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Tara Romsaithong

27 July 2019

Precision is an awesome place that truly cares about their member’s success, safety and progress! The entire team uses a synergistic approach to create a transformation unlike anywhere else!


Rich Ammentorp

25 July 2019

This has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve encountered. I initially met with Wade a little over a year ago in order to prepare physically for our trip to Machu Picchu. I’ve learned so much about my physical limitations and limited mobility and with the knowledgeable training on the part of the Precision staff, I have improved tremendously and have come to enjoy training at Precision. The passion and personal interest is greatly appreciated! I highly recommend and encourage anyone to take advantage of this opportunity. More...


Sarah Amelia

25 July 2019

Absolutely wonderful trainers and a fantastic community! if you're looking for a place to work on goals, learn about fitness and yourself, and really be exposed to new challenges this is definitely the place! This gym and all of the people here make me want to learn new things and take new risks! This is the only place I've kept up consistently and feel the urge to WANT to come every week! More...


Joseph Beckett

5 May 2019

Wade is very educated and practical cant wait to get started!


Greg Rabus

28 January 2019

Challenging training programs, knowledgeable and caring coaches, state of the art equipment, encouraging community. A facility unlike any others I’ve experienced!


Ryan LeBreux

22 August 2018

I had a chance to work with Wade a few years back. PRECISION is the perfect way to describe him and his training! In the Schaumburg area and looking for the BEST training around?.. Look no further!


Mary Pat Welch

22 August 2018

Working with Wade at Precision PT had made me stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. Precision offers truly personal training adapted to my own goals and limitations. If you're looking for one on one or group training you won't find a better place than Precision. More...


Carlos Villafuerte

22 August 2018

Wade has been an Excellent trainer! He is very professional and very knowledgeable with nutrition. I have been going to him for over 2 months now and I have seen great results from our training sessions. I know he will help me exceed my goals that I have set for myself. If you are thinking of seeing a trainer, I highly recommend you have him help you with your goals. More...


Tony Russo

22 August 2018

Wade goes beyond pushing you physically. He gets in your head and helps you battle the obstacles we encounter as every day people. He motivates you to become someone better and pushes you to reach levels you may have thought were unobtainable. After 4 months of hard training and adherence to Wade's nutritional advice, I've smashed personal goals I'm proud to share: 41 lbs down, just about 11% body fat loss, 4 waist sizes smaller, explosive strength, and the relentless motivation to keep reaching for more. Thanks, Wade. I truly and whole heartedly appreciate what you've done for me and my family. More...


Jennifer Bolger

22 August 2018

The trainers at Precision are excellent. The focus is proper technique, hard work with lots of encouragement. The community of people there are like family to me.


Drt Dentalhome

22 August 2018

Hands down the best fitness community I’ve worked out in. The team at Precision is A+. They have motivated me to a level I never thought possible. From coaching you to ignore the “I can’t do it” voice in your head to nutrition they offer a comprehensive healthy lifestyle approach to fitness. If you are are looking for the best trainers, a judgement free community and a customized approach to getting healthy then you have no reason to go anywhere else! More...


Adam Steinbach

22 August 2018

This gym is awesome!!!
The people are great, both staff and clientele. It’s like a sweaty family.
Owner, Wade Merrill, knows his stuff! He’s well versed & effective. His dedication to helping people reach their fitness goals is undeniable!!!
He and his wife Joanna, who is a nutritional specialist, are knowledgeable and passionate and have created a first class environment to reach your fitness goals, and change your life!!!!


Doug Regan

22 August 2018

Great Place to receive outstanding, custom tailored coaching that will improve movement and performance. I Highly Recommend Precision PT.


Nathan Wiens

22 August 2018

The coaches at Precision Training have been incredibly helpful to work with. Not only am I feeling better and getting stronger, but past injuries are all but forgotten—high intensity without pain. I'm regaining my fitness!

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