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I am a TEFL and CELTA qualified, private ESL teacher with several years experience working in Spain, China and here in the UK.

I have experience in a broad range of teaching situations and curriculum, mostly using the Communicative Method, but also the Direct Method (Callan / Berlitz).



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Professional EFL Teacher / Languages / Publications Editor / Business Development Manager My teaching style is based entirely around YOUR desires, needs and expectations. I focus on what YOU need and let that guide WHAT I teach and HOW I teach it. I find out what you already know then I build from there using many different learning materials and activities. I use an easy, communicative style of teaching with clear and achievable goals for each lesson. YOU can choose the lesson topics you want from a very wide range. Firstly, I'll present the new language, we'll practice it together in various ways and then finally you'll get to perform alone. I'll assess how well you did and give you constructive criticism – for example; I'll let you know in what things you need to improve and how, but my feedback will always be very positive and I'll always give you lots of encouragement. We can focus on a particular skill that you need to develop more than others, for example writing or pronunciation or presentation skills. Learning should be mostly fun, so if you want, I'll keep grammar to a minimum and I'll always encourage you to do as much speaking as possible. Whatever your age, level or nationality - I'll do my very best to help you develop your English skills while making it fun and interesting and rewarding for you. My personal style is supportive, encouraging and very positive! Just get in touch and we can arrange a place to meet - your place or mine or city centre cafe etc., depending on distance and convenience. Alternatively, we can do lessons online! For university students, I can help you pass your exams AND achieve higher grades by thorough proof-reading of your work or coaching you in skills specific to exams such as IELTS or CAE. I can also coach you in essential English skills for interviews, such as university entrance or jobs. So, what are you waiting for? Don't be shy. Get in touch immediately and let's begin!

Overseas Students - Will Your English WRITING let you down? Are you worried about failing your University course because your written English is not perfect? HERE'S HOW YOU CAN 'PASS WITH FLYING COLOURS'! Many foreign students in the UK, while being confident or even brilliant in their faculty, maybe far less competent in their written English skills. They feel their written work needs to be checked and revised (proof-read) by a native English-speaker, in order to achieve a higher standard of written English and ultimately get a higher grade in their Thesis/Dissertation. You see, regardless of how brilliant the content of your academic work is, examination boards will penalise you for poorly written work; everything from minor spelling errors and incorrect vocabulary to bad grammar, sentence structure and paragraphing. Points are ruthlessly deducted for incomprehensible text and for you, the student, this can mean a big difference in your result. It can mean the difference between a first class degree and a third class one. That is a BIG difference! A difference that could have a decisive effect on your career and your future. Most of you will only ever get one chance to get your BA or MA and, as you well know, it costs a lot of money as well as time and work to get through it. However, having your academic work proof-read and edited by a professional, native English-speaker is completely permissible. People with professional skills and experience in proof-reading and editing, such as Chris Proctor of “English-Teacher-ESL,” who are offering their services to students privately. Students can send their essays or dissertations directly by email or on a CD by post. The work is thoroughly proof read and then edited using reputable software and sent back as a PDF document or in Microsoft word. Alternatively, you could meet me in person over a morning coffee for instance, or speak with me by telephone or Skype, in order to explain things that they are trying to say that are, shall we say, not being conveyed in English as well as they could be. This gives you the chance to develop a good relationship with your personal editor and to discuss better ways of conveying your ideas in writing, while improving the overall presentation of your written work, learning more about the English language and possibly even gaining the bonus of adding to the quality of the content. Finally, you are given the option of having your document returned showing all the corrections made in annotations in the margins. Or if they prefer, just the final, clean, edited version, all ready for submission. My only stipulation is that students must be reasonable with their deadlines for the completion of editing for final submission of work. So, don't wait! Just come to me for a highly professional, proof-reading service by a fully-qualified English Teacher (ESL). Proof-reading and editing by me, Christopher proctor, a professional English Language Teacher (ESL) will be of great benefit to you. Competitive Rates: Since I charge an hourly rate, the overall fee depends on the quantity of text to proof-read and edit, e.g. a thesis will obviously take longer than an essay. Please contact me for a no obligation quote.

Do you employ staff from overseas? Does their English need improving? Excellent English language Tutoring for Foreign Corporate Employees Dear Sirs, I am a professional ESL teacher (English as a Second Language) with additional experience in managing businesses in Spain and working for companies in China and UK. I offer my services to companies and hotels in Manchester with staff from overseas whose standard of English might be improved to communicate better and improve their overall job performance. I teach on-site in 1-1 sessions or small groups to develop English fluency and business English writing practice. I tutor corporate employees up to senior management level in business and general English. I also train in a variety of business and management issues with specialised core subject vocabulary, such as negotiating contract terms and customer service. I focus on developing specific skills; email correspondence and proof—reading, pronunciation and accent reduction through to presentation skills. I will prepare relevant study and teaching resources to suit the individual learners' needs. Feedback has consistently confirmed that I am a focused and committed teacher with a facilitative and collaborative style that is very popular among learners. My main aim is to help your staff make a better contribution to your company's performance and success through their own professional development. Should any staff members require any of these services, please get in touch.