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Fullerton, California



Hi its Paul from Private Personal Training. I offer one on one personal training in an always private studio. I use circuit weight training as the method to achieve your goals. My specialty is getting clients stronger, harder, leaner and overall better cardiovascular and muscular shape.


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14 May 2018

Paul is a really nice guy.  He showed a lot of genuine enthusiasm toward helping me achieve my goals.  He was very good about being flexible with scheduling to work around my very busy schedule.  His goal is clearly to get his clients as healthy and fit as possible. I highly recommend him. More...

13 November 2017

If you like to be in better shape, gain muscle and lose fat, Paul is the only one I high recommend you to start with, he can evaluate your body and put you on the right way. He help me a lot to loss eight and build my body, Thanks Paul. More...

8 January 2017

I went in there out of shape and thanks to the help and guidance of Paul I saw instant results. He broke everything down and every training session I felt exhausted and like I left learning something new. I never felt any session was wasted and it was nice to see someone from a fitness background with the ability to distinguish fake science from the real info to get you to your goal. And as a plus, he really makes you feel like more than a client and more as a partner trying to help you get results! More...

22 December 2015

If you're looking to gain muscle and/or lose fat, Paul is DEFINITELY the trainer to get on board. Not only is Paul an educated and experienced trainer, he is compassionate and understanding of your goals and objectives to a healthier body (a healthier you). When I had Paul's services, he utilized free weights as well as weighted machines to build my strength and break my previous plateau I had difficulties breaking myself. At the end of each session, we would go over the diet plans and analyze how to fit the appropriate meals according to our time and day schedules, as he knows everyone's fitness agenda and working life is different and scattered. If you're on the fence about pricing, Paul is able to work with you and discuss payment options that are both suited for you and his services. All of these sessions are one-on-one, like his services outline: PRIVATE and PERSONAL. He really lives up to his motto and tries to cater to your benefits as much as possible.Because of Paul, I'm able to step back into my gym with little self doubt and know EXACTLY how much volume/weight I should be lifting along with the exact reps/sets for each workout. He has created meal plans that would aid in building lean muscle and growth for me to showcase my strength gains. Paul ensures you're able to workout on your own once your sessions are over with him so you can function independently with his knowledge and training, as everyone simply needs a slight push and encouragement now and then. I can't be anymore grateful to have worked with him as a fellow fitness enthusiast. More...

2 October 2015

I have been seeing Paul since late May 2015. Wanted to get in shape and loose weight. Like most people, i didn't know where to begin. I didnt know much about gym equipment and in the past I would go to the gym and do the treadmill or other cardio related equipment and I wondered why it was not effective and why I was not seeing results. Incorporating weights into the work out, i feel stonger. We do 30 mins of weight training then i finish up on my own doing 30 mins of cardio. During the work out, Paul gives me the push i need to give it all i can. Paul is professional, honest, and motivating. Whether, you are a beginner, expert or anywhere in between..anyone can benefit from his guidance. More...

31 March 2015

Paul is the greatest! I highly recommend him if you are looking for personal one on one work outs. You actually get a 2 for 1 with him . .. he's also a great therapist/life coach! More...

27 September 2014

Paul is a great trainer. He is very attentive and experienced. He knows how much weight to give you. This was my first workout with him and I know I'm going to be sore...a good thing.

24 September 2014

I started going to Paul back in March of 2014. First off let me start by saying he is amazing he knows what he is doing and is so helpful and will help you reach your goal. I have lost 38 lbs since I have gone to Paul I go two days a week and I am so happy I found him. He helped me get a nutrition plan that fit my lifestyle and honestly going to Paul was one of the best decision I have made I recommend Paul to everyone and quite a few people in my life have gone to him because of my amazing results. Don't think twice call him NOW! More...

16 January 2014

I have been going, then going back for years to see Paul. He is amazing and always gets me toned up for vacations after a 6 week go. He is affordable and a great guy. I truly enjoy going and I hate working out. More...

15 November 2013

I happen on PPT on my way back from the doctors with another prescription and a new diagnosis. I was tired of responding to disease and decided I was taking my life back, cancer, hypertension, arthritis, bursitis, malaise, chronic pain and 20 bottles of prescribed drugs. ...total insanity!!  At that point I was working sitting 8-12 hours a day went home ate and went to bed, hardly any activity or hope I would ever control my dis-ease. Since my exposer to Mr. Juarez I've loss over 16 inches, dropped two clothing sizes and welcomed a new exciting lifestyle. I'm over 50 but my energy level, strength and muscle tone are better then when I was 25 years old (my prime lol)  my favorite mantra I repeat that I stole from Mr. Juarez is "Be Strong" I am more confident, I have added 3 years to my life (according to Dr Oz's online survey), I'm down to 3 medications which God willing I will be off of all meds in the next few months (of course I am followed by my M.D.).  My stress is managed my life has new purpose and I'm In the drivers seat.  This is my purpose eat whole foods not GM's, exercise with great technique and purpose. This has been contagious to friends and family all are living healthier being inspired by me conquering my challenges and wanting to enjoy life longer.  I needed a knowledgeable professional and I got that at PPT, I can write a book on Faith, Fitness and Food. Umm maybe that will be my next episode. Oh BTW I'm also a R.N. and everything he taught or reinforced for me were accurate and manageable with my lifestyle in mind.  Mr. J,  I thank you for helping me push through the rough spots and rise above limitations. God Bless you with prosperity, your #1 student! More...

