, TNG analysts combine state-of-the-art intelligence tools with expert proficiency. It’s our job to look for threats, risks and other identifiers that may impact the company’s people, assets, operations or reputation. TNG Process Servers - Legal Document Serving - Wellington - New Zealand Process Serving (Legal Document Serving) TNG operates New Zealand’s largest network of regional based process servers (legal document servers). TNG facilitates the cost-effective serving of district court, family court and high court proceedings along with summonses, demand notices, trespass notices, dissolution of marriage applications and time-critical documents in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and across New Zealand. TNG are authorised to serve New Zealand Court documents pursuant to Section 25 (1) of the Summary Proceedings Act 1957. TNG are also approved to serve charging documents and criminal proceedings on behalf of government agencies. TNG remains the process servers of choice to the New Zealand and international legal fraternity. With the very latest technology, clients monitor every step of the document service process directly from the field. For more information on process serving, surveillance, private investigations and professional field services, visit the website of The Neill Group (TNG).