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Danielle M.

19 May 2019

I have been on their quarterly service for over a year now. They are very responsive if you call with any questions or need an extra visit. The technicians are very good at explaining the issues and very friendly and prompt. More...


Kelly D.

7 January 2019

I have used Professional Pest Management since I moved to Eastvale they are a stand up company!  They do a professional job their name fits them perfectly. They also recently supported the Roosevelt High school basketball team without hesitation!  I really appreciate a local company that gives back to the community and is concerned with bringing up the next generation.  Thank You Professional Pest Management!  It is a pleasure doing business with you! More...


Silvia A.

22 September 2018

Great service! Great prices. Called several other places and was quoted unresonable and bogus amount for the same service. I called Professional Pest  Management and received a  very good price for wasp nest removal. We are usually able to do this on our own, husband and I, but this time they built their nest at the peak of the roof where we can't get to. The wasps have become a bit aggressive and so decided needed a pro this time. I contacted them today, Saturday, got a prompt reply and price quote, and a same day appointment. Mark arrived at the estimated time, was kind and polite, absolutely professional, walked me through the process, and got the job done. Thank you soo much. I definitely recommend them!! More...


Melissa L.

17 September 2018

Great job! 5 stars for quality, friendliness, and very prompt service. We asked for an appointment as soon as possible and Paul, the owner responded to my message within 30 minutes and was able to fit us in immediately. Our service provider John came out this morning and did a fantastic job! We have been having a bad black widow infestation, and he provided a very detailed service. He also took special attention to my daughters play areas, which is really important to me. I recommend anyone looking for top notch service at a very affordable price to contact Professional Pest Management!!! More...


Abraham R.

18 July 2018

Great service! I was looking for a smaller company that will offer more personal and affordable service compared to the big names in pest control. So far it's working out really great for us. They come by every 3 months and have even had them come between service and they take care of the problem. I had big roaches coming in from outside and ant problem. Very happy with my service and will continue to use them year round! More...


Danielle M.

25 April 2018

I had a major cricket problem last fall. I tried spraying 3 different brands of pesticides from home depot, as well as caulking my window and door frames. Nothing worked. I had this company come out and the problem was 100% solved in 48 hours. I've now been using them for 7 months and get my exterior sprayed every 3 months. Not 1 cricket recurrence. They are friendly, responsive, and very knowledgeable. Can't go wrong with them! More...


Corina R.

26 March 2018

Professional pest management is a good company. Great quality of service, Good customer service. I recommend this company.


Sean M.

30 August 2017

I have used Paul and Mark for my pest control needs and they are the best.  They have treated our house for termites (tented), took out a beehive and other pest control services.  I have recommended him to my parents and he took care of them as well.  They have been professional, showed up on time and charged a fair price (although I would pay more because they deserve it). Without any hesitations I will continue to recommend Professional Pest Management to all my friends and family! More...


F G.

14 July 2017

Had heard rave reviews about Mark in the Rancho Cucamonga office before he came to our home - - Now we know why!Kind, thorough, patient and extremely professional, Mark is everything you would want in a pest control person; his pleasant and calming demeanor turned a surreal, nightmarish rodent encounter into a very eye-opening and empowering session for both my husband and I. Thank you Professional Pest Management for having him on board your staff!A special and sincere note of thanks to Jeanette and Michael on the front-end in Customer Service for their practical knowledge and caring support; without whose help none of this would have been possible. It's because of you fine people on the front-end that we chose Professional Pest Management in the end.  The Lord bless you and keep you all - as you have truly blessed our home! More...


S. P.

25 April 2017

Great family owned and operated business with honest and extremely professional inspectors.  I am a real estate professional that used them in the past for a comprehensive wood destroying pest and organism inspection.  They were so thorough, and the report was easy to understand.  I trust their services and look forward to using them in the future. More...


Sean M.

14 March 2017

Paul and Mark have been great to work with.  Paul first completed a home inspection, later tented our home for termites and just today took care of a bee hive in our backyard.  They are truly professional showing up on time, looking sharp and delivering great service.  Without any hesitation I would strongly recommend Professional Pest Management for all your pest control needs. More...


Lauren S.

