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Angela Loisi

14 May 2019

Marc has literally changed my life. He is such a professional, yet personal and compassionate to every detail that is discussed. He has helped me get through my fertility process with ease after being COMPLETELY freaked out at just the thought of a needle...let alone the rest of the medical process. I have ZERO fear surrounding this process that I once did.I am amazed at the work that Marc can do and how much my life has changed so quickly in such a short time in multiple areas of my life even outside of fertility. Marc is a fantastic human that does a terrific job at paving the way through your stuck state. More...


Logan Kessel

28 April 2019

Marc is a wonderful guy and very easy talk to. I will admit, that initially, I was skeptical about this kind of treatment. I’m glad I gave it a try because this has been more effective than anything else I have ever done. I managed to quit smoking in just one session using Marc’s hypnosis techniques! Thank You, Mr. St. Camille! More...


Grant Hosking

28 April 2019

This was my first time trying a treatment like this. I have had sleep problems for years and was trying to avoid prescription medications which didn't seem to be working. I had read there were some clinical studies supporting hypnosis success with sleeping and figured I would give it a try. Marc was incredible and I noticed the results right away. I only needed a few sessions and have been sleeping so much better since. I highly recommend Marc and his services. More...


Caleb F Hernandez

29 March 2019

Marc has helped me elevate my mindset tremendously! I'm more confident and easy going now that he has me meditating 2x a day. Highly recommend!


Jill McGuire

27 February 2019

I stumbled upon Marc St Camille when I researching all natural ways to ease my anxiety about my upcoming wedding ceremony. FYI - I was terrified of standing on stage with all eyes on me. I had two sessions with Marc before my wedding, & I can honestly say that the ceremony ended up being my favorite part of the wedding day (thanks to Marc)! My family could not believe how calm I was. I strutted down that aisle & enjoyed every second of the ceremony on stage in front of 260 people! He is such a special / gifted person, & I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with any type of anxiety. The cherry on top - I have been sleeping like a baby too! I have not slept this well in years! THANKS, Marc! More...


Chantel Asner

27 February 2019

Marc and his system for self hypnosis has been life changing in helping me deal with anxiety. After just the first session, I was already feeling more grounded and in control. I couldn't believe how quickly I started feeling results.Marc is incredibly professional, all the while exuding a sense warmth and compassion. It is a pleasure to work with him in our sessions and I can't recommend him more! More...


Bill Ness

28 January 2019

Marc did an amazing job of helping my 4-year old overcome an intense fear of dogs. I have known Marc for several years and he has done some guided meditation sessions at large work events. These sessions were primarily targeted at people in sales to help them overcome stress, find ways to focus and improve performance. So I was a bit hesitant to see if these same practices could be applied towards a 4-year old but I was willing to give it a try.Prior to seen Marc my son had always had a very serious fear of dogs. We aren't really sure how or why it happened -- there was no trigger event such as a dog attack and his cousins had a dog that he saw a couple times a year so it was strange that he had such an aversion to them. Nonetheless, the fear steadily got worse and and as he got a bit older it was causing more problems. He refused to go to friends' houses with dogs, if he saw a dog at the park he wouldn't play there and when we would go on a walk he would run away when he saw a dog walking towards us. One day he almost ran into the street to avoid a dog so I knew it was time to figure something out. I accompanied my son on two sessions with Marc in November and December 2018. We told my son that Marc was a "wizard" who was going to help him overcome his fear of dogs. During those sessions Marc talked with him about his fear of dogs and in each session Marc created and recorded motivational stories for my son to listen to at bedtime. The stories were a fun and engaging way for my son to see himself as a brave boy who doesn't need to be afraid when he sees dogs. He also got a special crystal to keep with him and hold any time he felt afraid.Several nights a week my son requested to hear the stories at bedtime. Little by little we started to see improvement. Soon he stopped screaming in fear and running away when a dog was near. Later he would casually observe them as long as they were in a fenced area or another room. Just this past week (without my prompting) he asked if he could go to a pet store and pet a "teeny, tiny dog". So this past Saturday we took him to Pocket Puppies in Lincoln Park. He was timid at first but by the time we left he was letting dogs sniff his shoes, engaging with them and even petting several of the dogs. He even asked if we could bring one of the dogs home to live with us! He has also asked if he can go play over at our neighbors house who have a dog and said he can't wait to pet Ralph.I can't thank Marc enough for the help he provided us on this. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for ways to improve their performance in many aspects of life, overcome fears and/or relieve the everyday stress that keeps us from achieving our full potential. More...


