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Desiree Ramos

11 May 2018

I recently helped a loved one go through the process of trying to find the right treatment facility and it wasn’t easy. After many calls we finally found Ridgeview Ranch Treatment Center and the staff was very helpful with information and really went out of their way to answer all our questions and guided us through the process. Ridgeview Ranch helped us and admitted her into their program.
From the moment she entered, she was supported, respected and ended up having a wonderful experience. She is now living a clean and sober life. The residential house where she received treatment was gorgeous and was very clean, beautiful and safe. The detox program was medically supported, and she was monitored and looked after 24/7. She felt cared for. The staff really did a great job and our family is grateful for the excellent treatment Ridgeview Ranch provides. Ridgeview Ranch has the best supportive and caring staff.
I highly recommend this place!


Massoud M.

26 February 2018

Very caring team. This is the first place that actually has shown our family that our loved one's well-being is their number one priority. Dennis, the therapist, has had weekly meetings with our whole family which has improved our understanding of one another & the decease. These meetings have tremendously improved our relationship! I wholeheartedly recommend Ridgeview Ranch without any reservations. I am so excited about the premise of finally having my family back together again & I have to thank the team at Ridgeview Ranch for going out of their way to make it possible. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart & god bless! More...


Ashley Gentry

22 November 2017

One of the best rehab facilities. Their care is effective and very professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for my cousin’s treatment.


Ashley G.

17 November 2017

This has been one of the most professional and effective rehab facilities that I have experienced. A family member of mine was struggling with addiction, and continually in and out of other rehabs, never finding the right one. After coming to Ridgeview Ranch, he couldn't stop talking about how nice it was. The food was great, the doctors knew exactly what to do, and the rooms were beautiful. If you are looking for a rehab facility, Ridgeview Ranch is the obvious choice More...


thomas huteson

17 November 2017

Wonderful facilities. Clean, beautiful well managed,caring and knowledgeable. Counselors are the best. Treatment that really gets to the root problem of addiction. I would highly recommend this company to anyone struggling with addiction More...


Bobbie C.

7 August 2017

I am blown away at not only the beauty of this facility, but the commitment of service to the client . I dropped a good friend off who was at the very bottom and to watch her life transform within weeks was a true Miracle. I know the " luxury treatment" can sometimes a spa experience, but the trauma help my friend received was life altering. I would refer anybody to RidgeView Ranch. Thanks so all the amazing staff from the chef to the owner Gwen. More...


Michele B.

7 February 2017

I was very scared to go into treatment because this was my first time experiencing anything like this. I was picked up by a wonderful tech and we had a great conversation that put me at ease. I was still detoxing pretty hard, so the first week was quite a blur for me.I was so lucky to be living with an incredible group of women and we all stay connected as often as life permits. I ended up staying 6 weeks and I am glad I did because 4 weeks would not have been a long enough time to gain the tools and guidance through one on one therapy, process groups, mediation and I could go on and on.The unique part of ridgeview for me was the introduction to alternative therapies that may help through everyday life stresses. The counselors are so caring and really want you to succeed. I can't say enough great things about the staff and the people that work at corporate. I never felt alone and if I did feel anxious there was always someone there to speak with you privately immediately. Thanks Ridgeview Ranch for making this process an unforgettable experience, Michele More...


Tyler R.

24 January 2017

If you are looking for a great place to recover from your addiction this is definitely the place to go! My experience at Ridgeview was nothing but productive and positive. The staff is 100% for their clients at all times and the housing for the clients is spacious and comfortable making the recovery process fantastic. This place will change your life as it did mine. More...


Liz N.

19 January 2017

I was so fortunate to go to Ridgeview.  The counselors are a blessing. The staff is nice.  They are strict but that's expected. This place has helped me so much by being more open-minded and willing.  They are so understanding and want the best for you. My favorite counselor is Pam.  She is amazing. More...


Josh T.

29 December 2016

Look, I just want to be honest about this Rehab 100%, It has saved my life and continues to do so with my involvement to this facility! It is what it says it is, and personally I have seen the staff and counselors work miracles in peoples life, by helping them to understand addiction and applying principles of recovery into practice, but also the overwhelming sense of caring and understanding they give. If your serious about getting clean and changing your life I highly recommend starting here. Its a beautiful facility that offers peace of mind while trying to find it at the same time. More...


Shelly C.

15 December 2016

I had a wonderful experience at Ridgeview Ranch. The counselors and staff were compassionate and dedicated to my recovery. I truly benefitted from the process groups, recovery assignments, alternative therapies (yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, equine, art, etc.), and the daily outside 12 step meetings. I also made numerous life-long friends! More...


