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PINK Breast Center uses the latest digital equipment, including 3D imaging, to focus care on you with more comfort and less radiation. Whether you need breast imaging or general ultrasounds, a bone density scan, breast care, a breast biopsy, or a digital mammography screening, we’re here for you.


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Kris H.

17 December 2018

Was dreading my first mammogram and ultrasound.   My mother had breast cancer and recommended PINK as being the least painful and best place. Jane put me at ease and was just all around excellent.  She talks you through every step and is very understanding. More...


Liz McCoy

6 September 2018

Im there every year!


Eric Stanley

6 September 2018

Treated my wife with care and respect. Could not ask for a better experience.


Judy Lee

6 September 2018

Everyone there are very friendly and professional there's no where else I rather go than to them every year


Nancy Allen

6 September 2018

Happy to learn more for self care


Anita Benigno-Kackle

6 September 2018

Fantastic team! Quickly scheduled my appointment with courtesy, worked with me when I didn't have health insurance, treated me with complete respect. Diagnosed my breast cancer, October 2016 with their 3-D mammogram. Performed needle biopsy....absolutely outstanding team.....office team, technicians, doctors, billing team....it doesn't get any better than Pink Breast Center! More...


Susan Press

6 September 2018

I visited the Flemington location - convenient, accessible location with designated parking.
Combine compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled professionals with cutting edge equipment in a spotless, serene spa like setting and you have one of the most calming breast imaging experiences ever (they offer general ultrasound and bone density testing too). Everything, to the smallest detail, is thoughtfully designed to create a relaxing experience; boutique like changing rooms, antique wooden furniture accent pieces, tastefully pink Monet inspired wall mural, and spacious bathroom with luxury hand soap. The team at this center made it easy to schedule a same day appointment and they quickly obtained and communicated insurance approvals. My imaging procedures were handled by experts who treated me with kindness, dignity, and respect. Spoiler alert, if you go here for an ultrasound, look at the ceiling and let your imagination carry you away to the tropical island.
Think PINK for your next breast imaging!


Iris Cruz

6 September 2018

Es importante hacerlo todos los años toma unos segundos salva vidas ���


Rosie Cox

6 September 2018

My experience was very professional and timely thanks so much


Dianna Rogulski

6 September 2018

I recommend this place strongly!!! In my experience they treated me with respect and care and compassion and this is what I was looking for years !! I felt like I was at home with friends and family. Thank you !! More...


Milagros Ramirez

9 August 2018

Very friendly staff and excellent care by the technicians!


Barbara Brown

9 August 2018

Will go back every year. Made me feel very comfortable.


Hope T.

26 February 2018

I completely trust everyone at The Pink Center.  They care about your well being and make you feel completely at ease.  I recommend them to everyone. They are simply the best.


Gladys P.

23 January 2017

This was my first mammogram ever ! And I was terrified ! I heard all these horror stories about your boobs being smashed and bruises being left that I just didn't want to get it done but I knew I had to... When I walked in I checked in and sat down. I was waiting for a total of 10 minutes before my paper work was handed to me which was nice compared to my other doctors that paper work isn't handed to me  until 20 minutes after checking in. When I handed over my paper work I explained to the young lady at the window that was scared and nervous and I honestly never had such great care. Even though I saw her waiting list which was 6 people after me she took the time out of checking in patients to reassure me that there was nothing to be afraid of, she explained with great detail how it would be and even explained if I did need an ultrasound why I would be getting one and there was nothing to be worried about. She made me feel so relieved. Ten minutes after I was welcomed by the mammo tech and she was amazing she made me feel so comfortable and was even joking around and making me laugh before I knew it, it was done. I did need an ultrasound but I was informed that the wait would be a little long I didn't mind at all, I waited for 20 minutes for the ultrasound but again the staff was Great. I highly recommend this office. My experience was great and would definitely go back and bring a friend along ! My results were given to me within the 5 days and couldn't be happier ! More...


Judy G.

21 December 2016

For the past few years have had my mammograms then ultrasound at Pink Breast Center.  I schedule on a Wednesday so I can be seen by Nancy Fearing.  Extraordinary care by Dr Lisa Sheppard and their entire staff. They offer 3D viewsHighly Recommend having your Annual testing performed at Pink BreastCenter.   From the moment you walk in and speak with the friendly receptionist to the caring testing and results read you feel special.  Spa like atmosphere too. More...


Allison S.

26 October 2016

Finally had my mammogram and this was pain-free!!  The 3D imaging is phenomenal. The staff is professional, friendly, and thorough.  This place is clean and relaxing while they give each woman special care and privacy.  Save the Tata's and get them checked at PINK Breast Center.  Sorry, no booby photoes. More...

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