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Pocket Directory is the most dynamic and fast-paced business directory in the UK, with a variety of packages and options to suit every business and organisation. We are dedicated to increasing visibility by offering online business listings, discount memberships, 3rd party advertising and social media marketing.



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Providing sole Traders and new start ups a platform and affordable way to utilise and promote their own business with mini website capabilities and pro-active social media and online marketing to the right audiences for them.

With various experience and business acumen, providing a service myself and my team can be proud of is the ethos running through Pocket Directory. To find and develop people to achieve the goals they want and provide and environment where the right people can grow personally as well as professionally.

We are personable, conciseness, pro-active and take pride in our work. Our reputation precedes us, with various testimonials and nearly 200,000 businesses happy for u to feature them on our Directory. Making it worth while, and affordable to give SME's a great platform and forum to grow their own ideas and business with tailored help and support alongside providing a physical platform for business owners to grow.