Tom H

29 December 2018

Marc is terrific. Very attentive and compassionate. Highly recommended. Sessions were extremely effective. I’m grateful I found him.


Daniel Zukiewicz

29 November 2018

I found Marc 3 years ago by searching on the internet for a professional therapist or psychologist to help me with my problems.I never thought before that I will have to do that but my alcohol, anxiety and depression problems started to take a toll on me.I carefully studied every therapist and hypnotist I found but I chose to contact Marc for a simple reason, every site I read about him and the reviews by his patients gave me no hesitation to contact him to schedule my first session. Since I had never visited therapist in my life I was very tense first time I saw Marc, I didn't know exactly what hypnosis is and I was little scared.But the very first moment I set down and started talking about my problems with Marc I really became so calm, I knew what a professional and understanding he is.Remember walking back to my car that day, I was a different person, I knew it will need more work but can't forget that happy feeling after the first session, something I haven't felt for a very long time.I saw Marc 3 more times after that and every time I felt better and better. It's been 3 years now since the last time I saw Marc but he is always in my mind when I need help or feel down, having a problem or can't deal with some issues.Don't know how to explain this but during serious issues just picturing him talking to me make my depression and anxiety disappear.He is really a professional at what he's doing and I would recommend everyone who needs help in any life problems to see him.He will help you!!! And I'm sure I will see Marc again, he makes life happy again. More...


Hezza Heather

29 November 2018

Seeking out the help of Marc has been the best thing I have ever done. I used to have extremely high anxiety and paranoia. I was afraid to go to sleep and I had a terrible fear of the dark and being alone. It was so bad that it would keep me up for days at a time and I could only fall asleep when my body simply couldn’t stay awake any longer. After a few sessions with Marc I was still scared, but able to overcome it and get myself to sleep. After a few more sessions the fear was completely gone and I can now sleep with no problem. I also have no fear of being alone and the dark doesn’t bother me. I still listen to my hypnosis every night, simply because I like it, but I don’t think my fears would come back if I stopped. It truly is amazing what your mind can accomplish with some help. I highly recommend Marc and he services to anyone looking to overcome irrational fears or paranoia. It has completely changed my daily life for the better. More...


Melissa Minkow

5 June 2018

I have seen Marc for both issues with my cheek biting problematic habit and nervousness regarding public speaking. In just a few months, my cheek biting is almost completely nonexistent, and I was able to successfully present in front of 200 people. I am so grateful to his approach that allows not only the symptoms of my anxiety to be treated, but the actual root causes of my anxiety as well. Absolutely recommend! More...


Mine Avdyli

30 May 2018

April 2018
I have to say he has a gift that can be considered a life changing experience for the better. I am doing things that I thought were gone after having major depression. I feel free! I feel myself again. I would definitely say that I would refer friends and family too. To have Marc in my life I am truly grateful that I found him. Thank you Marc More...


rachel brown

18 May 2018

Never thought I would do something like this, but what an incredibly positive experience. I would recommend Marc to anyone going through a tough time or hoping to change a way of thinking. He was incredibly kind, insightful, thoughtful and effective. More...


Alyssa Tepper

22 April 2018

I cannot recommend Marc enough if you have something seemingly insurmountable weighing on your shoulders and are looking to lessen the load. It is 100% worth the time, energy, and expense to work with him in addressing the issue that is burdening you. He becomes your advocate to help you achieve your goals, in such a genuine manner and with a pleasant delivery. It can sometimes feel like there is no way to alleviate some of our personal burdens, especially as the years go on, and on - with little relief. If you're in this situation, reach out to Marc. He is truly an artist at his craft and will help you lessen the load, making positive, permanent changes to the quality of your life for the better. More...


Colin Haley

11 April 2018

I have struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder for almost a decade prior to seeing Marc. After being on and off medication I decided to try a bunch of different modalities to see if I could get myself feeling back to "normal". After going back on medication and getting regular acupuncture I decided to take the leap into hypnosis. I will never regret that decision. After three sessions with him I am feeling back to my normal self, able to tackle any situation with a fraction of the anxiety that I felt before. I may need a couple of tune ups in the future, but for now I am a new and improved version of myself thanks to Marc! More...


Erin Fitzgerald

28 February 2018

Marc, lives by a simple motto to 'serve with sincerity'. He truly wants the best for his clients and for them to live their best life. He brings customized service to each person’s unique needs. I have been amazed at tapping into the power of the mind. For those who haven’t done hypnosis, it is essential positive affirmations subconsciously. It has truly changed my life and for that I am forever grateful for Marc. I am constantly recommending him and gifting his services to friends. If there was a 6th star he would have it too! More...


