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Looking for Fee-Based, Fiduciary, Financial Planning Services on Long Island? Our experienced advisors will show you how to build financial strategies for all your college, estate, investment and retirement needs.

Get the basics of planning and investing explained in a way that makes sense.



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I love helping my clients create financial security, prosperity and then leave a legacy. There is no better professional endorsement than hearing that you are the "Go to Guy" for the family.

Poverity can be a great motivator. Education in financial literacy helped me to pay for college and pave the way for my career path. There are so many people that didn't get any financial education from their parents or during K-12 that really need guidance. Passion and purpose lead me to Planning Financial Futures.

If you want to work with someone that started with nothing and earned his way up thru the ranks then I'm you guy. If you prefer the country club type that inherited a thriving business or an Ivy League Network that never had to work for it then click next because we probably won't agree on an investment philosophy.