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Premier Filipino Martial Arts, LLC

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Premier Filipino Martial Arts, LLC

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Nathan Jarrell

24 August 2019

The high energy combat art routine is great for building strength stamina and a bit of character. Will passionately teaches the art with a positive and encouraging attitude. The martial art system is very direct and practical so it can be easily applied to any threatening situation. More...


John Emerick Domingo

27 April 2019

If you're in the US and you need a blade for fma or want a good outdoor hack it all blade, Will's your man.


Blade Kult

28 February 2019

Will is dedicated to FMA, very few people in this world are as focused and train as hard and as consistently as Will does.


Archad Badat

6 February 2019

thank you for the follow-up, thank you for the quality of the knife, which is of a high level, really I recommend your articles as well as the confidence on the sending


Stephen Samaha

22 December 2018

Will is a great instructor who has a tremendous grasp of the subtleties of the Filipino martialarts. I truly enjoy his classes and would highly recommend him to anyone. Beyond his skill in the art he has integrity in all that he does. More...


Ian Solent

1 November 2018

Will's a great instructor. Very hands on. My son's learning a lot from him.


Carl Vögtling Jr.

16 October 2018

I have seen and heard nothing but great things about Will. If where to live in the Pensacola Florida area I would be training with him for sure.


Nate Gilbert

10 September 2018

Will is very conscientious and is totally dedicated to teaching these skills the right way. He is generous with his knowledge and leaves no stone unturned. I am an above the knee amputee and he has adapted his approach to give me a completely personalized training. I would recommend him to anybody.. R N Gilbert More...


Marcia L Mapel

9 September 2018

Awesome person to work with and feel so safe


Daryl Basuel

1 September 2018

Will has potential to be a great teacher


Gregory Dabney

23 August 2018

Will Renfroe is an excellent Kali Instructor and an awesome Hapkido martial artist. I highly recommend for good quality training