Jenny Bapton

17 February 2018

have had two sessions with Marc and I highly recommend him! He is very clear at communicating...every thing...from directions to his office to what to do after a session. He is very hospitable and anticipates things to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I just scheduled another session with him for a different symptom and I'm very excited to work with him again because of my previous success. Don't hesitate, call him! More...


Scott Wiak

8 January 2018

Marc, is great to work with! If I could give 10 stars I would. He is compassionate and caring. HIs services are well worth it!


Ania Malus-Kitzmann

20 November 2017

I was struggling with speaking in public for years. Acting, improve class and different methods did not help and finally I decided to try hypnosis. I found Dr. Marc on yelp and took 5 sessions. I could not believe when it came to my first public speaking situation - my regular, stress symptoms (fast heart beat, problems with breathing, shaking legs, hands and blurry speaking) were all gone! I was comfortable, even enjoyed speaking in front of the group! I still can't believe how normal and good it feels now. Thank you Dr. Marc! I truly enjoyed our sessions and I'm so grateful for your help! I love that I got CDs (also link via email) and other tips to practice at home. I hope to take some more sessions to work on some other improvements ; ) More...


Mar Bar

8 November 2017

Thanks to Marc I was given the tools to successfully pass my NCLEX! Let me start off by mentioning how much I have struggled with anxiety, especially testing anxiety. During my time in nursing school testing became intense and I was hardly able to cope with the pressure that was put on testing. Nonetheless, a classroom setting wasn't that bad so I did rather well. Fast-forward, NCLEX, the state board for nurses to receive their certification as a Registered Nurse. This exam is super intense and the environment does not help what-so-ever. I struggled with staying calm and focused during the course of what could potentially be 6hrs of examination duration time. Intense!!!
I was studying, eating right, exercising, I felt confident about knowing my material, so now how do I go into the testing site and not freakout?
When I reached out to Marc it was done with an open mind; I can be a bit skeptical but there was no room for doubt, I was desperate! My first session with Marc was at night, did I think it was a bit weird? Yes. Did I decide to go with it and not judge? Yes. My first session was great! No time was wasted! He got to know me and then we went straight into my hypnotherapy session. I left feeling great! I would continue my sessions nightly and would use all of the tools which he presented to me (he gives paper copies of instructions) and incorporate them daily. He would check in on me (via calls, text, or emails) and you can just tell that he cares about your goals and the results of his therapy. Marc is such a kind caring person, nothing but positive vibes. Honestly he transformed my life. I am forever grateful to have found Marc!
Nursing students, don't give up! This test is a beast but seek for positivity and surround yourself with nothing but good vibes! Marc was able to help me quiet my anxiety and provide me with the tools to be the best version of myself to maintain confident and calm while testing and to be successful! I am now a Registered Nurse! Again, Thank you Marc! I am forever grateful!!


Grant Troyer

28 September 2017

The gratitude I have for Marc is immeasurable. A previous pack a day smoker for over 20 years, I was able to quit after one session with Marc. It's been over six weeks since my last cigarette and I owe it all to his help. Beyond the obvious benefits of no longer smoking, Marc's support and tactics have instilled a confidence and positive perspective that have made me a happier person in general.

I was naturally skeptical; it's an outside the box method of treatment. That skepticism was immediately dispelled, as it's obvious within seconds of meeting Marc that he cares tremendously for his practice, his clients, and his reputation. I cannot thank and recommend Marc enough.


J Atienza

15 September 2017

I have been using Power Hypnosis and have know Marc for the last 11 years. In different facets of my life he has worked with me to sort out and get to the root cause of my personal issues. As reviews have stated before he is kind, compassionate and genuinely cares for your well being. The most dramatic changes have been his help with my anxiety and panic disorder. With his help I was able to stop the attacks immediately. Like a switch went off in my head. For anyone who knows how debilitating panic attacks can be this was incredible! I havent had a single one since. Even now since I've moved out of state Marc's counsel still continues to be an extremely valuable in my life and even my career. I recommend anyone seeking help to reach out and try hypnotherapy. You will not regret it. More...


Landon Pryor

9 September 2017

I have been coming to Marc now consistently for about a year and I must say the experience with him has exceeded my expectations. Being a physician myself I wasn't sure what to expect but Marc has the unique ability to make anyone feel comfortable and really connect on a personal level that makes it extremely worthwhile for me. He is extremely professional I think has the ability to really help a lot of people with common everyday issues like stress anxiety and interpersonal problems as well as more specific issues with his gentle approach and caring attitude. Definitely worth giving his hypnotherapy treatments a try - you will be glad you did! More...