4 November 2013

I lost close to 15 pounds for my wedding because of Paul. Everyone at my wedding commented on how much weight I had lost. Thanks Paul !The gym is completely private and 100% of your trainer's attention is on you. Don't let Paul's serious picture fool you! He is a completely down to earth guy that will customize a workout regime to achieve your fitness goals. I joked with Paul that he should be a therapist because of his friendly and outgoing demeanor. We came up with a low carb diet regime and he had great tips to give. Without diet, your body will become more toned and lean. With diet, expect to lose weight in addition to becoming toned. You can't forget to do both! I'll continue to go here until I lose my desired weight. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who is serious about losing pounds, wanting to tone up, and looking for a great personal trainer. More...

10 October 2012

I have been coming to see Paul since 2008, and have nothing but great things to say about this place.  It is totally private, even my cardio sessions, so I never have anyone else present during my workouts with Paul.  It is a great 1:1 session with a workout program (with weights and machines) that he designed for me.  I highly recommend Paul if you're looking for a personal trainer.  He is extremely professional and will get on you if you miss a session ;) More...

9 October 2012

If you are either looking to lose weight,... Firm up,... Or if you're already in shape but would like to step up your game, this is the spot for you my friend! I have been coming to this place for over almost 2 years now and have nothing but good things to say about it. Paul the owner/operator is a top notch trainer. Very professional and very personable. Never did I feel uncomfortable or intimidated by him. So in short, if you've tried the personal trainers at the gym and they left you wanting more,.... Swing by here and you'll soon realize the error of your ways. My only complaint is that I didn't start sooner More...

11 August 2011

Being both a career woman, wife and mother of two I needed to find an outlet to release stress, yet build energy at the same time. ..my solution, personal training with Paul! From proper weight training techniques, to meal plans the most important factor that has allowed making this possible has been the one-on-one individual sessions in his private studio. I not only feel, but know that I am now Healthier, Stronger and Energized!  His private studio is conveniently located, reasonably priced for the attention you will receive and the results that will be achieved.  If anyone wants to make a change for a better tomorrow, Paul can help you see the change the days following tomorrow. More...

24 January 2011

I needed to start weight conditioning but had never lifted weights before until I started training with Paul.  My regular gym, LA Fitness, wanted a 12-month contract and big bucks which I couldn't do.  I found Paul on CraigsList and he was down to earth and reasonably priced.  He's shown me how to lift properly and given me the encouragement I need to push ahead.  My two teenage daughters come along sometimes and Paul works equally well with them and they like him allot.  His studio is private and the one-on-one attention goes a long way to help those of us who tend to be workout challenged.  When I go to LA Fitness now, I'm not at a loss as to what kind of weight training to do and that's huge for me. More...

10 February 2010

The trainer, Paul Jaurez, really worked me out starting from our first session! I saw results almost immediately just by following his regiment and sticking to it. The best thing about the gym was the privacy - no one else is there while you have your session, so I can scream, pout and cry all I want and not be intimidated by all the meat heads at the commercial gyms listening to me whine.  I guess that's why he called it PRIVATE Personal Training. He's definitely worth the price for the results - I've spent so much money trying every workout video and "magic" diet there is but nothing worked until he got behind me and pushed me to do more... more of everything; push-ups, sit-ups and squats. He's great at keeping me motivated and pushing me past that weight loss plateau. I totally recommend him to anyone trying to transform their body or just trying to lose a little extra pounds and get toned for the summer. More...


I help my clients achieve their goals by teaching and motivating them on how to change their bodies with movement. Exercises that are simple to perform but very effective. I am not the type of trainer that yells and pushes too hard. I believe in positive reinforcement and just the right amount of motivation is important. I am a certified nutritionist as well and I believe there are several different diet strategies one can use to reach their goals. Many of my clients have never exercised and they enjoy the privacy and personal attention needed to teach them the proper form and techniques so they will be confident exercising in a public gym if the choose.

There is no secret. Once you make up your mind to be healthier, the next step is to act. Finding a qualified personal trainer with the personality, exercises and qualifications that you think you can stick with, may be needed to get you started. Not every trainer is for everybody.

I really enjoy changing peoples lives. I most enjoy helping my clients get off of the lifestyle drugs. High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and some high cholesterol are just a few of the ailments that can be reversed with proper exercise and diet

I really enjoy exercising. I really enjoy lifting weights and have been doing so before I started school. Having older brothers and sneaking into the backyard when mom wasn't looking was when I got started , perhaps about 4. Natural bodybuilding has always been a passion of mine and I never stopped and do not plan to. I want to spread the joy of being fit and strong. Being the best version of oneself physically will lead to the best mentally and emotionally.

If you are looking for private, low cost, practical effective exercises then you need to get in touch with me. I've been in Fullerton for over 10 years training people of all walks of life. My most mature client is 69 and youngest is 15.