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I believe that every person deserves the opportunity to achieve success. Whether it's in marriage, parenting, education, career, health or LIFE! Having a partner to walk alongside you to provide accountability, coaching and practical advice is the best way to achieve that.



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The opportunity to help people fit puzzle pieces together. I believe everyone has so much potential and having a coach to help them realize it is invaluable. I LOVE seeing people achieve success!

I've spent years helping others in various roles but I was also limited in the immediate impact I could have. Pittman Training allows me the freedom to really challenge people, while supporting them toward their goals.

My track record of success and training background.
I've been in the education and training industry for over 20 years, including college instruction, career coaching, administrative leadership and leadership coaching. My husband and I conduct marriage coaching together and we've been happily married (parents of 3/empty nesters) for over 25 years.