Princes Quality Gun Dogs

Princes Quality Gun Dogs

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Princes Quality Gun Dogs Reviews

Princes Quality Gun Dogs Reviews

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Brandon McMullen
5 22/11/2017 Brandon McMullen

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Jeremy Holt
1 04/11/2017 Jeremy Holt

!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ !!!!!!!!!
I want to share my experience with Princes. When i first started looking for a trainer todo some finish work on my GSP female, i seen Johns write up on his webpage i was impressed and excited to get my dog to him. But i was also nervous, my dogs are my pets, friends, and kids that i love very much. I talked to John about working on loading up, holding a bird, and just kill some birds over her. At home my dog would point, retrieve to hand, whistle & come broke, but i just hadnt had opportunity to get her into very many birds, but she had very strong desire and dedicated. When i arrived at Princes we unloaded my dog and went straight to field so he could evaluate her, she was very focused , she would spin on a dime when he blew whistle and come straight back to us, she slammed a planted bird like a pro, but all the excitement she wouldnt retreive. Jonh began to say how he was impressed and hed have her done in no time and not to b suprised if shes done in half the time. I paid 3/4 down and left my dog with them. After 7 days i called to get update and chk on my dog and i got NO ANSWER, NO CALL BACK. After 15 days i called again to chk on dog and get update, i got NO ANSWER, NO CALL BACK and i left a message both times. After 25 days of agreed 30day training period i had yet to get a call back or txt or any word from John/Princes so i called again and got again NO ANSWER, so i left message saying i will b there to get my dog on the 30th day whether ive heard from him or not, what do you know i got a call back at 10:30pm from John saying he didnt have my number (which was a lie, he put my number in his phone when i dropped my dog , because he txted me receipt for down payment) then went on to say how my dog was the worst most stubborn dog hes ever messed with and that his buddy lost her twice. ( I DIDNT KNOW I HIRED HIS BUDDY ). And that he hasn't been able to achieve much due to my dog bein stubborn!!!! So ill tell u alil about my dog, shes a inside/outside dog shes pretty timid, well mannered, and very intelligent and have NEVER had a problem with her not listening and responding. So when i got to Princes to pickup my dog, we went straight to filed again, of course on the way telling me how stubborn my dog is and that hes never seen anything like it. When my dog unloaded from box she looked like she hadnt ate for the whole 30days , and was scared to even get outta the box, he threw cpl pigeons in the air and she chased em for bit then came back and just kept jumping back in box. So i had him plant a bird, of course he did pigeon again , my dog slammed it and made beautiful point and as John went in on bird my dog advanced alil and John threw up his hand and screamed very aggressively WHOA my dog immediately broke point, tucked tail and came behind me in fear!!!!! I asked did u shock her? He said no, see how she is i told you shes stubborn, i said man shes a timid dog and that was way to aggressive i dont want her to b scared to point.. he did it again and she wouldnt hardly hunt anymore after that. i loaded my dog up and brung her home, i was sooo mad at myself and felt so srry that i had left my dog with them for this long i was almost sick , not to mention she was practically staved and i took a bag of feed that i was told was unneeded.. these people are not dog trainers, dog lovers , or professional anything. Save your dog from the pain of non feeding, no training, aggressive invironment at Princes.
After this post i received foul language txts callin me a liar and a coward. Yep hes a real professional.. everything i posted is the truth and i didnt not say anything to his face because it wouldve no doubt ended in fiery confrontation and possibly gotten physical. This was the most adult and mature thing todo.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Jason Bruns
5 01/11/2017 Jason Bruns

Turned my pointer into a pointer! He took my dog that wouldn’t point or find or retrieve a dead bird into a gun dog in 5 weeks. John is an honest, fair , reasonably priced and great trainer of pointers. You Definitely get what you pay for.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Emma Brill
5 16/08/2016 Emma Brill

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Steve Bertone
5 Steve Bertone

It has been two years since we brought Sport home with us. He was a 4yr old GSP. Sport is everything John said he was and more! Thank you John for matching us up with Sport.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Keilah Obert-Thorn
5 Keilah Obert-Thorn

We had our unruly, disobedient Brittany sent to Jon to be trained. Got an amazing well rounded dog back! Highly recommend this amazing man!

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Mike Smith
5 Mike Smith

John trained my GSP about 4 years ago and I just went back to South Dakota this year and the dog performed wonderfully

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Ron Atkinson
5 Ron Atkinson

I took my year old, that came from one of John's stud dogs, to John to train. The last guy I hunted with said, Gus doesn't miss much. For a dog to purchase, or training, he's the man.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Ashley Lawson
5 Ashley Lawson

My husband and I bought one of his german shorthaired pointers. He is also working with us on training her. Thank you John she is a beauty.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Jenna Cecile Stephens
5 Jenna Cecile Stephens

Got my girl here 2.5 years ago, shes the best, most beautiful dog! Was just having puppy fever and decided to visit the page!

