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Personal training - weight loss, injury prevention, & performance enhancement.

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Milena Mrosovsky

23 July 2018

I had never stuck to any form of exercise until I met James. He is both highly educated in the technical aspects of training and also very practical in the way he applies his knowledge in a very personalized fashion. It took him no time to figure out how to help me progress in a way that was doable for me, as someone who had zero experience. It is always clear that what he has planned for my workouts is customized to me, and not the run-of-the-mill routine he uses for every client. He’s gotten me to a point where I can do things I wouldn’t dream of a few months ago. He is extremely reliable and understanding. I highly recommend James as a personal trainer. More...


Ashley Legitime

28 August 2017

The trainers are amazing! The vibe and facility is great! I love it here.


Sofia R.

2 June 2017

I used to pay gym memberships just to be able to get personal training. Once I found the trainer who truly applied his knowledge and understood my challenges and health goals I decided I'm sticking with him. I've been training on and off 2 days a week for the past 2 years due to some health issues but one thing that has been constant is my strengthening progress after I met James.  I have progressed from doing knee-ups to doing L shapes on the Cross-core equipment and to doing band-assisted Dips, increased the weights gradually, improved my balance and core strength. After struggling with the health issues and deciding on a lifestyle change that best suited my needs I was a bit lost on the macro ratio but thankfully James was able to provide guidance and in the past 2 months I have seen more changes than before. I admire his work ethics, and his commitment to the client; he's not focused on making clients "look good" but on helping clients feel good, have the correct posture, strengthening the areas that their body needs and helping them achieve their goals. If you're looking for a down-to-business trainer without being a "drill-sergeant", someone who will listen and give you the best recommendations for what your body needs PrimalPowerFitness is your best choice! More...

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I take a full-rounded approach: I help improve posture and movement mechanics which is a staple in any goal. In addition I help create an off-session program that my client follows to keep themselves on their respective fitness track.

Consistency and stepping outside your comfort zone. Consistency means developing that mind-body connection which has research behind it that proves that the more you recognize and think of the muscle to activate, the more it works - and that means progress. Stepping outside your comfort zone is receiving knowledge of your deficiencies and approaching them with an attentive mindset.

Not only motivating people to reach new physical and mental levels never thought before but also making sure people are able to "move" right for a long time. Everyone wants to exercise for life - not for three months and hit an injury. That's the sense of accomplishment I get from teaching the right way of working out.

I recognized that being a trainer inside a commercial space was not good enough for me to build myself as a professional that delivered results and was referable. I also recognized that creating my own branding meant being my own boss and not being restrictive by working for a major chain.

I go above and beyond for your goals. I don't just want to see you for an "x" amount of sessions for an hour each time and then casually say "see you next session" like a rotating door. I invest my energy and attention to detail to every moment I can for you to make sure you receive excellent service. I also serve as a teacher of sorts: my goal is to teach you every element I know so that you can set yourself up for life.