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Progressive Health & Performance offers fitness and nutrition services for all populations. Our team is comprised of highly educated, passionate health and fitness professionals who care and take their responsibility and opportunity to help others seriously.

Our fitness team specializes in many different areas such as pain relief/rehabilitation, weight loss, and training for autoimmune/chronic illness. We offer private and semi-private training at our studio in Murrieta as well as in-home private and online personal training sessions that are personalized to every detail. Our program design and assessment process assures that our clients safety comes first while helping them reach their goals efficiently.

Our nutrition team operates mainly online and through phone/email/text and acts as your 24/7 nutritional consultant. We also offer functional nutrition testing to gather information about: hormones, gut microbiome, neurotransmitters, nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, and more. Our holistic program focuses not just on nutrition, but other lifestyle factors as well.

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Progressive Health & Performance Reviews


Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Robby Cruz
5 08/07/2017 Robby Cruz

Eric has been amazing on how he helped diagnose what was wrong with my health. I couldn't quite figure out what was wrong and thought it was maybe just a stomach bug that kept coming back. He is easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and understanding of my specific needs. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Amanda Mullen
5 23/09/2016 Amanda Mullen

I have been training with Eric since April of 2015. Prior to that, I had been working out and taking classes at L.A. Fitness. After 5 years doing it on my own and only loosing 15 pounds and feeling stuck, I met with Eric. When I first signed up, I thought I'd do two, maybe three months with him. Needless to say, that was almost a year and a half ago! Eric is absolutely amazing! He educated me on what foods I should and should not be eating. Within two months, I was off of stomach medication I had been on for 15 years! I feel great! I'm down an additional 30 pounds of fat and have gained 12 pounds of muscle. I couldn't imagine ever leaving Eric! He's a wonderful, compassionate, well educated trainer and nutritionist that has made such a positive impact on my life!

Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Damaged Goods
5 15/09/2016 Damaged Goods

”I have been working with Eric Cruz for three months - the goal is to improve my energy level and digestive system, and to rid myself of headaches and foggy brain and joint pain.
IT IS WORKING! Eric helped me discover which foods are good for my body and which ones to avoid. I have also implemented the lifestyle changes he suggested. I am thankful for Eric's knowledge of the human body and how we function as the result of the foods we consume. This has been an eye opening and life changing experience for me.
I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you Eric!
Diana Simpson

Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Nichole Nolan
5 01/08/2016 Nichole Nolan

Eric Cruz, with Progressive Health Pro, has been an enormous blessing in my life and I am ONLY 31 days into this program.  I came to him with a referral from my chiropractor and many stomach and intestinal issues.  Before I met Eric, I was diagnosed with Gastropreasis and misdiagnosed so many times until tests actually revealed what was truly going on.  I was medicated three times a day, with a drug called Reglan.  I was constantly in the bathroom after eating anything, very nauseous, having severe bloating, spouts of severe gut pain and extremely exhausted.  I felt terrible.  I went to my primary doctor and was diagnosed with acute stress disorder and depression.  I went back and forth to my GI doctor who would just run test after test after test.  I was told I was constipated and my Gastropreasis was getting worse.  

Finally Eric tested me and looked for more than just gut issues and wow he found a lot of different things.  He educated me on all the things that stood out to him and why they were red flags: for example... an infection I had in my body, that I actually shouldn't have been on Reglan as long as I had been, my cortisol levels were very low which speaks volumes for my energy level and my exhaustion, etc.  These are to only name a few.  I have been on a strict plan and was very optimistic at first because committing to this was very difficult to me.  See I don't do a lot for myself, as I have three boys at home, so adding more stuff to remember to take and what to eat and what not to eat was going to be a lifestyle change for me at first until I got into a routine.  

