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I deliver one-to-one life coaching and yoga, mindfulness and meditation training, either as individual disciplines or you and I can a personalised plan which combines two or more of the above for maximum impact and effectiveness. Prices of all our services and experiences are discussed and agreed on an individual basis, depending on seniority in your career and financial situation.


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Marion - Advocate, Convener and Writer on global development

7 June 2019

Anna is a supportive, empowering and enabling coach. During our mentoring relationship, she has supported me to make life changing decisions and allowed me to respond to change with optimism, proactivity and courage. Her coaching style directs you to believe in your potential. She's consistent and continuously committed which has allowed me to be open and trust her with ongoing challenges. In short, you come into each session with her thinking, "can I do this?" and leave each session after speaking with her thinking, "I can do this and so much more. More...


Sam - Customer Experience Manager in Financial Services

7 June 2019

Anna introduced me to yoga and the fantastic restorative benefits it offers both the mind and body. Anna's classes were the perfect antidote to a stressful day at the office.
Anna's approach is to guide, enthuse and inspire people, rather than simply instruct. She is passionate about what she practices and genuinely cares about the emotional and physical wellbeing of those with whom she works.



7 June 2019

Yoga practice came at a very stressful time of my London stay, as was preparing for an overseas move. It is what kept me focused and provided much-needed peace and meditation. Under Anna's watch, I felt reborn and revitalised after every class and private session. Her care, calmness, ability, and education are what formed the bedrock of her yoga instruction. It is now 7 years on living in Asia, I still practise, and have struggled to fine anyone comparable to my yoga time with Anna. She is a true spiritual and physical yogi, whose instruction I miss. More...

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I love facilitating joining the dots in people’s journeys in life and career for deep personal development and living a happy and fulfilled life.
I am passionate about fostering a growth mind-set and empowering individuals to be consciously aware of what makes them who they are.
It is wonderful to witness the joy of clients when they achieve their goals.

An unexpected change in life two years ago.
Reconnecting to the roots of life and purpose through my strong holistic practice, fitness routine and self-coaching made it possible for me to raise up again from the rubble of two consecutive life changing events.
The lessons I learnt and the experiences I made is the inspiration for supporting others in achieving what they most desire to be.

Anna is a change and transformation coach as well as a mindfulness and yoga trainer.
She brings over 20 years of experience as a practitioner and has been a professional since 2009, in fact her personal practice in meditation dates back to her infancy.
Anna has supported young professionals, consultants and business managers in finance, international relations, e-commerce and the third sector. Anna has worked with people from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds and ethical origins by helping them to unlock their potential and blossom to achieve their goals.
Anna has been described as a passionate, attentive and intuitive trainer and supportive, empowering and enabling coach.