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Parker Tyson
5 Parker Tyson

I had my own GSP (Molly) trained by Jon and in a short time (6'ish weeks) he turned her into a great hunter that compliments her brothers ability. My next GSP will be from Jon's line as I can only imagine how well his dogs perform compared to a my basic pup's lineage.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Kolbe Akers
5 Kolbe Akers

Couldn't of got a better dog can't thank these great people enough highly recommend prince quality gun dogs all the time

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Heather Suz
5 Heather Suz

We contacted John regarding our desire to find the perfect GSP for our family. A great family companion, a good citizen that can hunt with us on the weekends. We weren't looking for a field trial dog, just one that would find us some birds during youth season for my sons and through the rest of the season with all 3 of us. I almost feel guilty that we got our dear Madi because someone is missing out on a field trial phenom. She is a bird hunting monster and sometimes I think that if someone else had her she would take Grand Champion wherever you took her. It's like playing yard football on Thanksgiving and your brother in law is Tom Brady and he's all-time QB. And she was only 10-11 months her first season! When I contacted John he was so great to work with and said that he would be able to tell the puppies personality in short order and make a recommendation. We took the puppy he recommended but couldn't get her until about 14-15 weeks because of some time conflicts. During that time John worked with her a little and you could definitely tell she was well bred and he is a great trainer. We got her back home and she changed our lives. We went through several bad family tragedies last year and without her around I just don't know we would have come out the same way. Sounds funny to say a dog can change your life, but Madi has. No matter how bad it got she will always make us smile. People stop us when we are walking her to tell us how beautiful she is - it happens at least 3 times a week. Our vet is in love with her and says that is how a dog is supposed to look. My favorite story so far was we took her out for the first time for youth pheasant hunting. She had worked with quails and done really well. After working two fields we didn't see anything and I wanted to stop at the truck to get her some water. She wouldn't come over to the truck and was going towards the ditch. All the sudden she locks up in perfect point. I wasn't sure she knew what she was doing and just stood there watching her, and after about 30 seconds she finally turned her head and looked right at me and gave me that look like "hey dummy, there is one of those bird things right here!". My 12 year old went over as fast as he can but the bird got up and was gone. We laughed so hard, she turned her head because we weren't doing what we were supposed to be doing and gave us the stink eye! I learned to trust her and if she takes us a different direction, it is because she is on a bird. She did great this season and I can't even imagine how well she will be this fall. John is an honest man, who loves his dogs and has been doing this long enough to know what dog will fit your needs. We can't recommend him enough. He will treat you right and you will end up with a phenomenal dog that meets your needs. I feel like we are wasting a Grand Champion in our local public hunting lands, but I won't give Madi up for any amount of money. Trophies or not, she is making memories for me and my two sons that can't be replaced. Call John, he has the reputation as being the best for a reason - because it is true. We have a deposit already in for another out of this next litter...we won't go anywhere else.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Sam Tardif
5 Sam Tardif

Mr Prince sold me a well mannered, intelligent 6 month old pup who is a pleasure to be around at home or in the field. She is a natural hunter and an unapologetic snuggler. I definitely intend to have Mr Prince complete her training before next bird season.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Josh Daniels
5 Josh Daniels

Got my dog from john 5 years ago and he is the best dog I've ever owned loves to hunt and knows his job good in the house and with the kids and all business in the field a true on off switch

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Tim Klein
5 Tim Klein

Excellent trainer, bought my gsp this july 2017 took to the field in october dog never had seen a pheasant before. Went right into a point and retrieve after the shot. Would be proud to recommend Prince's quality gun dogs.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Jeremy Sacker
5 Jeremy Sacker

Addie is 5, and the best dog we have ever had. Opening day she pointed and retrieved 6 roosters. Actually pointed 7. My bad.

This just two months after we were told she was going to die from complications after a very major surgery to repair a major infection in her lungs.

We will be talking to John soon about another addition to the family. The reviews are true.

Review of Princes Quality Gun Dogs by Darren Pierce
5 Darren Pierce

I had been researching for a gun dog for awhile. I called a local trainer here in Texas and he recommended Prince's Quality Gun Dogs in Pittsburg, KS. I had also heard great things about him in the gun dog forums. I called John and asked him for references and he graciously gave me five. I called them all and the one thing they all said was how well John new his dogs and the great experience they all had with Mr. Prince. They all loved their dogs. They all told me not to worry about finding the right dog. John would make sure he got me the one for us. And so he did. He found us an 8 wk old smart, energetic, forgiving (forgiving me, the rookie yard trainer), family hunter. Fast forward and here we are getting ready to take Birdie Faith back to John for her Gun Dog Training. Thank you John!

Princes Quality Gun Dogs

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