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We are Pretty Media, a graphic design and creative agency based in south-east London who specialise in branding, advertising, print, digital, video and marketing.

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Jacqueline Gray

Andy is a very talented designer, good luck Andy

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A great website should perform several clear functions. Firstly it should clearly and effectively communicate to the visitor the core offer, the skills or products the site is promoting. Secondly, the brand vernacular and ethos should also be clearly communicated ensuring all visitors are presented with a joined-up vision. And thirdly the site should be easily navigable, easy to use and show the brand or product in the most engaging and appropriate manner.

When reviewing a brief from a client I would ensure I initially capture all aspects of the clients business so I have a firm understanding of their needs, the function of their business and ultimately what they are trying to achieve.

To kick off the process I would ask the client the timeframe in which they want to complete the project and also what kind of budget they arer happy to work with.

I can cater for many types of printing projects. I have a wealth of experience in designing and artwork print for large format use such as retail display, marketing events. I love of working with printers and paper suppliers to create bespoke work with special attention paid to the stock & special finishes.

The creative process starts with an information gathering process, capturing all requirements, deliverables and desires of the client and their brief. Which then progresses to a research and development stage and once that's complete I will commence in first-round concepts. These will be presented to the client and after a selection of the chosen route, I will develop the creative and re-present as a final concept. Before final delivery of all creative assets, I will allow for one more round of amends and post sign-off from the client I will deliver asserts, or send the project to print.

Ideally, the client will have a clear idea of budget, timescale if possible an basic idea of what they want to achieve.

Seeing your work 30 feet high on the front of a department store in a major town or city never loses its appeal. In contrast, receiving the final prints for a business card with that extra special finish never stops the shivers down the spine. Ultimately making a client happy is the end goal.