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Welcome to Plain Sailing Therapy.

When considering Hypnotherapy or counselling you need to be sure your therapist understands your individual needs, which is why my service is personalised to your particular circumstances to successfully help you achieve your goal, whatever it might be.



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Helping people come to terms with their issues and recognising they have the power in themselves to make changes to improve their well-being is so rewarding. From someone who lacks confidence in something or has an anxiety or some other issue and being able to witness their transformation is amazing.

I developed an interest in hypnotherapy after completing a Diploma in Sports Psychology to help me with my football coaching. With a commitment to my own on-going development I have continued to train and broaden my skills. I now have an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling as well as being a certified CBT Practitioner. I became interested in how powerful the mind can be in the performance of competitors and in the general well-being of people. This is particularly relevant for those who have limiting beliefs that can hold them back from achieving their potential in whatever area of life they wish to develop, be it personal or professional. Learning to believe in yourself with new thoughts leading to new ideas resulting in new beliefs really can improve wellbeing in any aspect of life.

I provide a personalised service which focuses on your specific needs. Helping you to overcome your issue is what motivates me and I will tailor my hypnotic sessions to help you overcome whatever is holding you back in life. I have a keen interest in helping those in education, teachers and students, people who want to improve their sporting performance as well as ex-military personnel who may find civilian life difficult to come to terms with.