23 February 2017

Amazing service. I called to ask about a recent ant problem I encountered and the lady I talked to was so nice and so understanding. She answered all my questions and got someone out within a few hours. They sprayed for everything, not just ants so that's a major plus! Happy I chose to sign up for a year! More...


Julia S.

13 February 2017

This will be my new go to termite company! Thank you Professional Pest Management for your wonderful service today. I had been calling all morning to see if anyone could squeeze me in for same day service since I am in escrow and my disclosure deadlines are quickly approaching. I got the same reply that it would be 2-3 days and 2 days or so to get the report, which ranged in price from $75-$125 just for the report. I called Profession Pest Management and the representative, Janet, said she wasn't she if they could get me in the same day but put me on hold to see what she could do. She got me in for an inspection the SAME DAY and said the inspection was FREE (assuming no repairs)! I am so grateful to Professional Pest Management and they will be the only company I recommend within my network. THANK YOU!! More...


eli r.

10 December 2016

I have been having a mice dilemma for the past month and a half, I have caught several of them, but they continue to come. I had Tim Stearns respond to my residence, he was extremely thorough, and he made sure to get rid of the problem I have been having. Within two days I have caught two mouses and his traps including intervention used has been extremely effective. For those who are having troubling results with exterminators,I definitely recommend ISOTECH, and if possible get a technician such as Tim in order to alleviate the problem. Hands down, best customer service, friendly service, and I do appreciate the fact that he takes pride in his work and will definitely go the mile for his clients. Awesome job Tim and thanks again, my friend. More...


Elizabeth J.

7 November 2016

Chaz came out for our inspection today. He was informative and answered all of my questions. After having three inspections from different companies, my husband and I look forward to doing business with Professional Pest Management.


Monica M.

2 November 2016

Thank you Chaz for helping us get rid of the bugs before we move in. Our house is older and this company did a really good job of getting rid of our problems. Chaz is awesome he really does go above and beyond. More...


Steven F.

15 September 2016

We called and Chaz came out to our house for a termite inspection. He was very thorough with his inspection. I was impressed with his knowledge of the termites and other bugs that refused to leave our house. We ultimately had them fumigate our house and it was an overall pleasant experience. If any other infestations arise,  this is the first company I will call. More...


'Elle H.

7 September 2016

I called Professional Pest Management because my husband found a rodent in our garage. I was horrified since we just moved into a brand new home and just could not believe we are already finding a rodent. We thought it ran out but the next morning our weather strip on our garage looked like the rodent ate his way back in or out. Chaz came by and check the whole house (including the attic) for us and ensured us that there weren't any signs of a rodent in our home anymore. He checked all the little areas a rodent would normally gain access too and didn't see anything concerning at all. Chaz is very professional and knows what he's talking about.If we ever have any other issues, I will definitely be giving him a call. Thank you Chaz for coming by and helping me sleep at night. I hope we don't have any rodent issues, but if we do I know who to call. More...


Galvin F.

4 September 2016

If you go through this company ask for Chaz. I had my house quoted for termites and pest. He went through my attic and took pictures of what was going on up there. He gave a very thorough inspection on the inside and the outside of my house and identified many areas that needed to be treated. He walked me threw everything I needed to do and seemed very knowledgeable and confident in his line of work. 5 stars for this company and his service. More...


Johnny P.

10 August 2016

Would highly recommend these guys.  Chaz was amazing, he spent the time to go under the house, in the attic, look all around the property and provide me with a very honest opinion of what needs to get done.  If your looking for honesty and integrity Chaz is your guy! More...


Ana C.

30 March 2016

All I can say is Amazing Service. Called and spoke to Paul, told him I need an inspection to sell a home and need the inspection ASAP. I was surprised that he was able to work me in towards the end of his day. He text me 10 minutes before he arrived and started promptly on the inspection. The inspection was quick, and everything passed inspection. Paul said that I would receive the report the next day.  I was glad surprise when I got an email 2 hours later that the report was finished. Awesome service, I would highly recommend them for speedy service. More...


Marta T.

