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Kevin R.

19 August 2018

I enjoyed traveling from New York, just to par take in lunch from Philadelphia! Plates From Paris, topped my list of places to visit for lunch.Chef Paris Raymond exercised his culinary skills to create Mac N' Cheese that was heaven on a spoon. I highly recommend trying the salmon Philly cheese steak. This variation of the traditional Philly cheese steak, is a supreme delight. The menu has a great selection of carefully crafted dishes.Chef Paris Raymond, has created an inviting family atmosphere in his establishment and I definitely look forward to revisiting again in the near future. More...


Trish L Carr

30 July 2018

Had my first meal by Paris tonight. I will be on the monthly meal plan moving forward.


Kelly Eaton

30 July 2018

The food is amazing. I almost came to climax. There is a great blend of flavors and plating was excellent. The only chef I know, I hate and I still gave 5 stars.


Jahlil Mitchell

30 July 2018

The breakfast was exquisite! Friendly, fast service. Can’t wait to go back for lunch.


Cynthia Reed Raymond

30 July 2018

The food is delicious. The chef is awsome. The price is reasonable. There is nothing for you to do except sit down and enjoy your delicious meal

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