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Possum Piper is a professional possum removal and rodent removal company that services all areas across Sydney.

We value a high standard of customer service. We achieve this by offering you an end to end solution by our highly skilled and experienced technicians.



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Complete a comprehensive 20 point possum & rat inspection report enabling you to clearly see what needs to be done, why and what cost. Provide a fast, efficient and humane removal of possums for residential industrial and commercial premises. Perform minor building repairs to prevent the possums returning. Implement effective rat and mice treatment to prevent further rodent activity. Carry out major & minor roof repairs. Install gutter and valley guard. Offer a 12 month guarantee (conditions apply subject to 20 Point report)

Possum Pipers has evicted over 2000 rodents from all kinds of buildings in Sydney. Don’t worry about having your lifestyle disrupted… or putting the health of your family or workers at risk. All Sydney staff employ safe and environmentally rat removal systems. We use odourless treatments in concealed areas that are out of reach for pets and small children. We understand each property is different and take a tailored approach to eradicating rats and mice. The Possum Piper team safely remove rodents by: Find Signs of Infestation Assessing the building to find signs of infestation and entry points Setting Bait Stations Setting up bait stations in controlled hot spots Treatment To Stop Infestation Providing ongoing treatment to stop the infestation coming back Offering Advice Effective DIY Treatment Offering advice for cheap and effective DIY treatment