31 days in and I know I still have a long road ahead of me but in 4 weeks A LOT has changed.  I am off of my medication 100%!!  I have the best feeling gut pain, no bloating, no constant bathroom problems...IT'S AMAZING!!  And my energy level is increasing and I am feeling like I can move mountains.  I feel like a person again.  I would literally spend a lot of time laying down or in the bathroom from severe pain and I don't do that now.  I actually feel good and can spend the evening after a meal with my family instead of in my bathroom or bed.  That in itself is worth a million dollars to me.  I am becoming the most educated ever about foods, supplements, what my body needs and doesn't need all through ERIC!!  It truly is unbelievable and I am super excited to see how I am doing in 60 and 90 days.

Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Kara Ann
5 Kara Ann

Best experience I’ve ever had with a trainer. Been going for years. I’m Always improving thanks to the help I get !

Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Gale Jungemann-Schulz
5 Gale Jungemann-Schulz

We have been referring our clients to Eric for over a year--basically since we opened OsteoStrong Murrieta. He is highly skilled, helps his clients achieve the results they need taking into consideration each individual's challenges. There is no better compliment than when we have a client who comes back to us and sincerely thanks us for the referral. Eric has the ability to figure out what is standing in the way of the client's goal of health and well-being and assists them in resolving that issue. Food allergies, adrenal issues, hormone imbalance, nutrition needs, physiological impediments--he helps with it all. And, he is a great power partner!

Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Susan Russell Jeide
5 Susan Russell Jeide

Eric is amazing. I've worked with him for 6yrs. He's knowledge and desire to always be learning is such an asset to people who have complicated health issues. He is compassionate and truly is invested in the health of the whole person. He is great with my whole family and all their funny antics. It takes allot of patience to deal with three hormonal boys but he does a great job!!

Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Chris Boman
5 Chris Boman

As a chiropractor, I am picky with who I refer my patients too. Eric has gone above and beyond my expectations. The tests he orders and protocols he suggests are amazing and state of the art. I highly recommend Eric and know he can help your body function better and perform at its optimal potential!

Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Rachel Brawner
5 Rachel Brawner

Eric and his team are second to none - their knowledge of the intricacies of the body and how our systems work with and against each other is amazing! I have trusted my entire practice of clientele with Progressive Health Pro for some time now and get nothing but praise and thanks from my clients for sending them to the best.

Review of Progressive Health & Performance by Antonio V Mendoza
5 Antonio V Mendoza

After years of going to the name brand gyms and not getting the results I wanted. I decided to hire a personal trainer to not only help me achieve my workout goals, but also someone who was knowledgeable in the nutritional health side as well. I am so glad I was introduced to Eric, as he has been a god sent in getting me back to the shape that I never thought I would achieve again, but more importantly, in educating me on the proper diet to help me in my overall health. I highly recommend anyone to contact Eric and get back on the right track to health.

Progressive Health & Performance

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Progressive Health & Performance Q&A

Company Q&A

How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

A healthy diet is imperative. You can't out exercise a bad diet. There are many ways to find something beneficial, yet practical for each client. That is what we focus on. Personalizing dietary needs and goals based on each person's situation and lifestyle.

What do you love most about your job?

There are two things that we enjoy about our work more than any other.
First, is the complexity and uniqueness of each person's individual situation. We love the challenge of evaluating each person's past history, current situation, and future goals internally and on the surface. By delving deep into the client's situation we can identify the most important issues to attend to. Then we can truly create personalized, efficient exercise and nutrition recommendations specifically for that one person.
Secondly, we love the reward of seeing people progress towards and reach their goals. Nothing is more motivating than results. This goes for the client and for us as well. When people see results from their hard work they gain even more momentum to keep moving forward. When we see clients light up because they are meeting and surpassing their goals, it increases our energy and passion for helping them. That cycle is amazing fuel!

Why should our clients choose you?

Our company strives to provide service that far exceeds expectations and our competition. That comes from our expertise and highly educated background, our attention to detail and holistic view, and our compassion towards helping others. We create a partnership with our clients to help them reach their goals. That relationship is vital and we strive to foster it in any way we can.

  • 2 hires on
  • 34 minutes average response time

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