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Chris works with you to develop and improve your activity and diet - starting with easy changes that make doing the right thing for your body a habit instead of a chore!

What you get is improved body function, better muscle tone and lower body fat.

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2 February 2018

Amazing chap willing to work with you and our you through your paces

Would defo recommend this chap to all!!!!


Sue Roberts

15 November 2016

Chris has been a huge help with training plans and nutrition to allow me to improve my marathon times. I am a fussy eater and a rubbish cook but Chris has been able to provide great tips that are easy to incorporate and realistic to fit into my lifestyle!



19 October 2016

I have been training with Chris for awhile now and he is great. Listens to what / where I want to achieve goals and supports me to get there. He offers lots of mediums to learn and understand the best and correct way to work out and eat well. More...



17 October 2016

I highly recommend Chris as a personal trainer. His professional approach and knowledge both in PT and nutrition coupled with his ability to customise a regime that will get you results is outstanding. Every workout is different, so it never gets boring. More...



17 October 2016

Chris' experience as a PT, coupled with his nutrition knowledge makes him the best choice in this area. He has an innate understanding that any programme must be tailored to each individual to achieve the desired results - highly recommended.


Ruth McLean

17 October 2016

Chris is a great motivator and is adept at changing a session plan to suit his clients needs on the day. He challenges his clients to go that one step further. As a true professional he willingly shares his breadth of knowledge covering both the physical and nutritional aspects of health and fitness. More...


Christine Houghto

16 October 2016

Chris is the consumate professional in all that he does and his wealth of knowledge both on the PT side and nutritional aspect of well being is second to none. He is always full of enthusiasm and encouragment when needed. More...


Extremely important, I can ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need from a healthy eating plan. This will enable you to perform and function to the best of your ability.

I set short and long term achievable goals, create a tailored fitness programme and monitor performance at regular intervals.

Train smart, eat right, sleep well. Follow the plan, I'll get you to where you want to be.

Helping clients achieve their goals, putting people through their paces and seeing their performance improve.

Always wanted to work for myself, by doing this it has helped be focus more on clients and has driven me to participate in self development more.

I'll get you to where you want to be. The initial consultation is free, you've nothing to lose, everything to gain.


I offer bespoke nutrition plans. This is a free service for all of my PT clients

Enabling clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Delivering fun and demanding group exercise classes.