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Lisa Rice Wheeler

14 September 2018

If you’re looking for pain as a measure of progress, go somewhere else. But if you’re looking for gain, call Bob. He’s especially good at working with and around challenges: bad joints, damaged backs, and less-than-ideal conditions and limitations, whether temporary or permanent.


Mary Ann Moeller Avery

14 September 2018

I started working with Bob at the beginning of this year... 2015. I have NEVER worked out consistently before. I knew I needed a personal trainer to keep me motivated and committed. Bob has done all that. Due to a previous surgery I also needed someone that would understand how far to push me to make progress, while not injuring me at the same time. Bob has an intricate knowledge of the human body. Which is paramount to me, as well as a number of years of experience. An absolute must for me as a late bloomer to physical fitness. I have made so much progress in just over 2 months time. I highly recommend working with Bob. You will not be disappointed. In addition he was recommended by our family physician. More...


Michael VanDuyn

14 September 2018

I have recently started my journey of becomeing a full time personal trainer. I have to say thank you to this man. He took the time to sit down and have lunch with me just to help improve my journey. He was full of help and inspiration. He's story is one that is filled with great accomplishment and success. He has been following his passion and it shows. I just want to say this man is an amazing trainer and by far a great guy. I promise no matter what level of fitness, Or where you in your journey in life this man can help.

Thank you Bob. You truly do help people in many ways. Keep it up!!!!


Carmen Wright

28 May 2016

Trainer Bob is the only professional I would ever use. He can make you feel confident in reaching your goals, pushing you to the precise point your body should be pushed. Not too far, but far enough you benefit. His knowledge is far beyond what other trainers offer. He is calculated to the personal approach--what works for me doesn't work for anyone else. "TB" is more prepared, more knowledgeable, more experienced and serious than any other trainer at the gym. There's really no comparison. No kidding! More...


Margie Setterlof

29 May 2015

Trainer Bob really understood what I wanted to accomplish with my exercises and he tailored a program to fit my specific needs. Bob is a very knowledgable about exercise and fitness and precise in how he trains. I was more than satisfied with my results and i would highly recommend Trainer Bob if you want to get in shape! More...


Gregory Beck

29 May 2015

I have been training with Bob for over a year and have experienced good results in both controlling my weight and increasing my strength. His professionalism is appreciated and his fitness knowledge keeps the workouts fresh. I recommend Bob to anyone looking for a personal trainer. More...


Jane Brackney

29 May 2015

"My doctor recommended Trainer Bob to help me get healthier. My weight was higher than I liked and my cholesterol and sugar were too high. Plus I have shoulder, back and knee problems. After working out with Trainer Bob, I am feeling 100% better. My weight, cholesterol, and sugar all went down into the normal range for the first time in 5 years. The chronic pain in my back, shoulders and knees has also greatly improved and is almost gone. I truly feel like I have a new lease on life.Since I was doing so much better, my husband decided to join me in the training sessions. We both go now and intend to make it a life long commitment with Trainer Bob. A BIG difference between Trainer Bob and other trainers is that you learn not just how to use the equipment properly, but he also keeps great records of your progress, teaches you about your health and muscle groups, how to do the appropriate stretches after each exercise, what foods to eat, etc.You walk away from his sessions a healthier and more knowledgeable person."—Jane and Don B More...

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