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Neil B.

22 June 2019

after looking over others on Yelp, I decided to go with premiere. I was not disappointed. They were efficient and communicative. Very thorough and detailed. They also managed to save me about $10,000 compared to TurboTax. Fully plan on using them again. Great tax advisors More...


Christa N.

18 April 2019

Al Bundoc, owner of Premier Tax Service, knows his stuff! I'd used Al's services years ago, and he was always great, but then I did my own taxes for a while. I made some major purchases in 2018 (including some mistakes), which changed my financial profile completely. Filing taxes just got way more complicated for me. I knew I needed expert help, so I called Al. He booked me in right away, eased my stress, and walked me through the entire process, step-by-step. He was always available to answer my questions, and even found a way to lower my monthly installments to the IRS so they are manageable...and bearable. I trust Al. He always gets it right, and he never makes me feel dumb, even though I'm horrible at numbers & taxes. If you need a "tax ninja" with a big heart, look no further than Al and his excellent team at Premier Tax Service! More...


Dave S.

17 April 2019

I would give 100 stars if it was allowed!!!! I was referred to Premier Tax Service from a friend and colleague after a horrific situation with my former bookkeeper and CPA.   They were responsive from the initial call,  set up a meeting and competently walked me through what needed to be fixed and done with a road map back so to speak.   Pam, Al and the entire staff are super people and a pleasure to work with.   Highly recommend this firm for any of your commercial or personal tax needs!  Thank you so very much Al and Team!!! More...


Lisa W.

5 December 2018

I loved working with Al and his tax firm for my 2017 taxes. Flat out - I was worried about doing my taxes...like terrified because I knew that I owed money. I gave Al my precious years taxes and he assured me that he could help in any way he could. He and his team were very persistent in making sure that I filed my taxes before the deadline, which I was slightly avoiding but knew it was something I had to do. Luckily, Al and his team were not only done before the deadline but they also found some money that I would get back from my previous years' tax return. Taking off a lot of pressure! Working with Al has instilled in me to be way more proactive when it comes to taxes. He helped me understand that it doesn't always have to be a negative experience even if you owe money. Taxes are not always fun but at least I can make a plan for the upcoming years and continue to be successful in my business! More...


Vinod K.

2 November 2018

Al is an absolute master of his art. Filing taxes can be extremely stressful, but Al simplified the process to such an extent, I might have just found a CPA for life :).As already seen on Yelp, he's got some fantastic reviews over the years and continues to maintain an extremely high bar of service. When I was in need for Tax service I called and then I proceeded to meet him at his office with his team. Being extremely friendly and polite, Al explained me and my partner and went over the various nuances of filing taxes, our best options with respect to cost and how much time it would take. It's remarkable that over the next 60 minutes, we had filed our taxes, understood what was being done under the hood and gotten a clear estimate about how much we would be getting back and how much it would cost. Al personally did give me a call later to explain every single detail about our taxes and in a rare moment, he expressed empathy over some expenses shooting up and also provided suggestions to make this better for the next fiscal year. As promised, the taxes were filed in the next 24 hours, we got our returns back exactly on the day we were told, and the experience was as smooth as it could be. One pro-tip on my side: Ask the right questions and respect Al's time and he's going to be fantastic. Time is key here More...


Nikia G.

20 July 2018

This will be my second year getting my Taxes done by Al. First of all let me say that the staff is very polite and most importantly patient lol. We all dread that time of year and so I was frantic an on edge. It's 3 things on this earth that you don't want to play around with and that's Babies lol , old people lol and the IRS. I just started a new business and when they told me they would put a lien on all my accounts I Died! I resuscitated myself lol while being low on oxygen i was able to call Premier Tax Service. The response time was rapid so rapid I forgot what I was calling for lol. I explained to Al what my problem was he told me what to say and I did just that! Now keep in the IRS been holding my 2016 return for some crap I did when I was broke lol. Fast forward to 2018 I am in Good standing with Uncle Sam and I still don't understand why they call him uncle! no uncle of mine will take my money like that lol. From this day forward I Highly recommend Premier Tax Service. Tell them I sent you and receive a Ginormous Smile lol. More...


Paul M.

28 April 2018

I have been using Premier Tax Services for a few years now and I am so happy that I found them.  I mainly deal with Al who is the nicest guy you will ever meet!  He is very fair and always takes time to listen to whatever concerns that I have.  He is super patient and just has an all around great vibe and energy. I can totally trust him with my taxes and I feel 100% confident that anyone would too. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for Tax Services.  I have been through many over the years but Al is by far my favorite.  I am grateful to have found these guys! More...


Kim G.

26 March 2018

With over 27 years of experience, I highly recommend Al Bundoc with Premier Tax Service.  Al is professional, approachable, and always available to answer any questions you have regarding your tax preparation.  When it comes to dealing with the IRS, you want to make sure you have the right person in your corner.  Al Bundoc is that that person. More...


Virginia G.

7 December 2017

Al and Pam and the rest of the Premier Tax Service team are so responsive, calm, professional. They really are the premier tax service in the South Bay, and I know because I have been running a thriving psychotherapy practice in Redondo Beach for twenty years -- using several different accounting firms. I have been audited while under the guidance of another tax preparer and eventually went to Al who helped me get out of that mess. Now, I would never go anywhere else for my personal and business filing. I don't have any fears. Of the IRS any more, so I can concentrate on running my business. Thanks Al!! More...


Heather L.

13 March 2017

Premier Tax Service has been preparing my taxes for the past 3 years. While handling very personal information Al Bundoc puts you further at ease with his past knowledge of working for the IRS because he knows just what is being looked for. He makes the process simple by letting you know the information that is pertinent to filing your taxes before your appointment (some stuff I hadn't even thought of in the past). Thank you for the peace of mind you provide! More...


Mark S.

15 April 2016

Al at Premier Tax Service has been my go-to Tax Guy for almost 20 years. He's the only guy I've ever been able to trust to do the best job possible, and I always feel like I haven't "left any money on the table" (for the IRS). He's super ethical, and that shows in not only how he handles our tax returns, but also in how he bills his clients! (very reasonably). The fact that he's worked for the IRS is much more impressive than it sounds. He knows shortcuts that can greatly reduce the time spent on our returns, and that gets reflected in what he charges. In addition, he's gotten me out of many jams, such filing late then getting a whopping bill from the IRS. Al is THE MAN! More...


Teri R.

14 February 2016

Al is a great guy. He's been doing my families taxes for years. He is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and friendly. His prices are fair. He's worked for the IRS and that is a plus. I would definitely recommend his services. More...

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