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Luke Frost

11 June 2019

Awesome staff and facilities, highly recommend


Chelsea Parker

28 May 2019

Transferred here from Plymouth University fine art. So much more diversity in the type of creative path u want to follow and courses to suit anyone interested in the arts! 1 on 1 tutorials whenever u need so you're never stuck. Very understanding and sympathetic staff. Honestly so much happier here More...


Zephyr Lilly

7 February 2019

It's diverse and excepting of all types of people. Being different is praised here.


John Chaffer

5 February 2019

Great visit, everyone was very friendly and helpful and the facilities looked impressive.


Meg G Bryce

5 January 2019

Fun place to study and relaxing place to work.



5 October 2018

The Plymouth College, O Fart, you smell that? It's a wonderful place full of wonderful weirdos. My favourite taco toe man came from here, he's a living leg end... just like a toe one might say. Out with the old, in with the new, love from your friendly neighbourhood cahooklamahunga More...


tim welbourne

5 August 2018

Fab hub of creativity. Great courses and top rate facilities. The training and courses I have attended have been of the highest standard. I particularly enjoyed the ceramics course I attended. The glass blowing looked amazing as well. If you get a chance pop into the temporary exhibition space, there is often an interesting show on. More...


Amy Bray

3 August 2018

“My time at Plymouth College of Art was spent studying BA fashion. Over the last three years I have enjoyed every moment of not only the fashion course but the whole college experience. I have collaborated with fellow students from multiple disciplines across the college and being part of many exciting opportunities, one of them being a part of the college wide brand campaign. Opportunities such as being involved in big events such as Graduate Fashion week catwalk, promotional content with SIZE and filming with the BBC were all most exciting and beneficial experiences to top off my final year at PCA” More...


Daniel Grindrod

5 July 2018

I did a foundation course here for a year and thoroughly enjoyed my time. It’s a fantastic learning environment for creatives and it always seems to be improving. The resources available to students were great when I was there and now even more so! More...


Woah Mama

5 June 2018

A wonderfully inspiring place to study - I love the creative buzz here. I have spent many years learning at Plymouth College of Art, from taking part in Saturday arts club with my schoolmates to doing short courses and evening courses - each time i have found the college to be a welcoming, exciting, creative place where I have truly enjoyed learning and spending time. A definite asset to the creative landscape in the South West. More...


cyndiabdi .

5 June 2018

I studied for 10years here. I mostly enjoyed the practical side because of the facilities and making spaces.


Snorri Hólm Jónsson

5 June 2017

Fantastic teachers and a very exciting place to be as a student, currently doing the Game Arts course


Jacqui Moore

5 June 2016

I work for the college so a little bit biased I guess but it is a great place to work, (although always so much to do!) and from what our students tell me an amazing place to study. Full of amazing makers and artists (students and lecturers) with so many different skills and passions from a wide variety of backgrounds. Students get lots of study time at degree level, three times some of the big creative universities and as an art school rather than a generalist university there is a genuine buzz, open minded and experimental attitude throughout and a passion for supporting arts both in the local community and internationally. A very special place. More...


Aden Barwick

5 June 2016

PCA has changed my life, it's such a great place to be. Everyone is so supportive and they help get the best out of you.


Emily Dymond

5 June 2016

Amazing space, filled with inspiring designers, makers and ideas. You feel a great sense of community and support here, from both students and staff - encouraging new ideas and exploration. A very exciting place to be!


Richard Symons

5 June 2016

When here a few year back for my degree's loved it


william amery

5 June 2016

An amazing place to work and study with some state of the art facilities unlike any other in the country. A truly valuable and inspiring institution.


Aquarius Girl

5 June 2015

I'm currently a first year student studying Animation BA Hons. It's a really lovely chilled out small campus and if you want to go to a place based on art only this is a place to come, since all we think about is expressing ourselves and being part of the art world, and if you like small places this is the place to be. The staff are very friendly and helpful, city life is pretty rad I'd say personally, they also support you with everything and lecturers are always there to help with whatever you need. In Animation we get to learn variety of things such as 2D, 3D, motion capture and stop motion animation. We also go into the history side of animation and do drawing practice sessions.We also get to study abroad such as France, Germany, Spain and Iceland areas, were hoping to go to Japan or America soon (which will be great) We use the professional kit and programs that successful studios use like Pixar for 3D animation, Aardman for stop motion and Walt Disney's traditional animation. Our lecturers have a promise to make you the finest animators in South West of England. But I would defiantly consider Plymouth College of Art. We maybe a small campus but we have talent! More...


Nayana Baranowska Yaniv

22 May 2015

Great resources, extremely supportive tutors and students as well as a fantastic community atmosphere


Harry Pringle

22 May 2015

Great course. Well structured lessons with great communication between staff and students!


Charlie Wells

22 May 2015

Really great course, very chilled and excellent with their students. So happy I chose to join this for study as it has made me grow incredibly in my photography and get ready for degree.


James Wray

22 May 2015

A wonderful course, fantastic lecturers, great resources and a really friendly environment!


Lewis Vie

20 May 2015

Great resources, great tutor-student communication, and well structured, organised lesson time and personal time.


Colin Head

5 June 2014

It was during 2010 that I started my adventure with the Plymouth College of Art, I have always had a deep passion for video games and have wanted to actively learn more about the process of making and designing. I came to the college with no experience in 3D modelling and over the years I have improved extensively in creating 3D environments using industry standard tools and game engines. Through the links and knowledge of the Design for Games staff, I have had opportunities to attend and staff gaming events around the UK which includes, Brighton Develop Conference and Extended Play in Bath.To my surprise, Plymouth is a hot spot for game designers, artists and programmers and Extended Play hosts meet-ups every month bringing industry talent and students a like to openly discuss videogames and enjoy a drink with awesome company.All in all, I genuinely enjoyed my time with the college and I would happily do the course again if that was a viable option. More...