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Leading Mobile Personal Training in Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and Bramhall areas of Cheshire East.

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Healthy diet is 3/4 of the battle! We have all heard that saying you are what you eat, and how true that is.

The first and most important step in achieving goals identifying exactly what your goals are.

With our specialist help, you will set goals and align your every day actions and choices with achieving those goals.

REST, Hydration, Nutrition, Exercise, Choices, Commitment.

Helping people feel good about themselves, and helping make optimum health more achievable for more people.

My initial interest in studying and practicing to become a personal trainer was due to my own poor health outcomes in my teens. When I was in school we would learn about rising obesity figures and poor health outcomes throughout the nation, so it wasn't just me suffering. I wanted to learn how to overcome these things and get healthy for myself, and my dream then, and still now, is to help as many people as possible take better control of their own health through more responsible and educated choices and more structured routine.

My speciality as a personal trainer is 'Fat Loss'. Storing excess fat is usually a symptom of poor health, excess toxins and acid within the body. Once we achieve a healthy environment within the body through food and make the effort to get it moving enough, the rest naturally happens. The body is a very clever organism.


If you commit to our programme 100% and see or feel no changes, we guarantee to refund 100% of the money!

For each full paying client our existing customers refer to us, we will pay a £25 reward as a thank you. If you refer 5 full paying clients... Have an 8WTP on us FREE for you and 1 friend!