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Ann Zaifman

8 February 2019

Cheryl is knowledgable patient and motivating :) I personally highly recommend Cheryl !!


Desis London

8 February 2019

Cheryl is such an encouraging and positive person. I love her energy. She has done talks at my boutique about nutrition and kombucha and I look forward to continuing to learn from her! She knows her stuff and her boot camps as kickass ;-). More...


Megan Prudhomme

8 February 2019

Cheryl kicks my butt on a regular basis! I've been with her for over 2 years. Her advice is amazing and she is always readily available to assist with frequently asked questions! I can't imagine a workout routine without her! More...


Julie Ann

8 February 2019

I have been training with Cheryl for years now... I have lost track! She is always positive and motivational. She pushes you to achieve your goals and helps keep you accountable. I have recommended her to many friends and will continue to! More...


Barbara Shipley

8 February 2019

Best decision that I made in 2016 was to hire Cheryl as my personal trainer. I feel so much better, and she has been so flexible to accommodate my crazy schedule. thank you and I appreciate your knowledge in helping me solve some of my physical challenges. More...


Bonnie Baker Hodgins

8 February 2019

I started seeing Cheryl in group sessions a couple of years ago. After some time off, I've gone back to her for 1 on 1 sessions four times a week. Cheryl is amazing! She is not only fun to work out with but she makes me push myself. I love the knowledge that she shares about each exercise, as well. Cheryl is fantastic and extremely professional. Thanks Cheryl! More...


Kendra Jennifer

8 February 2019

Cheryl is a very knowledgeable and encouraging personal trainer. She offers amazing workouts with lots of variety. Cheryl always encouraging us to work hard and push, while at the same time knowing our own bodies and limits. I would recommend Cheryl's stronger bootcamp to anyone...from beginners to advanced Cheryl's got you covered! More...


Tammy Bonilla

8 February 2019

My kids participated in the Yoga Buddies workshop today hosted at Positive Image. They LOVED it! Hoping there will be more workshops like this in the future!


Lyndsey Sleight

8 February 2019

Ilderton is so lucky to have such a great facility like Positive Image, 2 minutes from home! I have been so impressed with the quality of trainers I have had a chance to take a class with thus far (Cheryl, Mallerie & Carrie)! I love the option of doing a smart full body strength bootcamp or a spin class which are both such a positive addition to your overall fitness! I am really looking forward to seeing the results I know I will get from the balanced workouts @ Positive Image. Not to mention the flexible schedule & friendly, knowledgable staff! More...

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