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Angela Higinbotham

5 July 2019

They have amazing performers and super friendly managers. Their costumes are flawless and not old looking. All the performers look the part and definitely can deal with kids!


Jade C.

5 June 2019

Great character service! We hired Batman and Wonder Woman to perform at a birthday party at a home for adults with developmental disabilities, and they were wonderful! Each performer met with every party guest, making sure to give them individualized attention. In my experience, many people get overwhelmed or don't really know how to interact with people with developmental disabilities, but Shayli and Kenji had huge smiles on their faces the entire time and made each guest feel great.Booking was also a breeze! Mona was very responsive and attentive to each detail, and she also worked with me when the party location and time had moved. I would definitely recommend Prestige Princess, and I look forward to hiring them for our next party! More...


Laura S.

23 April 2019

We have used Prestige Princess for multiple events at our Club. Characters are always total professionals and a crowd pleaser for our varied events. Definitely recommend as their talents extend beyond the ordinary or even advertised abilities. Holly (owner) is a delight to work with and has helped me on countless events to go above and beyond at a reasonable rate. Thank you to everyone at Prestige Princess for making all of our events so special and memorable! More...


Annamarie M.

16 April 2019

I have used the characters from Prestige many times.  Each time they were prompt, enthusiastic and very entertaining!  They go out of their way to make sure the birthday girl is important.  The hardest part is choosing which fabulous character should go to my events.  Thank you Prestige Princess for all your attention to detail! More...


Josh K.

15 April 2019

This is by far the best character company I've had the pleasure of dealing with! The boss, Holly, was a pleasure to talk to and did everything she could to make sure our party was perfect. I'd recommend them to anyone! Their Spider-Man was incredible, he looked, acted, and sounded like he had ripped right out of the comic. Amazing!! More...


Miki L.

15 April 2019

Prestige Princess is the most professional and high quality company for an amazing low price! Not only are the prices amazing, they have performers from all over Southern California who have either studied acting or were even trained by Disneyland! I am so grateful to be a part of such a "prestigious" company! More...


Sherri L.

15 April 2019

I hired prestige princess for my daughters Birthday. She loves Spider-Man and they just made her day. Spider-Man was so funny and interacted with everyone while still making my daughter feel like a princess. The management was very helpful in communicating with me and making sure my concerns were taken care of. I will defiantly be calling on them again for my next event. More...


Sheri B.

15 April 2019

This company is amazing, we had Cinderella (Sara B). She was absolutely wonderful, her interaction with the kids was awesome. The kids and parents were very impressed. Sara's also has a beautiful voice. I would definitely hire them again. More...


Julia D.

13 July 2018

The talent of the characters exceeds any characters I've hired at other competing companies over the years. In the past year, I've hired them 3x for various children events and I have not been disappointed once! I just hired them for a last minute princess and Cinderella was wonderful! Each actor/singer/Cinderella/Santa/elf were able to keep the children engaged with their stories, play, and gorgeous singing voices. Booking through email was easy and I've never had any issues. Thank you Prestige Princess! More...


Linda A.

24 February 2018

We ordered  a wonder woman & superman for my duaghters 4th b day at her school... they were truly awsome and looked great...they were so good with all the kids... and very professional.. thx for making her b day great... More...


Natalie S.

17 January 2018

excellent customer service!! holly was very helpful and had my families best interest at heart. she truly cares about the satisfaction of her clients. highly recommended!!


Natalie M.

21 May 2017

I decided to get my niece the Moana princess to come to her birthday party as a gift, since it was a Moana themed party. I was recommended from a client to use Prestige Princess, I was also told to ask for Amanda that she was the best. That was the best recommendation! Amanda did an awesome job! She did face painting, played games, read a book and even sang (she sings amazing!)for the kids! The kids were beyond happy and entertained! I am so happy with the service and entertainment of this company, not to mention how they hire the best people to play characters! I definitely recommend using them, and I especially recommend requesting Amanda!! More...


John F.

13 March 2017

Emilia was starting to get a bit grumpy at her 4th birthday party. She had become weary of taking pictures with her friends. You could hear her saying, "But I don't want to do this!" while wearing the world's biggest frown. However, that frown was turned upside down! In came Rapunzel! She came nose to nose with Emilia, and (Emilia) was whimsically whisked into a dreamland. Could her favorite Princess have actually come to her birthday party? You bet! Rapunzel swept her off of her feet and spun her around in, what I can only describe as, a magical hug. The magic didn't stop there! Rapunzel says to her, "I brought a friend to see you." Emilia spun around to see Flynn Rider on one knee with his arms out. Her little hands balled into fists as you can see the tremor of excitement move through her. Both characters, then, sat with the children and had a "tangled" story time. Now, this was not your normal run of the mill story time. They had a book, but they didn't simply read it. They told it! Both characters switched off in the story telling, but didn't have to rely on actually reading. It was like they lived it and were gleefully sharing their adventure. There was singing! Yes! Singing!!! After story time, Flynn took the children to play games, while the birthday girl stayed with Rapunzel. She did her hair, and gave her a beautiful face painting job that would make any princess jealous from its sheer beauty. The experience was capped off with both characters singing happy birthday, and lighting her candles for her. When I saw experience, I mean experience. This was not children's entertainment, but an experience that will never be forgotten. Emilia was reeling from her experience. I guarantee that your child will find their dream land if you hire through Prestige Princess. More...