Brandon T.

14 December 2016

I had a wonderful experience. The counselors were absolutely amazing and truly cared about my well being. I can tell they cared about me and not because they were getting paid. The technicians were always willing to listen and give a helping hand. I learned a lot about what it means to stay sober in a good environment. More...


Heather M.

1 October 2016

I choose to write a review on this treatment center because it truly SAVED MY LIFE!! There is a huge recovery community in Pasadena and yet it is virtually impossible to find one that can offer the level of care that Ridgeview can. Not only do they have the most breathtaking location to house you as you physically recover from the nightmare most addicts have been struggling to survive day in and day out, but they also employ specialized counsellors and additional staff who truly care about you. Most addicts or alcoholics are grateful just to land somewhere safe where they can "dry out"; however, at Ridgeview each day is structured and designed to help the individual learn to build new life skills such as identifying when relationships become toxic, how to build healthy boundaries, repairing families, restoring trust, and learning how regain confidence again. After I completed 90 days inpatient, at the recommendation of my personal counselor and family I chose to continue on in Ridgeview's Sober Living home and attended their Intensive Outpatient Program for another 90 days. The personalized care I received, the relationships I made, and the friendships I was fortunate enough to have experienced are why I cannot thank Ridgeview Ranch enough for the life I have today. I have been to low bottom indigent treatment centers that are county funded and I have been to 5 star treatment centers where they claim to have "the cure" on television; without a doubt Ridgeview Ranch is the one treatment where all my needs were met, and my addiction found its solution. More...


October R.

5 November 2015

I was in a bad place in life and needed a treatment place i could trust. So i found Ridgeview through a referral service , not know what to expect i found out quickly it was a clean friendly environment with helpful staff. they have a huge living space with more then enough room for multiple clients, without feeling cramped. I had no experience with treatment centers, the positive experience i received from the counselors  and staff helped me return home with tools i could use in the real world. learned a lot about myself and how life really should be lived. would highly recommend it to anyone who has any fears of going to a treatment center for the first time. one advice i can give is if you walk in with a sour attitude you will be wasting your time. More...


T W.

24 September 2015

Ridgeview offers top treatment for women and men in the Pasadena area, the facility is located in the beautiful San Gabriel mountain valley . Staffs are very friendly , facility is beautiful, spacious and clean!  I highly recommend to everyone. More...


Casandra C.

16 September 2015

I'd like to first say that recovery is a lifelong process. I stayed at Ridgeview for 30 days. My experience was extremely positive. The facility was beautiful. The staff was amazing and supportive. The positive experience I had here has helped me maintain a healthy recovery. More...


Jose D.

10 September 2015

It was so good the help from the financial  department I  am so happy that they help me thru the processThey were fast  polite I  will recommend  to anybody to go over there. The place was clean and comfortable.I More...


Jennifer L.

6 June 2015

Ridgeview Ranch is an amazing facility. The environment is inviting and very nice.  From the first moment I got there, I was welcomed and felt like I was at home. If I needed anything the staff was there to help me. I relearned how to live without drugs or alcohol. My counselors and program director taught me things I will never forget. I am truly grateful for Ridgeview Ranch for saving my life. I now have over four years of sobriety due to what I learned in treatment. More...


Emily O.

19 February 2014

Ridgeview is amazing. The things i learned about myself and what i suffer from and the tools i gained from the people there...staff and councillors...saved my life. I'm a real alcoholic and addict and without the ranch I'd either be in jail, dead, or running amuck somewhere.my kids wouldn't have the mom they do today. The people there honestly care, want you to have a better life and took the time for  me. I stayed 3 months and enjoyed it all. Its a beautiful property and incredibly comfortable. I'm constantly recommending the ranch to other people i meet that are suffering. They gave me the base i needed for my recovery. I've got almost 11 months now and i wouldn't have gotten there with out their help, care and understanding. More...


Tamara C.

27 January 2013

Beutiful like a 5 star resort, this place is up in the hills of in the horse ranch community  of Altadena. The site is huge, has to be at least 1 1/2  acres. The staff are great, very attentative and caring. They make you feel like you are at home and that life can be much better once you complete the program. I had a wonderfull experience here. I have a whole new outlook on life now, They are serious about helping you here.  Its like everyone understands your situation so they are always very helpful. The food is also great, they have a fulltime gourmet chef, a very clean and luxurious environment, and beautiful landscaping. This was my second rehab. I've been to Clearview and they have nothing on Ridgeview ranch. I would reccommend Ridgview Ranch to anyone who needs this kind of help. More...

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