16 March 2016

I live in Glendora and recently I noticed that I had rats in my garage. After having a bad experience with another pest control company that did not achieve eradication of the pests, I called Professional Pest Management and I was amazed at the efficiency, know how and experience of the young  men that came to help me solve the problem.  After the initial evaluation, Mark came to my house and filled all the holes that were allowing the pests into the garage and set traps with bait.  He came back a week later and lo and behold Success!!.  He is coming back until such time as no more rodents are present.   I am very pleased of the results and I thank the previous reviewers that highly recommended this company.  I will definitely use them again, should the problem arise again!!  Kudos to a great company! More...


Deron C.

11 March 2016

I had called Paul to have a termite inspection that needed to be performed ASAP on one of my listings. Paul said he could help & perform the inspection the next day, which most termite companies would not do. Paul was on time as promised & had the report the same day. Great customer service! Thanks Paul. Will definitely use Paul for all my inspections. More...


Ryan M.

10 March 2016

I've used professional pest management from the day they opened. I've known the owner and had a relationship with him when he worked for another company. When he created his own, I had to switch. Paul is very knowledgeable and totally committed to bending over backwards to resolve my pest problems. I've used him at my work and my home. In addition to the typical stuff, they've helped me trap pests that kept getting into my backyard, Paul helped me with a bird problem, among many other things. His technicians have also been totally professional and helpful. More...


G G.

24 February 2016

I have been working with Professional Pest Management for over a year and a half and they are hand's down, thee best pest control around. Aside from their awesome services, their customer service is superb! Mark and Paul are always a pleasure to work with and they are seriously two of the most down to earth, friendly guys you'll meet. 5 stars all the way! Thanks for all that you do for MG Properties! More...


Michael G.

28 January 2016

What can I say about this company? Well, let me start out by saying this, Mr Paul Duncan the CEO of the company, is not only professional but he's a man's man of Pest Control, he knows the business inside and out, meaning he knows and can identify all pests from the crawling ones to the flying ones! I would have no other pest control business service my home, business, or properties other than Professional Pest Management. Have you called them for a free quote today?  Professional Pest Management is getting it done, and they know what they're doing!What are you waiting for Call today and don't delay, the warmer months are coming and what a better way than to put a defense up for preventative maintenance rather than waiting till an infestation comes and hits you with tons of insects, crawling or flying! More...


Fred L.

6 October 2015

Professional and honest! I right away asked for a quote on the top package, Paul advised me of my issue in the attic did not require the full package as my damage was not as much as I suspected! This as a consumer, truly appreciate, owning a home is not a cheap living, and when honest people such as Professional Pest Management steps up and services honestly, I appreciate it! I myself do not have too much money to spend around and this company was honest and saved me a good amount of money that I have no doubt, another company could've easily duked me for. Thanks Paul!! More...


Zoey E.

5 October 2015

I found this pest control company in yelp and the reviews are so correct! We already had Dewey for our pest control (we been with Dewey for over 5 yrs) and have termite issue and wanted sone quotes in just termite service. Paul came out and gave us a quote (which was much more affordable then Dewey) and let us know of other issues around the house such as rodents in our attic (Dewey also let us know however they quickly said we had to tent our house!). Paul did not feel tenting was necessary at this time which i thought it was so great he was honest instead of trying to get more money out of us. We liked Paul so much we cancelled Dewey that same day and signed on to Professional Pest Management to do our pest control services! They have been here once so far and already saw a huge difference! Days after they sprayed we started seeing dead earwigs, spiders and ants around our house! Something we never saw with Dewey, it seemed with Dewey we were constantly calling them to come back since pests were still coming out. Also, the day they came, the gentleman that did our service also took the time to remove spider webs around our home!!! We thought that was such a plus, never had anyone do that before! I am so pleased with them so far and would recommend them. We have not done our termite service yet but will be doing it with them very soon! More...


Weston A.

28 September 2015

I am a realtor and have had the opportunity to work with a number of different pest control companies for termite work on a house that was selling. I can honestly say Professional Pest Management is the best I have worked with. They are prompt, educated in their field and offer fair pricing. Whenever I here of someone that needs a termite inspection or their house sprayed for bugs I will always recommend this company, I do not believe you can find anyone better. More...


Bryan And Sue Y.

