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Adina Birsan

Pure place !


Kerry Hunt

Love the gym, love the classes, need more box fit classes, and more availability on the more popular ones


Abi Elizabeth

It's a great gym but get far to busy sometimes very annoying


Garry Lound

Best gym ive been to .... no queuing for anything ... bang on .plus the machine are ace


Sean Hukins

24hr, always clean, plenty of equipment and a tiny monthly fee. What's not to like?


Michael Finney

I love the pure gym in Mansfield, They have everything there. The staff and customers is friendly too.


Samantha Ross

very happy but I would send staff members on a zumba course so members don't have to pay extra to attend the class and more zumba classes could be run throughout the day


Georgia Nicholson

Too expensive, especially for joining fee that takes the piss. Love it inside although they could add more machines for more muscles.


Emma Green

I love going to the gym, especially the pure cycle classes.


Jake Brooks

Had an amazing chest session bring on the summer time to get huge awesome gym � �


Laura Booth

There is some excellent classes and all the equipment is good too


Paul Kirby

Only joined at the weekend and already feel comfortable going at all hours


Samantha Eshelby

Go most mornings monday-friday at 9am .. never too busy. Nice cheap gym xx


Jeffrey Commons

It's a fantastic gym, well equipped with top equipment, and it's open 24/7 perfect ��


Paul Cumming

Could be cheaper and why do people in 70 grand car's park in disabled spots or close to the entrance


Carol Ann Hook

Really good - PT is motivating me and I'm really feeling the positive benefits- recommend 💯%


Julie Raine

Been going for a few weeks now love the morning classes it fits in well with work the gym iswell equipped and pleasant atmosphere and trainers are always on hand to help


Bailey Jayne Lowe

Pure gym is a good gym when its not so busy. All equipment is up to a good standard, I've never had any problems. And its good that its 24 hours


Julia Gaut - Lee

I joined to lose weight through cardio. The machines are plentiful and high tech, kept clean and modern and the no nonsense entry technique works for me. I lost 1st 6lb in 7 weeks and i'm only 5ft and it shows � hard work combined with an excellent gym = results x More...


Dean Bailey

Well I go every day to pure gym and the atmosphere is always great, good value for money, and open 24/7������


Mary Elsam

Fab friendly place & members. I'm looking forward to catching up with all you members that enjoyed our yoga sessions with me previously and new ones to, Come and explore how Yoga can bring a new influence to your well-being too, suitable to all levels.
This Hatha Yoga class starts this Sunday 10/10/16 at 10.45 - £2,50 a session, book online to reserve your place. See you there


Jay Silverback Anthony

Hi guys, is there any chance you could post this link and picture for me please? and once my posters come through could you could i send you one and some fliers to put up in your gym if possible?


Kate Blake

Love it! Easy to get in and out anytime any day! PTs are fantastic. It's not pretentious and everyone just gets on with there workouts. Never a problem getting on machines and plenty of equipment. Great for the cost of membership 👍💪 More...


Sharon Clark

Good value for �. Plenty of equipment. I've only been going for about 4 weeks but attend 6 days a week and have already lost well over a stone for my wedding in September. Such friendly people ��


Ian Wilson

Having been a member at another gym in the area.
I have no hesitation in recommending Pure.
Good facilities, very clean , it has space, the staff are knowledgeable and keen to advise. It is good all round and of good value. More...


Martin Thompson

Great gym. Good kit . Bargain price and open 24 hrs


Silvana Silva

Very good place. Just don't get why there is not enough kettles in the studio when is a class for it and we need to be running around looking for it.


Anthony Foster

Brilliant gym I go all the time during the week


Shaun Anthoney

Always enjoyed it here


Demarco Vercetti

Heaviest dumbells are 50kg... Not bad for them days where I'm feeling tired but if I take Curse (pre workout) then the 50s just don't quite cut it. Been coming here 4 years. Enjoyed it. Training partners come and gone in the years but some decent guys in there. Will be leaving you this month to go to xercise4less as it's down the road from me and have 75kg dumbells which will suit me down the ground if I go back on roids.

Thanks for the last 4 years..

Dave xx


Alexander Seery

Great gym! Especially between 4.30-6.30 in the morning!


Sam Obrien Currie

very clean and well set out all machines have instructions and always someone to ask if you get stuck extremly large and clean changing room with shows i like the idea of lockers in main gym located near the vending machine as i go with my partner so we can just use a shared locke


Ben Meek

Great gym can go when you want only bad thing is the locker rooms stink like shit maybe stick a few timed airfresheners in there


Ross Wilkes

I can't fault this gym , I go there regularly , and 5hit gets lifted.

I used to have decent training partners , but sadly , their girlfriends no longer allow this and have given specific instructions to either train within 200metres of the house, or to quit altogether. It's a shame , but in all fairness they held me back. Some people just lack the winning mentality.

Anyway, back on topic of this gym, great facilities , decent classes . I tend to avoid peak hours though as it does get rather busy , probably too busy in an evening.


Graham Gardner

One of the best gyms I've ever trained at, I've trained at a lot of gyms over the years


Stephen Bishop

Great gym with a good range of equipment
Best feature it’s 24 hours a day


Caroline Gilkerson

Love this gym only my 3rd day , but have been to others , I go straight after work and just go when I want , nobody bothers you which I like , and if you need help there, there , the only thing I can't stand is the ladies locker room smells awfull , no need for smells like that


Mike Daykin

I have a permanent tracheostomy and so can only walk restricted distances. I do not have a blue disabled badge but am registered disabled. Yes I did park in the disabled spots at the front but after receiving a warning from the gym staff about not having a blue disabled badge will consider transferring to a disabled friendly gym.

I would like to ask the gym how many disabled members it has or if it bothers to ask. I have been a member since the turn of the year and have never seen a blue badge holder use the disabled spaces, on 20 occasions.

I will look around for a disabled friendly gym around the area that doesn't judge by a blue badge alone.


Owain Blackwood

Equipment well-maintained, water fountains and toilet clean, music not too overpowering. Wide selection of machines (including duplicates which is handy) and a decent selection of free weights and cable-resistance apparatus. No complaints.


Philip Shiel

I've gone to this gym for a few years now and really enjoy it. For the price though it is worth 5 stars as its really cheap and machines are maintained more than gyms triple the price

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