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Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center

Orem, Utah

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Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center

Orem, Utah



At Pomarri, we understand the cycle of addiction. We also understand that the cycle can be interrupted and stopped. We are here to help build a solid foundation & to celebrate every success. We can help drug and alcohol addiction become a memory in the past.

Address: 1472 E 820 N, Orem, UT 84097, USA

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Angela Sue Lindley

9 May 2019

This place is the best! They actually care and listen. Make a plan that best suits your needs. The therapist and nurses are very professional and empathetic. This is the best place I’ve had group therapy. And on every other Wednesday morning group you do a craft. That’s my favorite. I could go on and on about this place. They are just the absolute best! Just trust me on this :) 5 stars More...


Jacen Rawson

27 March 2019

Pomarri gave me hope they treated me like family they gave me the tools I needed to treat my disease to obtain success they believed in me before I believed in myself. they make you aware of what you're about to go through is not easy but it's obtainable they're honest and they give you the ability to find yourself your true self before the loss of the mess that you find yourself in. More...


Vince Duncan

4 February 2019

it's one giant family there. everyone of the staff are amazing and they listen


Colton Jay Robinson

28 June 2018

This place is perfect for getting a new mind set on handling your addictions. I would recommend this place to anyone for struggling with addiction by far!


Lora Kuykendall

7 June 2018

When I walked into pomarri back in December 2017, my life was on a downward path. Since I've been working with Tara and her staff, there have been incredible changes. I have made a 360 degree turnaround with my life with the help of the pomarri team. They have helped me reach my goal of sobriety! Thank you for my new beginning Pomarri! More...


Madeline Lee

4 June 2018

I had tried out one or two treatment centers prior to Pomarri, but I hadn't experienced any significant progress until now. The treatment I received and participated in never made me feel ashamed or humiliated for having a problem. They've helped me in so many ways, and I don't think I would have been able to recover as much as I have without them. More...


Quinn Newbold

14 March 2018

When I met Tara I was homeless and staying in a hotel room I managed to get for one night. So she came to me for every visit. I was the very first patient for pomarri and she's done everything she can too help me ever since I met her!! Amazing place And amazing people! More...


Katie Bushell

3 November 2017

The staff is very involved in treating the patient to their specific needs. They make you feel like family.


Britt Dillon

10 May 2017

I had the opportunity to shadow one of the clinicians in a group therapy session here and all I can say is that was one of the most beautiful interactions among people I've ever seen. I've never witnessed so much free flowing empathy, love, and authenticity before. It was amazing the safe environment that the clinicians have been able to cultivate with these beautiful people. They have more charity in their thumbs than I think I possess in my whole person. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to witness such love. Honestly I welled up a few times, not out of sympathy, but just because it was so beautiful; how much empathy and true charity I was witnessing all at once. To be able to cultivate that in helping others help others is an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing it with me. ❤ More...


Lisa Lowery

28 April 2017

Love this place helped get my daughter on her road to recovery�


Tanna Deason

25 March 2017

my home away from home. ♡ i love these people with all that i am. the staff, along with this place saved, my life. ♡


Trent Petersen

12 October 2016

I love the people. They are always so friendly and great you by name. Helping to provide a welcoming feeling, a place you feel like you belong. After being an addict for so long, not feeling like you belong anywhere. Having a place you belong is a big key to the healing process. I have attended many treatment facilities and none have given me what Pomarri has. I would recommend it to anyone struggling to find who they are and want to learn the skills to succeed in everyday life. Thank you so much Pomarri More...


Christina Reyes

17 June 2016

They have figured it out! Pomarri is the best treatment hands down. You have a much higher chance at turning away from drugs and alcohol if you choose Pomarri. The dedication and kindness of the staff is astounding. Their non- judgmental approach along with the slow taper of meds, and counseling with a positive environment are why they have so much success helping people. So if your tired of being treated like a number and put down and humiliated, then check out Pomarri. It will be the best choice you ever make! More...


Skyler Pacheco

16 December 2015

Pomarri has assisted me in my recovery and stood by my side every step of the way . I am now in a positive place because of their staff and approach on my addiction . I am very grateful to have found them and i recommend them to anyone battling addiction More...


Jared M Scott

23 July 2015

Number one best treatment and staff possible I love all you guys u saved my life


Brady Lawson

25 June 2015

This is my place of work. Everyone is very welcoming, friendly and personable. I have seen lives change already and I have only worked here for a matter of months. If anyone is struggling with an addiction of any kind, I would highly recommend this place. They really know how to take care of one another. More...

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