7 November 2014

My recommendation..... Don't look any further!  Yes, we all do our homework and find the right guys for the right job.  Welp, these guys are it!  I must have called 10 different companies getting quotes and for some reason after talking with Paul, I knew I could trust him to get the job done.   He was honest and wasted no time to accommodate my schedule.  Made it too easy.  Sure being local helped, but aside from that they are reasonably priced, thorough with the job and he made sure he delivered his promise to take care of us.  After a few days, my husband realized that we forgot to tell him to spray by our non-operable vehicle outside our garage.  Behold, it only took one call and an hour later for him to show up with his magic kryptonite.  Thanks Paul for responding so quickly, sharing your educated recommendations and resolving our problems professionally.  My house and mom's house are pest free! More...


Wahid A.

2 November 2014

Great and very honest Service. We had a bee stock discovered in our backyard and went online on yelp , fund this great company. They came immediately and Paul and his brother where so honest and helpful. They took care about our bees... I can not thank you guys enough . I will always recommend you guys . Excellent job.....Thank you ...... More...


Patricia R.

31 October 2014

Family olwned business solved my rat problem.  Paul (the owner) and his younger brother mark came to my house, crawled in my asttic, went around the outside and found lots of places rats were getting in that another pest control company completely missed. They not only closed off access, they trapped the rats, cleaned up all the rat poop and sanitized the whole area. they can even replace insulation! And they conitnue coming back until the rats are gone. Can't recommend these guys enough!!! More...


Heather F.

26 October 2014

Professional Pest Management was referred to me by a friend. My attic had been invaded by RATS :( . Paul and Mark showed up on time for the initial look see and both were very professional in both appearance and actions. They showed me photos of my attic ( cause I certainly wasn't going up there ) and told me my options. I decided to have the attic cleaned, sanitized and all the insulation removed and replaced. Mark did the actual work and it wasn't an easy job. The access to my attic is small and hard to get to. Mark worked for three days in a HOT, cramped space which would have made me one grouchy camper but he was a champ. Just a really sweet, nice guy. I have many animals including dogs and parrots. He was so good with the animals and went above and beyond to assure that they were okay through the process. Gotta love that!The job is done and I miss Mark :(I do not have one negative thing to say about this company and as a Realtor I will be recommending them to my clients.Thanks Mark and Paul for making my home a safer, cleaner, rat free place to live More...


lisa m.

23 October 2014

Fantastic and quick service. Highly reccomend this pest control company.  Thanks for removing all the unwanted  critters! Signed up for the yearly service for a great price too!!! More...


Gina A.

13 October 2014

Yes, I am a FAN!  Paul came out for and estimate & was1. On time2. Clean3. Well-dressed & nice!4. Fast5. Most importantly, PROFESSIONAL.The only thing that's missing is that they do not offer estimate of cost for repairs would have been VERY helpful to be inclusive for my client.Thank you! More...


Tom W.

9 October 2014

What a great Company. Paul came out did what he said he would do and i am completely pest free. very impressive very Professional.


Christian A.

30 September 2014

Thanks paul and to you're brother.....for taking care of these mice and critters.....great hospitality..looking forward to do future business....


Ryan M.

25 September 2014

Just had our first service yesterday. My wife commented that the technician spraying was the most thorough she's seen and that he was very professional. So grateful....sick of these ants!!' Glad to have a great company take care of us. I recommend Professional Pest Management. More...


Gary D.

24 September 2014

I wanted to use a local company for my service and found Paul at Professional Pest Management.  We had a significant problem with spiders and a few rodents.  Professional Pest Management  service came out within 6 hours of my call.  They set traps and sprayed on day one.  The service rep came back the following day and removed a few guests that had found the traps.  Since then we have had them coming every other month.  They always take down the cob webs from the eves of the roof and spray the outside and garage.  We seldom see any bugs or spiders since we have had the service.  We like the fast response and professional service we have received from everyone in the company. More...


Craig B.

23 September 2014

Professional pest management is a great company. I also own a pest control company and use them for difficult jobs I can't get to. They can handle any pests and I highly recommend Paul since he has a lot of experience and gives great deals and can finish the work professionally. More...

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