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Cindy Williams

28 May 2018

They set up and manage our e-commerce, google shopping and Facebook ads. We shopped around other companies in Atlanta and received rates only a established large business could afford. We love using PPC SEO Marketing.


Michael Wright

28 May 2018

We hire PPC SEO Marketing to redesign and optimize our website and SEO/PPC. Are website traffic increased 400% and were booked for 3 months out. Money well spent.


Terry Sims

28 May 2018

I was referred to them by one of clients who use them for there law firm, and I was pleased with there services and knowledge of digital marketing. They re-designed our website and optimized our products. I will be using them for anything going forward. More...


Candy Triplett

28 May 2018

Wish I had hired this company first. I was working with a pretty established, known digital marketing agency for 2 years prior to PPC SEO taking over. After meeting with PPC SEO I must say I wasted so much money with the previous company. PPC SEO audited my website to find numerous errors and mistakes, slower than normal speeds, as well as no real website optimization from the previous company. We were spending $36,000 a year with the previous company only to find out they were not qualified nor do they have the amount of Google Certifications as PPC SEO. As a business we were not seeing any significant results or increase in calls from our website with the other company. Being that we are a start up medical practice, it's important to have a very strong online presence in order to grow our patient base, and solidify crediability as a company. In less than a week of PPC SEO taking over, we saw a 63% increase in calls from website searches alone. This was WITHOUT any pay per click or advertising. PPC SEO redid our website for a tiny fraction of the cost that the other company charged and had it done, not to mention we were able to go live in 48 hours; whereas the other company took 3 weeks to complete our website. If you're looking for any type of increase in clicks, calls, views, and sales, this company will get you results and for a fraction of the price of those other guys. I don't write many reviews, but after my amazing expirence thus far with PPC SEO, I had to share. More...


Lumee Booth

28 May 2018

We hired PPC SEO Marketing to optimized our PPC campaigns and we seen a growth of over 300% within the first. Needless to say they have been taking care of all our marketing needs for over 2 years now. I highly recommend this company.


Hooy Young

28 May 2018

Affordable, knowledgeable and prompt.

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