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Fully stocked and staffed outdoor trailer bars
Fully stocked and staffed outside bars under gazebos
Fully stocked and staffed portable indoor bars.
Hog Roasts
Lamb Roasts


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Hog bun with apple sauce, stuffing plenty of crackling and a choice of condiments.

We actually ask our customers what they would like and supply just that.

Happy smiling faces and satisfied tummies, a relaxed atmosphere and people trusting what we do.

We have been self-employed all our working lives and enjoy working together.

Decades of experience, properly insured and licensed, bright smiles, good food and drink. Then there is honest pricing (see our web site. We only charge for what we sell. No setup or delivery costs) and the fact that if you are serving alcohol, we are fully qualified and experienced and deal we with the paperwork for you free of charge, if you want us to. Did you even know that there is paperwork to do for a Temporary Events Notification to the authorities? Yes, even for a private wedding.


We have choices of portable bar: Outside only from 20ft self-contained trailer, with 2 x 4 outlet fully chilled fonts, up to 6 real ales and all the wines, spirits and soft drinks needed for between 50 and 200 visitors. Indoor or outdoor bar, in 4 sections, on wheels. arriving ready to serve. 3 x individually chilled fonts for beers, ciders and lagers, back bar with a range of 10 different spirits, 2 display fridges for cold wines and soft drinks.

We turn up with your hog (or Lamb) just done to a turn and ready to serve. Your choice of sides, if any. Just the way you like it.