Ally Ally

6 June 2017

I had a couple of hypnosis sessions with Mr. St Camille a few years ago,and i just wanted to share my story to help others who might be facing the same thing i did because i know how it feels to be there. My problem was fear of blushing more so having my face turn red. I was very anxious and almost at my last straws when I came to him. This fear was holding me back so much and it stunk fearing social interactions and going out. This made me really depressed and I locked myself in my room not wanting to go out. I had never been this way and due to this I didn't know how to handle it since I had never experienced it. However, all I remember is that after my first session I felt very lightweight and free and at ease. I can never forget that feeling because that was one of the first times I had felt so great about myself in a long time. After our second session I continued the exercises provided for me and I continued to listen to the cd's. HE was right in that I only needed 2 sessions. I apologize for this very late update but, i just had to reach out because my life completely changed after. I didn't feel like I could ever have a job due to my fear, let alone not wear makeup, or even have the confidence to do things out of my comfort zone but, shortly after I didn't only obtain one job but two! I was literally glowing and others could see it too, I not only got awesome jobs but i was able to calm myself down when i felt anxious or had panic attacks. Today I can say that I no longer have panic attacks and I am able to wear no make-up with ease. Of course blushing is a normal part of our body and it happens but, now i am not so hard on myself or fear it and it also doesn't happen like before which it only occurred because of me fearing it. Now it occurs for things it is supposed to besides fear. I cannot say thank you enough because. you helped me transform my life and I had to say thank you because this was a very tough period i my life to overcome and it wasn't easy. More...


Lisa Macchione

28 March 2017

THANK YOU, MARC! Since hypnosis is often portrayed in the media as a radical activity, I was a bit hesitant to reach out for hypnosis sessions. However, looking back, I can't believe I was ever hesitant. Marc was fantastic and immediately provided a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

I went for weight loss and left the appointment wanting broccoli. Trust me, this was a first. I then proceeded to lose 20 lbs after the first session and kept on track with a follow up session. Over four months later, I have kept this weight off. I see myself at a lower weight and live accordingly. I know this was because of Marc and the hypnosis sessions.


Julian Gomez

14 March 2017

I was referred to Marc, through one of my best friends. I was struggling with consistency amongst other things in my life. It was a constant battle between starting and stopping and starting again. Obviously you know how frustrating this can be. I never heard of Hypnotherapy but I decided to give it a shot. I had 4 sessions and I tell you I have never felt better in my life.

Marc was such a professional and really helped me dive into the subconscious to root out the issues I was dealing with consistently. Its been over a month since my last session and I can tell you with complete and utter confidence that I will not stop until my goals are achieved. Marc has helped steer my life in a very positive direction. I am forever indebted to him for what he has helped me realize.


Ryan Stone

22 February 2017

I have only been going to Marc for about a month but he has been beyond helpful, I cannot thank him enough. The past few months I have been unclear if I wanted to break off my engagement with my fiancé and it had been causing me intense anxiety, preventing me from engaging in my daily life. After 3 sessions with Marc I was given perfect clarity and was able to overcome my fear of confronting my fiancé. I broke my off my engagement and have have no regrets. I was scared of confronting her for so long but after my third session, things just clicked and I was able to become at peace with my decision. I cannot give Marc enough praise for his work. He is kind, compassionate and really cares about helping you find peace in whatever you are going through. No matter what you want to accomplish, Marc will help you achieve greatness. Give Marc a call today, you will be very glad you did. More...


Joanie Schultz

19 August 2016

I saw Marc six years ago and am still reaping the benefits of my hypnosis sessions. I decided to see him because I had developed an anxiety about flying that was starting to cripple my life. I couldn't take a plane without a lot of heartache and some xanex. Since I love to travel for work and pleasure, this decade-long issue felt insurmountable.

Marc was recommended to me. After the first session, I had a unique experience of feeling no anxiety and made some really healthy life decisions. After three sessions, I felt confident about my upcoming trips.

Six years and literally hundreds of flights later (many overseas), I find a serenity on a plane that is actually often more than my daily life. I sometimes do a round trip for work in one day with no problem. I comfort others who are anxious on planes. I'm not superhuman, I get nervous sometimes, but I have the tools from him to coach me down from those moments.

Seeing Marc was one of the best choices I've ever made. It was a game changer for me, and I continue to feel thankful for his gift and for the person who recommended him to me. If you're thinking about doing it, do it.

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