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Bootcamp & Personal Training Mansfield, Nottingham, Ravenshead & Hucknall. We are qualified REPs Personal Trainers with more than 50 years experience between us in fitness, martial arts and nutrition.

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Kim M Beard

11 January 2019

After trying different gyms and exercise classes etc,, I decided to look for a Personel trainer I found Lucy and organised a meeting I explained I had fibromyalgia and how I find it hard to do exercises due to the pain in my body. Lucy assured me that she would support me through the PT sessions. That was back in summer 2018. Lucy is amazing, she instantly made me feel comfortable and supports me so much I haven’t looked back, I’m now loosing weight and feeling fitter than I have done in years she has given me the confidence to believe in myself. Thank you Lucy for believing in me, I’m now looking forward to turning 50 being fitter and hopefully a lot slimmer. Keep up the excellent work xx More...


C McGoran

30 September 2018

Great facility and great people. I always feel very welcome.


Karen Kirby

10 September 2018

Great set up...excellent classes and PT for those looking for get fit, shape up and learn good nutrition �. Suitable for all levels and ages.


Jay W H Miff

10 September 2018

Amazing class tonight. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I left feeling excited and wanting to learn more. Couldn't have gone any better!


Hannah Napthine

23 July 2018

Thank u Lucy for a lovely massage earlier, eased away all the stress and left me totally relaxed. Hx


Emma Yates

23 July 2018

This class is fantastic! Lucy and John are very experienced and take their time to talk you through each exercise so you do it properly rather than rush through it incorrectly. My upper body is weak but it won't be for long! More...


Gary Watts

23 July 2018

I am training toward multiple disciplines and was constantly burning out and loosing motivation. Their advice and guidance has been invaluable. From selecting an appropriate workout program to overall energy management and diet guidelines I have found their advice spot on.
Lucys upbeat energy and encouragement are inspiring when things get tough and John is like the knowledgeable drill sergeant every man wants in his corner!


Kimmi Atkinson

23 July 2018

Totally awesome - is all I can say really!!!!
I have been working with Primal warrior fitness going into my 6th week and can honestly say it is the best decision I made.
From the very outset - the phone call I received from Lucy talking me through everything they did, putting my mind at rest with reference to my ongoing illnesses and telling me that I can still do their classes - advising the support they provide in tailoring each and every session/class to each individual persons needs has been 100% spot on. Lucy and John are an awesome team and have enhanced my thirst to succeed and be the best I can possibly be using all the tools and techniques their bespoke classes have provided me with.
whether you are completely novice or already on the heath and fitness ladder - Primal Warrior Fitness is the place to join!! and to top it all off it is FUN! :)


Jon Outdoors

28 May 2017

Very friendly & helpful, Lucy is a fantastic personal trainer and makes every session enjoyable



27 November 2016

Very friendly & helpful, Lucy is a fantastic personal trainer and makes every session enjoyable

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Get fit, healthy & happy. We appreciate that you are a unique individual and because of this we design programmes that are tailor made to your wants, needs & pocket. We have the benefit of both a male and female trainer for you to choose from, each with their own areas of expertise but working together as a team to ensure you achieve your desired results.

WarriorFit is a great blend of HIIT, cardio, conditioning, flexibility and strength. It combines our years of experience in MMA, Bootcamp, cross fit style training into a brand new fitness concept that will consistently challenge you. Get fit and have fun!