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We provide a wide range of security and legal services to people in the Greater Metro Denver Area. We provide armed/unarmed security, personal protection, help for victims of stalking, domestic violence, abuse/assault, and hate. We also provide process service and court filing.


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When a person has been helped by our services, you can literally see the weight coming off of their shoulders. There's not much better reward than that.

This business was created to help victims. However, since we charge little or nothing for those services, we don't make any money. We have since expanded into other fields and markets so we can continue to help those in dire need.

Most of our personnel are former military, law enforcement, or served in another government capacity. They have undergone extensive, formal training and we have experts in a wide variety of areas. Those who have not served in governmental roles have been trained by us and must meet certain standards before taking on any security functions. Even our legal services personnel have undergone some of this training to ensure their safety and the safety of the general public. We take security and safety seriously. We are far more than rent-a-cops and bodyguards. Visit our website to learn more.


Close, physical protection of persons. These persons could include executives, celebrities, dignitaries, or even the average person down the street. Anyone with a protection need can utilize our services. We perform a threat assessment, then we formulate strategies and protocols to thwart off potential personal attacks to our clients. Prevention is always the first step to ensuring safety. If an attack occurs, we defend, apprehend, and detain the suspects so they can face justice.

We evaluate your current security profile and upgrade or expand on it, or we can create a security solution from scratch. We ensure that you get the most security benefit for your dollar.

We provide 'boots on the ground' security solutions to meet your needs. Whether it is a single family residence, or a large industrial complex, we can create a security solution that will fit your needs and budget.

Simply put, if it can fit in the trunk of a car or the back seat, we can move your assets for you. We transport cash, valuables, sensitive documents, and important personnel safely and discretely. Have something larger to transport? We can provide secure escorts for your transport personnel/contractor. All agents wear plain clothes and our vehicles are unmarked.